Do the Airpods Mic Pick up Background Noise?

Do the Airpods Mic Pick up Background Noise?

Testing the new, old, and too old Airpods mic in different environments can give the best possible answer to the stated question. Therefore, we have made many tests, applying the same methodology, to help you know what we have experienced in different scenarios.

Airpods mic picks up background noise and the most common reason is the higher gain setting in Airpods mic, for comparatively better sound, that consequently picks up the background noise. It depends on the “mic mode” you choose when using your Airpods.

We will know the basic reason behind the background noise of the Airpods mic and its possible solution. Plus, we will also discuss different types of Airpods mic and the best choice to meet your requirements.

Background Noise of Airpods Mic

Do the Airpods Mic Pick up Background Noise

Airpods mic picks up the background noise, however, it is not a problem with everyone. As of now, I am one of those Airpods mic users who are facing the same problem.

Ironically, I have experienced the same problem in my Airpod mic pro too, but I could not find an ultimate solution until I did a lot of research and also found the solution on the official website of Apple.

It doesn’t matter which Airpods mic generation you own since every type of Airpods is creating the same problem until it is fixed properly.

It might be very difficult to tackle this problem unless you know the basic reason behind this background noise, as stated below.

In fact, the main problem with other headsets and earbuds had been low-quality sound. Therefore, Airpods mic geared all its focus towards producing the Airpods mic with higher sound gain.

Consequently, higher gain settings of the Airpods mic also pick up background noise that irritates its users.

Fortunately, the more advanced generations of these Airpods have also introduced background noise cancellation options. Yet, you may need to know which solution fits for your Airpods mic background noise cancellation!

How to Reduce Airpods Mic Background Noise?

You can reduce Airpods mic background noise by trying different modes available in Airpods mic.

Here, you can read how you can manually use three modes to avoid background noise:

  • Noise Cancellation: Tap and hold on to a stem (button) available at your Airpods for some moments until you hear a beep. Now, you have selected noise cancellation.
  • Transparency: Tap and hold on to the same button for some moments and it will automatically cycle towards transparency mode.
  • Off Mode: Similarly, once you tap on the stem, the mode is changed to Off Mode.

You can also watch the video for more details.

Selection of the Best Airpods Mic!

Do the Airpods Mic Pick up Background Noise

The selection of the best Airpods mic depends on the kind of feature you consider the best. That said, it depends on your personal requirements, whether you are looking for better calls, better battery life, or background noise cancellation.

Airpods mic (2nd generation) is a better option if you are looking for good quality sound with the same budget you will have to spend on more advanced Airpods.

On the other hand, the Airpods mic (3rd generation) is the best option for you if you are looking for better battery timing.

How Can Airpods Mic Get Muffled & How to Fix Them?

Till now, we have discussed the technical issue related to the Airpods mic. But, these tech products are always vulnerable to non-technical problems. Yes, higher gain settings of your Airpods mic might not be a real problem. Rather, dust, moist, insect, or dirt may also be the main reasons behind sound quality issues.

Any external material, dirt, and dust can settle in your Airpods where microphones are located. This is the primary reason for low-quality voice and voice becoming muffled.

You can fix this issue by simply cleaning your Airpods with dry cotton, a gentle brush, or a lint-free cloth. It is important to note that using moist, or abrasive material can further damage the sensitive microphones and speakers. So, it is better to get it cleaned by some professionals.

Which Settings Can Improve the Quality of My Airpods?

Keep Your Phone Updated

Keeping your phone updated means keeping the operating system upgraded which can help you fix the latest bugs. Apple always requires fixing security issues and bugs, so you need to update the latest operating system every year.

Most importantly, the latest updates for the operating system may also help you improve the Bluetooth and audio sound.

You can update your phone in simple steps:

  • Click on the “Settings” on your phone.
  • Click on “General” to update the latest updates.
  • Now, simply click on “Software Update” and wait until it is 100% upgraded.

Update Airpods Firmware

Apple automatically updates your firmware only when your Airpods are ‘Turn On’. However, you can also check the firmware version of your Airpods in the following simple steps.

  • Click on the “Settings”> on your phone.
  • Go into “Bluetooth”> on iPad or iPhone
  • Now, click on the “i” and check the next version

Is My Airpods Mic Waterproof?

It is important to remember that water directly damages your microphones if water goes into your Airpods mic.

You may say that your Airpods are waterproof, in fact, they are not waterproof but only water resistant. All water-resistant devices are still vulnerable to damage by water. So, you should never bring them into water.

Which Technical Settings Can Improve Airpods Mic Quality?

Users of Airpods Max and Pro both claim that this setting helped them improve their microphone quality. If your call receivers complain about the background noise from you, then disabling all special modes may be the best solution to your problem.

Similarly, you can also disable the automatic settings of microphones and choose them manually. This setting can help you decide the best possible option for you to choose the left, right, or both microphones when you are having a call.

However, you are free to choose any mode depending on your need as you can again switch back to noise cancellation mode if you want to listen to podcasts and music.

Is the Airpods mic Best for Gaming?

Airpods mic of second and third generations are best for gaming due to their high-quality sound, noise cancellation, and wide audio range. However, they are suitable for moderate gaming.

Although, Airpods mic is not primarily made for gaming, you can utilize them for gaming. Their inbuilt microphone produces a comfortable voice that gamers communicate with each other. Their wireless capability makes them more comfortable as compared to heavy earpods. Therefore, gamers can better experience the Airpods mic when playing games regardless of the device they use.

Is It Fine to Use Airpods Mic with Non-Apple Devices?

You can use Airpods mic with non-Apple devices, but they integrate better with Apple devices– Apple mic, iPhone, or iPad. When you use Airpods mic with Apple devices, they perform very well due to numerous integration factors of Apple.

They don’t work with non-Apple products effectively, because of incompatibility between the devices. They work better with Apple devices because different Apple’s apps provide them more support. However, it does not mean you can’t use it with your non-Apple devices. Sometimes, the Airpods mic stops working due to outdated devices. For this to fix, you need to update your windows, drivers, or firmwares.

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Can You Find Your Airpods mic If You happen to Lose it?

The day Apple announced their new product– Airpods, critics raised the first doubt that it’s easy to lose. However, its users were satisfied because of the low chances of its falling out of the ears. Furthermore, even if you somehow forget it somewhere, or lose it, still you can find it by using the app “Find My iPhone”.

Many users appreciate the innovation of Apple for this tiny device since heavy and wire-connected earpods are difficult to manage. Its appreciators consider it useful because it is user-friendly with high-quality sound.

On the other hand, Airpods mic are light weighted and small, therefore people doubt that they can easily lose them. Although many such reviews and opinions had been shared by critics in the beginning, however, the introduction of the “Find My iPhone” option silenced the critics of the Airpods mic. You can easily find the location of your lost Airpods mic by using this option available on your apple devices.

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All generations of Airpods mic can pick up the background noise. You can also cancel all the special modes when you are having a call. However, the selection of Airpods mic may be prioritized depending on many other aforementioned factors. Gamers also like to use Airpods mic because they are user-friendly and light-weighted. The usage of Airpods mic with Apple devices works better than non-Apple devices. Yet, you can use it with all devices if they are compatible with Apple’s conditions. The best part of the Airpods mic is that you can easily find them if somehow you happen to lose them.

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