What to do with Old Airpods

What To Do With Old Airpods? (My Suggestion)

Do you have a pair of old AirPods next to your table? Are you interested to know what you can do with your old Airpods? Nobody wants to lose their Apple Airpods, especially those they have purchased with a lot of investment.

If we talk about a few methods of using the old Airpods, the best option is to replace or recycle them. But if the recycling method is complicated, then another easiest way is to sell them in any retail shop. There is another option to replace the dying Airpods with TheSwapClub.

If you want to know how to improve AirPods’s battery, Read helpful tips to make your AirPods last longer.

If you have had your AirPods for a long time, the batteries may be about to die. So, what can we do with these old AirPods? This question has several answers. Let’s get into the discussion below.

What To Do with Old Airpods?

When I got to know that my Airpod set is a useless piece now and they are no longer in use, the first thing I thought was what to do now.

Different methods gradually hit your mind when you talk about what you should do with your old Airpods. Let’s discuss a few methods one by one below.

Get a New AirPods

People usually feel hesitant wearing old gadgets in the public. That’s why most of them replace their devices as soon as they wear and tear or just look overall bad.

Moreover, old gadgets are also less efficient. Their sound quality does not remain the same while the battery life also get low.

Therefore, one of the best things to do with old AirPods is to replace it with a new one.

Recycling AirPods

Recycling AirPods that are no longer usable or are not worthy to keep is the best thing to do as a beginner. It would not only benefit you, but equal amounts of benefit will also be shared with the environment.

Get in touch with the local authorized dealer for recycling the pair. They are specialized in their job of recycling, or you can also visit the Apple Trade-In site. This Apple site will offer you an option where you can easily replace these products with another one, or they also allow you to get a gift card in exchange.

Apple’s battery replacement program for AirPods

Second method is to go for Apple’s battery replacement program for AirPods. If you want to keep the old airpods that have poor battery capacity, then restoring or replacing the battery completely is also recommended.

Sometimes airpods are not that old enough for the battery to start getting worn out. But still, you face certain battery drain issues. Visiting an Apple repair site or walking into a physical store will help you to get your battery replaced, fixed or changed.

Selling and trading old AirPods

I highly recommend selling and trading airpods that you no longer want to keep. You can earn extra cash or trade your old airpods with the new ones. Different websites allow you to sell the pair without any hazard.

These sites are reliable and come with the easiest trading approach for your convenience. Make sure to reset your airpods before you send it for any trading exchange.

TheSwapClub services

The last recommended method is replacing the dying airpods with TheSwapClub. If you still want to use your AirPods that are giving you a hard time, then going to TheSwapClub is the best.

You can easily swap your AirPods with TheSwapClub Club’s services. You can get your airpods renewed at a cheaper price. They even provide you with a 90-day limited warranty period.



Recycling through authorized dealer or Apple Trade-In site

Contact a local authorized dealer or visit Apple Trade-In site to recycle AirPods.

Apple’s battery replacement program for AirPods

Restore or replace the battery of old AirPods through Apple’s battery replacement program.

Selling and trading old AirPods

Sell or trade old AirPods for extra cash and get new ones through reliable trading sites.

Replacing dying AirPods with TheSwapClub

Swap your AirPods with renewed ones at a cheaper price through TheSwapClub’s services.

5 helpful tips to make your AirPods last longer

No doubt that airpods have a finite lifespan. But there are certain habits which can prolong this survival. After regular use, it is quite evident that damaging the airport is inevitable. But still, there are a few days which you can follow to let your Airpod battery stay longer.

  • Avoid exposing them to extreme temperature

We all know that AirPods are designed in a way where they can withstand different sorts of temperatures. But an extreme temperature environment can definitely damage them.

Thus, using the AirPods beyond 35°C (95° f) can highly cause the AirPods to modify their behavior to our reduced temperature. This will cause the AirPods to stop functioning well.

The optimal temperature for using any Apple Airpod is between 16 °C (62 °F) and 22 °C (72 °F). Anything which goes beyond and below can damage your AirPods irreparably. This will also include charging and storage.

  • Removing the AirPods’ case cover when you are charging

Case covers are designed to protect the AirPods from scratches or dings. But at the same time, they also generate high heat, which can damage the battery and reduce its lifespan.

It is better to remove the case cover while charging your airpods. This will reduce the level of heat produced during the charge. Plus, it will avoid the negative impact of heat on the lifespan of AirPods.

  • Keep your AirPods away from water

If you think that AirPods are waterproof, you’re extremely wrong. Apple has only introduced Airpods, which are sweat-resistant and water-resistant.

You can wear the AirPods in moist environments, but you should avoid using them while you have a bath. Plus, you can wipe off the AirPods with a soft cloth if they get moistened.

  • Avoid fully discharging your AirPods

You may already know that max charging of the Airpods can destroy their battery life. Similarly, deep discharges can also cause a negative impact on the lifespan of batteries. It can permanently damage it through a short circuit.

It is suggested to keep the battery at 25–85 percent. IPad or iPhone will always alert you at almost 15% with a beep sound to let you know that it’s time to charge the battery. If you are using your battery at 9% or below, you are damaging the Airpod yourself.

  • Track the charging time

One way to keep your battery life going is to track when you charge it. Even though it’s funny, constantly charging your batteries can damage your AirPods in a way that can’t be fixed. When your battery is fully charged, it is under mechanical stress. This stress shortens the life of the battery in your AirPods.

Checking your battery life often will help you get the most out of your AirPods. Apple foresaw this problem early on and devised a solution: faster battery charging. This function stops charging your AirPods at 80%, so they don’t get fully charged. So they don’t have to work as hard and can live a little longer.

The only thing to remember is that optimized battery charging works best when you have practice for charging.

For example, every morning, you charge your AirPods. If you stick to your usual charging process, your battery will stay at 80 percent until you need your AirPods. This process keeps your battery from getting hurt in a big way.

Optimized battery charging only works with iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads with iOS or iPadOS 14 or later.

Is it possible to trade in AirPods for AirPods Pro?

It’s been a long while since I’ve considered trading my original AirPods 2 for the new Airpod Pro. I even thought of refunding it because it is faulty and it has problems with the inside charging case.

Before I make any harder efforts, thank God, someone told me that it is not at all possible to trade airpods for AirPods Pro. You can choose an option where you can sell it to a third party, but trade-in is not allowed. Apple just doesn’t have this policy.

On what factors does the AirPods charging cycle depend?

The day I purchased Apple earbuds, the only thing that I was concerned about is to know the lifespan of them. The lifespan of the Apple earbuds is only depending upon how long the battery can retain a charge.

Here are some main factors affecting the charging cycles of AirPods:

  • Usage: The frequency and duration of the AirPods usage affect the charging cycles.
  • Battery Capacity: The initial capacity of a battery determines the number of charging cycles it can undergo.
  • Charging Habits: The way the AirPods are charged can impact the charging cycles.
  • Environmental Factors: Exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity levels can influence the charging cycle lifespan.

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How long do the AirPods last?

It is to be mentioned that Apple will never share their charging cycles or how much you should expect from the batteries to survive on pro, airport or Max models. Their lifespan will generally depend upon how long you will use and charge them.

According to the majority of users, original Airpods survive for a maximum of two years. After two years, you will notice a certain decline in battery functioning. The batteries will start losing small capacity. And with time, the batteries start to break down entirely.

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To end with this discussion, it is very clear that replacing your Airpod with the new one is only possible through a few simple methods. According to me, the best method will be selling the airpods and getting a new one.

Once you begin to observe a noticeable decline in the battery capacity of your AirPods, it is a good time to invest in a fresh pair of Airpods.

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