Why Does My Right Airpod Dies Faster

Why Does My Right Airpod Dies Faster? (Fixes)

AirPods are the biggest luxury for Gen-Z, and they prove to be pretty convenient for lives full of hustle-bustle. Everyone owns AirPods these days, but there are specific problems that come with this fast-paced technology. People usually encounter their right Airpod dying a lot faster than the left. So, Why Does My Right Airpod Dies Faster?

There are many reasons and the most common one is that the right Airpod dies faster because the right AirPods is configured to use Siri, and hence, its battery drains faster. If Siri is not connected, then there is a possibility of a faulty battery in your Airpod.

Reasons Why My Right Airpod Dies Faster

Why Does My Right Airpod Dies Faster?

There are a whole lot of reasons why your right Airpod might be dying faster. Now that it is established that AirPods don’t have different batteries when you newly buy them, it means there certainly would be reasons for the right Airpod to have a faulty battery.

We are going to dive into this matter and see the reason why exactly one of your Airpod could be dying a lot faster than the other.

1. Old AirPods

The first and foremost reason why my right Airpod dies faster is that they have gotten old. If you have owned a pair of AirPods for more than two years, then they are meant to show some signs of excessive usage.

Most AirPods last about 1 or 2 years, and then you will start experiencing things like low battery life or unimpressive sound quality. It is pretty common and nothing to worry about because old AirPods cannot remain in perfect condition always.

So, if you also have older AirPods, it is most likely that the battery of your right earbud is dying at a faster rate than the left Airpod. You cannot control the speed of battery drainage in the AirPods, nor can you completely measure it.

So, just know that if it is happening to you and you are using AirPods that are older than 2 years, it might be a sign to change your AirPods. Make sure to treat yourself with newer and better models, so you don’t have to worry about faster battery drainage in the right Airpod.

2. Faulty Charging Case

There is a possibility of a faulty charging case if your right Airpod is dying faster. It just means your charging case is not working properly; hence, it is not charging your right Airpod all the way through, which could lead to problems with your right Airpod.

It might also be possible that your charging case itself is not good enough to charge your AirPods. This situation often happens when you don’t use an original charging case and rely on copies available in the market.

The juices of the charging case eventually die off, and you would have to replace them with a newer one. However, if you have bought a new charging case and it is resulting in problems, it means the right side of the charging case is faulty and is not charging your right Airpod all the way through.

If the right Airpod would not charge properly, it will obviously not be able to run for a longer time. Hence, your right Airpod will die a lot faster than the left Airpod, and you’re not gonna like it for sure.

3. Dirty Charging Case

Did you know that you need to clean the charging case from time to time? Well, yes. It is because it could get really messy and trap a lot of dirt in the charging cases. If the charging case is dirty, it will not work properly at all.

All the dirt will come in the way of your right Airpod, receiving proper charging from the case. So, your right Airpod would not be charged completely, or even if it is fully charged, it will work inefficiently because of the barrier of dirt.

It is a pretty common issue as most people don’t even think about cleaning their charging cases, and it often results in a ginormous build-up of dirt in their charging cases. It could also affect the life of your charging case, and it could wear out faster than it is supposed to.

So, if there is any dirt trapped on the right side of your charging case, it might be the reason why your Airpod is not fully charging, and it can result in the low battery of your Airpod battery a lot faster than usual.

4. Usage

You need to use both the AirPods at the same time. If you are using the right air bud more than the left one, then its battery is destined to drain out, and you will have only one Airpod with a usable battery.

The Airpod you insert in your ears first is going to be your mic during the call. The thing with calls is that the Airpod used as a mic will likely drain out faster. Also, if you use the AirPods for calls, it will also drain the energy faster.

So, if you are habitual of inserting the right AirPods in your ear, then you are most likely to experience the battery of your right Airpod dying a lot faster than the left one. It is nothing to worry about and is a pretty common issue. It won’t even have a substantial effect on the overall battery life of your AirPods.

5. Connection to Siri

Your right Airpod might be connected to Siri, which you would be using to switch to the next track. If it actually is connected to Siri, then its battery is meant to drain out a lot faster, and it will die a lot faster than your left Airpod.

The Airpod that you tap when you need to change the song usually is the one connected to Siri, and you can simply fix it by going to settings and then entering in the Bluetooth option and going to Airpod options.

You can simply change the Airpod that uses Siri, but just so you know, if you set it to the left of the Airpod, it will drain the battery of the left one faster too.

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Solutions to Fix the Draining Battery of Right Airpod

Why Does My Right Airpod Dies Faster?

Now that you know the reasons why your Airpod battery might be draining, you need to get it fixed. We are bringing some quick solutions for you, so you don’t have to change your AirPods or use the one that drains really fast.

So, let’s dive right into it and find it all out.

Drain and Recharge

It often helps to drain both your AirPods all the way through and then charge them again. It is mainly because you might often use one Airpod more than the other, and when you charge them, they could get different charging.

Just to make things easier, just let the batteries of both AirPods drain completely and then recharge them fully. It is the most basic solution, but it works for the most part.

Replace the Charging Case

If you think that the problem with your right Airpod is mainly caused by a faulty charging case, then it is better to replace the charging case. You can buy a new one but just make sure to get an original one because copies can damage the battery health of your AirPods even more.

Buy New Charging Case

Use with Care

Just make sure that you take care of both your AirPods and charging case to fix the battery problem. Clean the charging case regularly, and don’t use the right Airpod more than the left Airpod. It is most likely to fix your issue.


You might need to reset your Airpod if all the above methods don’t work. The reset option is pretty easy and convenient. Just follow the below-given steps:

  • Go to the “settings” option on your iPhone
  • Click on the “Bluetooth”
  • Tap the “I” icon on your Airpod settings
  • Click on “forget this device”
  • It will unpair the Airpod from your iPhone
  • Connect it again, and you are good to go

Is It Possible for One Airpod to Have More Battery Life?

No, it is not possible for one Airpod to have more battery life than the other if you buy original and water-packed AirPods. Though the battery of both AirPods could get affected over time, and one can have more battery life than the other.

But when you buy new AirPods, it is almost impossible for both of them to have different battery lives until announced by the company itself. Most people experience a difference in battery health after a specific time of using their AirPods.

It is common for AirPods to have different battery health after using for a long time because you might be using one of the air buds more than the other. Or simply, the battery of one air bud died over time.

Even in the newer Airpod models, this problem remains pretty consistent. However, there are different reasons and solutions to this problem to help you figure things out pretty easily. So, let’s get going.

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Lastly, using AirPods whose one earbud dies out faster is the worst nightmare for music lovers or gym enthusiasts. So, we hope you have found the reason why my right Airpod dies faster? The reason could be anything from your carelessness to the company’s mistake.

But whatever the reason is, just know that it can be fixed. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on getting the Airpod fixed until you actually know that there is some sort of problem with it. So, try the above-given methods and see if your right Airpod’s battery gets fixed.

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