Does Sweat Affect AirPods  

Does Sweat Affect AirPods?  

Wearing AirPods during a workout really takes you in the “Stay fit” vibe. Similarly, listening to music while running is super effective in boosting adrenaline. But during this, sweat is also released a lot, and people often wonder whether it will affect the AirPods or not.

Sweat does not usually affect AirPods Pro and Third-Generation AirPods as they are sweat resistant. Just use a soft towel to wipe these earbuds when you feel there is moisture on them, and no problem will arise. However, first and second-generation AirPods can get affected if you sweat heavily.

But don’t worry; I know the ways to protect the AirPods, which you can just easily follow. Plus, there is some more info you should know. So, stick with me till the end.

Is AirPods Sweat Proof?

Does Sweat Affect AirPods  

AirPods are not sweatproof. Few models are sweat-resistant only, while others are sensitive to any kind of moisture.

People generally confuse the terms sweat resistant and sweat proof. In fact, both are different.

AirPods Pro and AirPods (3rd Generation) are sweat resistant. It means that they can withstand sweat or water to some extent only. If the moisture stays on them for a longer period, they can get affected. Other than these two Apple earbuds, no model is even sweat resistant.

Sweat Proof means that no matter how much you sweat, nothing will happen to the product.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with AirPods.

Now, it’s time to know how you can protect AirPods from sweat.

How Do I Protect My AirPods From Sweat?

Does Sweat Affect AirPods

You can protect AirPods from sweat by quickly wiping them with a towel or tissue gently. That’s the most optimal way. In addition, you can also try the sweat-resistant earbuds cover to further make sure that the moisture does not touch them. Just simply use it to cover the bud before wearing it.

The cover will absorb most of the moisture, which will protect the AirPods from getting damaged.

Protecting AirPods from sweat is vital for your health too.

Here’s how.

When the sweat on the AirPods gets in touch with the earwax, it creates a suitable environment for bacteria to develop and harm your health. You can get a bacterial infection due to this, which may impact your hearing. Some other problems that can also result due to this are:

  • Rashes
  • Itching
  • Irritation, and
  • Pain.

So, go for only sweat-resistant Pods and keep cleaning them.

But there is still a problem.

Even if you have a sweat-resistant AirPods model, this feature does not last long. The sweat resistance property of Apple earbuds fades away with time.

So, if you have used your sweat-resistant AirPods for a longer period, then chances are they are not resistant to liquid anymore.

The most frequent question people ask me about this AirPods and sweating problem is whether they can use AirPods during workout or not. Let’s find out.

Are AirPods Good For Working Out?

AirPods are only good for working out if you don’t sweat profoundly. Otherwise, they are one of the best things you can wear during the exercise. You can listen to the music without facing tangling wire issues or mobile falling from the pocket.

But be careful about sweating.

Even if you sweat a little, wipe the buds as soon as possible to avoid any malfunction.

Here’s a full video about whether you can use AirPods during workout or not:

Long story short, if you own regular AirPods or first or second Generation ones, it is better not to wear them during a workout or during a hot day. If you have AirPods Pro or the Third Generation ones, then take good care of them and don’t allow any moisture to stay.

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What Happens If AirPods Get Affected From Sweat?

You have to get a new AirPod if the one you already have gets damaged due to sweat. That’s the problem with this Apple product. It is highly unlikely that any problem with these Earbuds will get repaired. Most of the time, it is notified that the problem cannot be dealt with.

If you still have a warranty, there is still bad news. Apple won’t replace the Sweat damaged AirPod with a new one. It is because it was your fault that caused the undesirable situation in the first place. You weren’t careful enough. Apple only covers their own fault if you spill water on the Pods by accident.

You can try and convey to Apple Support that you poured water on the AirPods accidentally, but the team can detect any lie most of the time and reject your request to replace the old one with a new bud.

So, buying a new earpiece is the only option left when the AirPod gets damaged due to sweat. It costs around 69$ to get a new AirPod if you lose it or it gets damaged. If you have AppleCare+, then you will be charged 29$ only for new buds.

How To Know If AirPods Are Damaged Due To Sweat?

There are two things that can allow you to predict that the AirPods are affected due to sweat.

  • When you work out heavily or spend a day in the scorching sun, then you come home and try to charge the AirPods, and they won’t; it means that sweat has damaged them.
  • The second thing is that if you hear a scratchy noise when you play any video or music, then you can also make a correct guess that it is also caused by moisture in the earbuds.

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Final Thoughts

So, does sweat affect AirPods?

Sweat does not usually affect any AirPods. AirPods Pro and AirPods 3rd Generation are already sweat resistant.

But the problem is that no AirPod can withstand heavy sweating for a longer period. AirPods Pro and 3rd generation ones might show some fight against moisture, but the rest of the models can’t work properly if they get in touch with excessive moisture.

So, protect your AirPods from sweat as much as you can. Keep on wiping them with a towel gently, or use sweat-resistant covers if you can.

Do not let the sweat win the battle against AirPods.

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