Are Jabra Earbuds Good?

Are Jabra Earbuds Good? High Quality?

It was not long ago that wireless earbuds weren’t of very good quality. Battery life was miserable, dropouts were frustratingly prevalent, and it was incredibly challenging to get solid connectivity. Fortunately, there are a plethora of wireless earbuds available in the market now, offering a variety of designs, features, and sounds.

When it comes to looking for good-quality earbuds, Jabra is one of the most respected and reputable brands to consider. Jabra headphones are primarily designed for the purpose of taking calls. Hence, this particular manufacturer specializes in visual and audio equipment, allowing you to stay connected to your colleagues. In general, their integrated mics perform much better than the other Bluetooth competitors. Jabra occasionally creates versatile products such as sports earbuds for more casual and everyday use. 

This guide talks about Jabra earbuds’ most prominent features and reviews 3 Jabra earbuds that are worth adding to your ever-expanding list of options. 

About Jabra Earbuds

Are Jabra Earbuds Good

Jabra makes a diverse range of earbuds that cater to the needs of everyone, from business professionals to more casual users and everyone in between. Their earbuds are designed for the highest standards and are engineered to give you a top-grade audio experience.

With Jabra’s exclusive range of wireless earbuds, you can experience the true joy of tangled-free listening. Whether you want to focus on essential tasks, attend or make calls in a busy office, or look for a companion who can help you make it through your weekly workout sessions, Jabra boasts an advanced selection of earbuds that everybody can approve of.

Jabra is one of the most reputable brands of wireless earbuds that grants you superior sound quality and all-day comfort. The key to making your Jabra earbuds last for a longer duration is to:

  • Prevent them from all sorts of dust and debris.
  • Not storing the charging case plugged in once the earbuds have been fully charged.
  • Never put the earbuds into their charging case (or plug in the case) while they’re still wet. 
  • Never leave them in a harsh environment (such as a car trunk) for extended durations. 
  • Keep them clean.

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Top 3 Jabra Earbuds

Are Jabra Earbuds Good?

Jabra is powered by Bluetooth and has 150 years of experience in sound tech, and its wireless range certainly doesn’t disappoint. Having said that, here is a brief review of 3 Jabra earbuds that can genuinely be deemed the best-of-the-best earbuds of all time. 

Jabra Elite 7 Pro True Wireless

If you are looking for the best-in-class earbuds from Jabra, it has got to be the Jabra Elite 7 Pro True Wireless. These lightweight in-ear earbuds have a relatively stable and comfortable fit, making them an ideal choice for extended listening and workout sessions.

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro is built quite well and is certified IP57 for being immersed in water and resistance against dust. They have a versatile neutral sound profile for an array of audio genres. Still, thanks to their companion application’s graphic presets and EQ, you can customize it as per your preference.

These earbuds have an impressive battery life lasting over 8 hours continuously, making them perfect for on-the-go or long days at work. Their carrying case is equipped with 3 additional charges, and you also have the option of using one earbud while the other is on charge.

They also feature an active noise canceling (ANC) system that helps in blocking out ambient noise, such as mid-range sounds like background chatter. 

Jabra Elite 85t

Indeed, the Jabra Elite 85t ticks all the right boxes and offers you the perfect combination of battery life, noise cancellation, fit, sound, and compact case. Being the 4th-generation true wireless earbuds, the Elite 85t has to be the best product yet introduced.

It builds on the slimmed-down and more snug design of its former versions and now features a lighter and more balanced fit with newly designed oval-shaped ear tips that don’t go too deep in your ear canal.

These particular earbuds are better for extended periods, compact, and with active noise cancellation. Moreover, they do not protrude as far as their rivals, Sony or Bose. Jabra Elite 85t outperforms Apple’s AirPods Pro in terms of sound quality and is much better than before.

The noise cancellation feature is much more effective and blocks unwanted sounds to quite an extent. Finally, it has a good battery life and a superb compact case for recharging the buds.  

Jabra Elite 7 Active

Hands down, the Jabra Elite 7 Active is one of the company’s best affordable earbuds for workout sessions. This particular version shares nearly all the Jabra Elite 7 Pro features, including active noise cancellation, good audio, connectivity, etc.

However, the Active version differs from the Pro in some areas, making the former stand out even more. For instance, Jabra Elite 7 Active has a marginally lower price and a rubberized coating on the earbuds, making them more secure around your ears during periods of intense workouts.

Since they also have an IP57 rating, meaning they are waterproof and dustproof up to 1 meter, they are well-suited even for sweaty workouts. Altogether, the Jabra Elite 7 Active is an excellent choice if you’re on the lookout for an affordable pair of earbuds, ideally for fitness purposes.

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Jabra vs. Other Brands

Here is a brief comparison of how Jabra compares against other brands in terms of typical specifications. 

Headphone Variety

Even though the majority of Jabra’s headphones are designed for the purpose of taking calls, you can find a vast array of headphones and earbuds, from mono headsets for office workers or truckers to over-ear headphones to sports-oriented, truly wireless earbuds.

Great Mobile App

The Jabra Sound app provides a graphic EQ and presets that enable users to adjust the sound to their liking. Moreover, it also enables you to access impressive features such as adjusting their standby timer or talk-through. 

Multi-device Pairing

The majority of Jabra headphones can be paired with 2 devices simultaneously. This is handy for anyone who likes to switch audio sources between their smartphone and another device, such as a laptop. 

Lackluster ANC Performance

Only a few Jabra earbuds have the feature of active noise cancellation (ANC). For instance, in the case of both Elite Active 75t Wireless and Elite 75t Wireless, the ANC feature was added during a firmware update.

Still, the active noise cancellation feature only tends to offer a somewhat enhanced noise isolation performance compared to their passive noise isolation abilities.  

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