Are Cheap AirPods Worth Buying?

Are Cheap AirPods Worth Buying?

Don’t have a bigger budget and are now wondering whether the cheap AirPods you see online are worth the money or not? I’m here with an answer.

AirPods are one of the expensive (yet popular) earbuds today. Although Apple manufactures Second-generation AirPods at a very low price, there are fake or knockoffs available online, which you can purchase at a cheap rate. But should you buy them?

Cheap AirPods are only worth it if the ones you buy are new or used real AirPods 2nd generation. All the other cheap ones you see have a lot of issues, which always cause frustration. So, they are not worth it.

Want more info? Then stick with me as I’m discussing everything in detail here. Know the good things and problems with cheaper AirPods, and then decide whether you want them or not.

Why Are Cheap AirPods 2nd Generation Worth It?

Are Cheap AirPods Worth Buying?

AirPods second generation are the cheapest Apple earbuds you can get. This model was launched in 2019 and quickly grabbed attention due to its features and affordability in price (when you compare it with other Apple products). You can buy the new ones for 99$ only or the used ones at an ever lower price.

Let’s now see the good things and problems about this AirPod model.


The features present in AirPods second generation are:

Great Battery Timing

According to Apple, AirPods 2nd Gen. has a 24 hours battery life when the earbuds and the charging case are fully charged. At once, you can listen to music or talk with a person in one go for 4-5 hours. If the ones you are using have low battery life, then contact Apple Support to know about the real issue.

Smooth Connectivity

A great thing about AirPods (2nd gen) is that they are easy to connect. Open the lid, turn on your mobile’s Bluetooth, and they will connect. Furthermore, the connection will be smooth and uninterruptible throughout the whole time.

Excellent Sound Quality

AirPods 2nd generation has good bass. Although it is not as good as later versions and AirPods Pro, still, it makes listening enjoyable.

Hey Siri Functionality

You can also give commands to Siri wearing AirPods 2nd Generation. Just make sure you have connected your mobile with it.

Problems With Second Generation AirPods

There are some problems with AirPods 2nd Gen. that can spoil the fun. These are:

No Interchangeable EarTips

One big problem with AirPods 2nd Generation is that they do not come with interchangeable ear tips. This is a big issue because if these earbuds don’t fit in your ears, then you can’t do much about it.

You Will Need To Pay More To Get Wireless Charging Case

Another problem with second-generation AirPods is that you will have to pay extra to get the wireless charging case. However, this AirPod model will still be a lot cheaper than the other ones. It is almost half the price compared to the AirPods Pro.

AirPods Copy/Fake – Why Are They Not Worth It?

Are Cheap AirPods Worth Buying?

There are lots of Fake AirPods models on the market already. Usually, they are manufactured in China and shipped globally. You can easily purchase them from Chinese markets like AliExpress, AliBaba, etc., at an unbelievably lower price. Some of them are up for sale for only 40$. But are they really worth it?

Let’s see the features and problems.


Fake AirPods have the following features;

Fits Perfectly

Surprisingly, fake AirPods fit perfectly, just like the original ones. Knockoffs usually have fitting problems, but that’s not the problem with the Fake AirPods. Some of them might even come with interchangeable ear tips.

Great Sound Quality

Another surprising thing about fake AirPods is their sound quality. Every range sounds perfect in almost every fake AirPods. The manufacturers had really focused on the sound quality before they launched it.

Touch sensors

Fake AirPods have touch sensors that you can use to accept or reject calls. Plus, they can also adjust volumes, just like the real ones do.

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Problems With Fake AirPods

Fake AirPods have a lot of Problems. This makes sense, too, because cheap material is used in manufacturing. That’s why the price is too low.

Less Battery Time

The biggest problem with Fake AirPods is that their battery drains quickly. These have almost half life compared to original AirPods. Thus, you will frequently have to charge it. It becomes real trouble when you are a traveler or someone who is often out of the home.

No Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation is an excellent feature of AirPods Pro, which is not present in any fake copy. When you wear these knockoffs, you will hear every background noise that will ruin the listening/ hearing experience.

Bigger size

Fake AirPods are bigger in size than the real ones. This means that they are also heavier. Big and heavy earbuds feel weird and are not aesthetically pleasing. Reddit users have termed it the main difference between real and fake AirPods.


Fake AirPods often emit light, even if you are wearing them. In fact, this frequent lighting is one of the biggest identification points of whether the AirPods are original or fake. If you wear them and go out, chances are people will notice that you are wearing the fake one.

Physical Buttons

Another big difference between real and fake AirPods is the physical buttons. Fake ones have it while the real AirPods don’t.

No Lightning Port

Fake AirPods don’t have a lightning port. They have micro-USB, which means you will have to buy another charger to charge them.

No Guarantee

Fake AirPods don’t offer any guarantee or warranty. If they get back after two weeks of use, then you will have to buy new ones. The damaged ones are also hardly repaired.

Due to these reasons, fake/cheaper AirPods copies are not worth buying.

Watch the detailed Real AirPods vs Fake AirPods Video Here;

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Final Say

So, are Cheap AirPods worth buying?

There are two types of cheap AirPods available. One is the real AirPods 2nd generation, while the other is the fake/cheap copy of the real ones. AirPods 2nd Generation is definitely worth buying, whether you buy a new one or purchase the used one from a credible source. They do have some problems, but a bundle of features covers them.

Cheap or Knockoffs AirPods are not worth buying at all. They have a few features and are full of lots of problems.

So, go for the real product only to have a great listening experience!

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