Why Do Students Need AirPods?

Why Do Students Need AirPods? Reasons

Student life is indeed stressful and exhausting. Lectures, assignments, quizzes, exams, and fear of results can drain energy and only leave anxiety. But luckily, there are some gadgets that can make everything easier in a student’s life, and AirPods is one of them. But why do students need them?

Students need AirPods because they help them listen to lectures properly and study better. They can get rid of noisy distractions and can really focus on their studies with the AirPods on. This is extremely crucial if they want good grades in the exams.

But there’s more to it. Continue reading to know why I’m saying this.

Why Do Students Need AirPods? (Reasons)

Why Do Students Need AirPods?

Throughout the journey, students need help from lots of gadgets, and AirPods are indeed one of them.

Students need AirPods to:

To Listen to Lectures

The biggest benefit students can get from AirPods is that they can listen to the recorded lectures or informational YouTube videos without any interruption.

Everyone knows that student life is full of assignments, research, and quizzes. They have to perform their level best in all of them to ensure good grades. Fortunately, AirPods help them with the preparation for these things.

Just wear them and listen to lectures, podcasts, or any voice notes of your Professor. Students can also note down important details and key points during this process. This role of AirPods got a boost during the pandemic times. Lectures were shifted to online mode and those who had AirPods really got relief from many troubles.

Still, online lectures and webinars are a big thing in educational institutes. So, students should definitely buy AirPods to listen to everything said in them easily.

Helps With Focus

Another great thing about AirPods is that they help students to focus better. For example, AirPods Pro has a noise cancellation feature that does not let you hear any background noises when you wear them. This feature is absent in almost every other wireless earbud. This noise cancellation feature allows you to avoid distractions and concentrate on your studies or lecture.

Imagine you are listening to a lecture on your mobile without any earbuds or headphones. You will surely not be able to listen to every second sentence. Likewise, a noisy environment does not let you concentrate on your study. When you wear the earbuds of most of the other brands and play a lecture, the noises still disturb you. This causes irritation.

Thankfully, this won’t happen when you decide to wear AirPods Pro.

Use Live Listen

Apple outdid every other company by introducing a super useful feature called Live Listen. In this, you can listen to the noises clearly via AirPods even if you are far away from them.

Here’s how it works.

Your mobile or Mac acts like a microphone which sends the voices to the AirPods within a Bluetooth range. According to Apple Support, AirPods Bluetooth range is within 33 to 45 feet of mobile. It means if you leave your Apple device anywhere, you can hear the people’s talk and whispers even if you are 20 or 30 feet away.

Similarly, if you are sitting in a noisy environment (say a cafeteria or stadium) and have trouble listening to another person, you can just turn on Live Listen from the Settings, point the mobile or Mac towards that person’s direction, and then you would easily be able to hear.

This feature has supreme importance for students. If they have trouble listening to what the Professor or teacher is saying, they can just connect AirPods with their iPhone, turn on Live Listen, and put the mobile at the desk or anywhere near where the Professor is standing. Then, they can easily listen to what the Professor or teacher is teaching. But note that you must have iOS 14.3 or above versions to use this feature, according to Apple.

I would not suggest you plan to cheat on a test using this because it can cause a lot of trouble for your academic career and future.

They Look Cool

College or university is not all about studies. It’s also about looking cool and developing a personality. AirPods helps with that as well.

AirPods are aesthetically designed at a perfect angle to look classy and elegant. They are contoured, so they are also lightweight and easy to fit. That’s why you look cool and stylish while wearing them. However, make sure to clean them regularly to avoid any issues.

So, these are the reasons why every student should have AirPods. If you are a student and thinking whether you should buy them or not, I say go for them!

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Other Reasons Why Students Will Love AirPods

Why Do Students Need AirPods?

Students are definitely going to love AirPods. Why? Because of their top-of-the-line features.

Long Battery Time

According to Apple, AirPods have 25 hours of battery time when they are 100% charged along with the charging case. In one go, they can function for five hours straight. Plus, the charging time is also between 1-1.5 hours (which is super fast).

Fits Perfectly

AirPods come with extra ear tips so that you can put a tip that fits your ears. Furthermore, they are small in size, so they won’t fall easily. That’s why only a few people have complained about fitting issues on Reddit and Quora.

Easy To Carry

AirPods are lightweight, and you can easily carry them in your bag or even your pocket. It is crucial for those who often had to travel a longer distance to reach college or university.

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Concluding Thoughts

So, why do students need AirPods?

Students need AirPods to listen to lectures, focus on study material, and clearly hear what the Professor is saying using the Live Listen feature. On top of this, AirPods have made life uncomplicated because of an impressive set of features. They have a contoured design, great battery time, a noise cancellation feature etc., that further facilitates you in enjoying whatever you want to do.

In addition to this, AirPods makes you feel cool because it is itself an epitome of a high-class lifestyle.

So, wear AirPods in college/university and have a great learning experience.

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