Which is better, Grado or Audio Technica headphones

Which is better, Grado or Audio Technica headphones?

As you know, Grado and Audio Technica headphones are two well-known brands in the audio industry. But when it comes to the question of “Which is better, Grado or Audio Technica headphones?” I have experienced competitive qualities in both.

Grado headphones produce high-quality sound with a broader sense of space without an external power source. On the other hand, Audio-Technica headphones are comfortable with better noise cancellation and they are well-built with modern designs.

If you are looking for a better option between Grado and Audio Technica, I have you covered. I will explain everything you need to know about which audio brand is suitable for you.

Comparison of Grado and Audio Technica

Which is better, Grado or Audio Technica headphones

I have been using the headphones of both of these models. I have enjoyed premium features from both of the headphone brands. Literally, it is difficult to suggest to someone the best option between Grado and Audio Technica headphones.

However, I can take you through the main features and benefits of each brand. Based on these qualities, you can easily decide which brand may be your ideal choice.


Which is better, Grado or Audio Technica headphones?

Most of the headphones I have used from Grado and Audio-Technica headphones are of different designs.

Generally, Grado headphones have a more classic style with a retro look. On the other hand, I have seen Audio-Technica headphones in modern aesthetic designs.

For example, Grado offers over-ear headphones with an open-back design. Audio-Technica offers on-ear and over-ear headphones with a closed-back design.

Now, it simply depends on your personal choice as to which design you prefer for a great audio experience.


I have experienced the comfort of headphones as a significant factor when choosing headphones. Grado and Audio-Technica offer different levels of comfort with different headphone models.

For example, Grado’s over-ear headphones have a more comfortable fit with their open-back design. On the other hand, Audio-Technica’s closed-back headphones often offer more padding to your head. However, wireless Grado headphones are a perfect choice if you want a good listening experience on the go.

I mostly use open-back designs but it depends on your personal preferences to choose the comfortable design for you. You can decide on your headphone based on open-back and closed-back designs.

Sound Quality

Which is better, Grado or Audio Technica headphones

I have experienced the sound quality of Grado and Audio-Technica headphones being different from each other due to their different sound signatures. The first is great for a natural sound experience and the second is best for listening to bass-heavy music.

For example, Grado headphones are best for their warm and natural sound signature. Audio-Technica headphones are best for balanced sound with clear heavy bass.

Noise Isolation

The level of noise isolation is different between Grado and Audio-Technica headphones due to their different designs. One thing I have seen is that Grado headphones do not provide much noise isolation due to their open-back headphone design. However, Audio-Technica headphones provide better noise isolation with their closed-back headphones.

Therefore, If you want a noise-free audio listening experience, Audio-Technica headphones are better than the others.

Impedance and Sensitivity

Which is better, Grado or Audio Technica headphones

Grado and Audio-Technica headphones have different in-built impedance and sensitivity levels. It is important to note that their different impedance and sensitivity levels directly affect their performance.

I have experienced a higher impedance level in Grado headphones than in Audio-Technica headphones. However, Grado headphones have lower sensitivity and Audio-Technica headphones have higher sensitivity.

Therefore, Grado headphones normally need more power to achieve their optimal performance. It is comparatively easier for Audio-Technica to achieve optimal performance with portable devices.


The accessories that come with Grado and Audio-Technica headphones are different depending on the type of models and products. Whenever I order from Grado, they provide essential and related accessories.

Generally, Audio-Technica offers additional accessories with its packages like detachable cables, carrying cases, and earpads.


Which is better, Grado or Audio Technica headphones

The price of Grado and Audio-Technica headphones differs a lot depending on the models. However, I have found Grado headphones are generally more expensive than Audio-Technica headphones.

Similarly, many average models of Grado are often more affordable than Audio-Technica’s. But high-end models of Grado are significantly more expensive.

Their prices depend more on the type of model you want to purchase. You can check each product’s price and features before you purchase.

Key Differences
Grado Headphones
Audio-Technica Headphones

Over-ear, open-back, classic/retro

On-ear/over-ear, closed-back, modern


Generally more comfortable with open-back design

Often have more padding

Sound Quality

Warm and natural

Balanced with clear highs and deep bass

Noise Isolation

Poor noise isolation with open-back design

Better noise isolation with closed-back design

Impedance and Sensitivity

Higher impedance, lower sensitivity

Lower impedance, higher sensitivity


Varies, often fewer accessories included

Often include additional accessories like detachable cables, carrying cases, and earpads


Basic models are more affordable, but the latest models can be more expensive

Generally more affordable, with some high-end models available

Which is better, JBL or Audio-Technica?

In the audio industry, both JBL and Audio-Technica are respected brands. These brands have different strengths and they cater to different markets.

JBL is well-known for its portable Bluetooth, speakers and headphones. These are popular among consumers who prioritize convenience and portability. On the other hand, Audio-Technica is a reputable brand for its studio-quality headphones and professional audio equipment.

I have found JBL as a better option for portability and bass-heavy sound. If you demand studio-quality sound and accuracy, Audio-Technica may be the better choice for you.

Is Audio-Technica a good brand?

Which is better, Grado or Audio Technica headphones

Audio-Technica is widely evaluated as a good brand in the audio industry. It offers headphones, microphones, turntables, and other professional audio gear. They have won several CES Innovation Awards and several TEC Awards.

One of the main reasons why I like Audio-Technica is its accurate sound quality. The company uses advanced engineering and design techniques to create headphones. These advanced technologies reproduce sound with exceptional clarity and precision.

Additionally, Audio-Technica has a name for innovation and experimentation. It constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible in audio technology. For example, the company was one of the first to introduce planar magnetic drivers in headphones.

Why is Audio-Technica so good?

Audio-Technica is considered a good brand for many reasons. The first leading point is that this company is committed to sound quality and accuracy. Audio-Technica uses advanced engineering and design techniques to create headphones.

Audio-Technica headphones are also versatile, suitable for everyone. These headphones are beneficial for studio recording, live sound, DJing, and casual listening. These qualities make them a popular choice between professionals and serious music listeners.

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What are the key differences between Grado and Audio Technica headphones in terms of sound quality and comfort?

Grado and Audio Technica both are well-known brands, but they have some differences in their gadgets. Grado headphones are famous for their natural sound with a slight emphasis on the mid-range, while Audio Technica headphones typically have a more balanced sound signature.

In terms of comfort, I have found Grado headphones for better airflow due to their open-back designs. On the other hand, Audio Technica has closed-back designs with better noise isolation capacity.

Which Headphones should I buy for an immersive sound experience?

It mostly depends on personal choice and preference to purchase between these two brands. If you are looking for modern and innovative headphones, Audio Technica may be the better choice, while Grado is a more affordable option for comfortable sound.

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As I have discussed above, Audio-Technica is best for its comfort, durability, and versatility. The company designs its headphones with user preferences in mind. Its headphones are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. On the other hand, Grado headphones have a more classical look and a more traditional aesthetic.

Grado is a cost-effective option for you to enjoy the same level of audio quality. They offer numerous headphone models from which you can easily choose the best one.

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