Are Sony Earbuds Good

Are Sony Earbuds Good? Here’s What You Should Know

Looking to buy new earbuds and thinking about giving Sony a try? If yes, then the first thing you would want to know is whether Sony earbuds are good or not. Here, you will find the answer.

Sony earbuds are really good because of a lot of reasons. They are gorgeous in design, have superior audio quality, fit perfectly, and are lighter in weight. Furthermore, they have a long battery life, noise cancellation, app support, and lots of other additional features, which makes them a great thing to have.

Want more info? In this guide, I am explaining the top reasons why these Sony earbuds are good. That’s not it. I am also discussing the top ones of this brand at the end as a bonus for you. So, stay till the end.

Why Are Sony Earbuds Good? Top Reasons

Are Sony Earbuds Good

Sony earbuds are the best ones you can buy and the reasons are obvious. There are lots of points that make them good, and I am explaining them here.

Elegant Design

Thousands of people prefer to buy Sony earbuds over others because of their stylish looks. They have a contoured-shaped design that looks really impressive.

So, when you wear them, you will also look cool.

Plus, Sony earbuds are also available in a wide range of colors (although black is the most famous one). You can buy any Sony earbud model you want and feel like a new person.

Excellent Audio Performance

Sony earbuds are matchless when it comes to audio quality because they use high-quality drivers. Due to them, low-range, mid-range, and bass sound top-notch. You won’t feel any audio distortion no matter which frequency you will hear (which is a rare thing to experience).

But wait. There’s more.

As mentioned above, Sony earbuds are designed perfectly. When you wear them, they go slightly inside the ear canal. As a result, the audio goes straight toward the eardrum. This takes the listening experience to the next level.

So, if you also prefer sound quality over anything, I say you go for Sony earbuds without any hesitation.

Fits Perfectly

One more reason to love the Sony brand is that the earbuds they manufacture are perfectly fitting. When you look at other audio gadgets, people are complaining about the loose fitting in the reviews. Fortunately, Sony spends a huge sum of money on research on the earbuds, and now it is one of the few brands whose users don’t have any problem with fitting the audio devices.

The contoured shape really helps the earbuds to stay in the ear. Moreover, every Sony earbud is light in weight. So, they won’t cause pain or burden on the ears, which is another reason why they are the best.

That’s not it.

Sony earbuds also have soft tips and you will feel super comfortable when you wear them.

Long Battery Life

Sony earbuds have a great battery life that is not matched by most of the other brands. Generally, you can use Sony earbuds for about 6-8 hours, depending on whether you are listening to music or attending calls only.

With the case, Sony earbuds have a battery life of around 24 hours.

This battery life is more than what you usually get from other brands. Most of the other buds only run for four hours and have a total battery life of 18 hours.

The charging speed of Sony earbuds is also super fast. Just five minutes of charging is enough for them to work for up to an hour. They will only need around 1.5 hours to charge up to 100% from 0 percent.

Strong Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth distortion is a common problem in Wireless earbuds. Sony earbuds use Bluetooth 4.0 or 5.2 strong Bluetooth technologies (depending upon the models). They establish a strong connection with other devices that do not get distorted that easily.

Those audio devices that use weaker Bluetooth technology keep on disconnecting, and the reason is Wi-Fi interference. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have the same frequency, which is why both disturb each other when their signals are on.

But with Sony earbuds, you are free from this problem. They use high Bluetooth technology that “fights off” interference.

In addition, Sony earbuds also have a good Bluetooth range.

According to Sony, you can use the earbuds within 10 meters. You can freely move within this range, and the audio quality will not be affected.

Easy Controls

Another good thing about Sony earbuds is that they are easy to control due to smart features.

Just tap on either earbud and attend or end the calls. Furthermore, you can also increase or lower the volume with simple taps on them as well.

Noise Cancellation

Regular earbuds do not provide the best experience as the nearby noises also disturb the listening, but this does not happen with the noise-canceling Sony earbuds (which are a blessing for those who live in noisy neighborhoods).

Sony earbuds offer the best noise cancellation that provides the best listening time. They cover the entire canal and do not let any background noise pass.

So, you can wear them in a library, subway, park, or anywhere where you want complete quietness from the outside world.

App Support

Sony has launched an App for all of their earbuds and headphones users with which they can control everything. People can increase or decrease the volume, give voice commands, check battery life, and do much more with this app.

Extra Features

You have already read the many great features of Sony earbuds above. In addition to them, there are other extra features which you can also enjoy from them.

  • Many Sony earbuds support wireless charging, where you don’t need any cord to charge them.
  • They also support spatial audio for a smoother experience.
  • In addition, these earbuds also support auto pairing, which saves you time and energy. You don’t have to open Bluetooth settings every time you want to pair them.
  • Also, many Sony earbuds are Water and sweat-resistant. So, you can wear them in a gym without any worry.
  • Sony also offers a one-year warranty on its earbuds. If the Sony earbuds you purchased go bad within this time, then the company will fix the issue for you. If the problem is unfixable, then you will get a brand new Sony earbud of the same model for free.

Adds Value

The last main reason which makes Sony earbuds phenomenal is how much they add value to people’s lives. They are affordable in price but offer a lot more features than you can expect. This cost-effectiveness is not offered by many brands worldwide.

You can wear them anywhere you want, and they will provide the best audio performance. You can also control them with your taps and use the official App to check battery life and much more. Every feature of Sony audio devices provides relief to the customers.

So, these are the top reasons that make Sony earbuds too good.

Since there are lots of models launched by the company, it is hard for people to decide which is the best one that they should purchase without having any second thoughts.

Well, worry no more.

I am now suggesting which Sony earbuds you can buy from my own personal experience.

Which Sony Earbuds Are The Best?

Are Sony Earbuds Good

Every Sony earbud is of high quality. But there are two models which I like using the most because they provide the best user experience and cost lower than you can expect.

Let’s have a look at both.

Sony WF-1000XM4

Sony WF-1000XM4 is an active noise-cancellation wireless earbud that is famous for its top-notch audio quality. When it was released, it was an instant hit as people were amazed by the set of features they could get from it.

Till now, it has been one of the most loved earbuds. That is why it goes out of stock multiple times a year.

Check out its features.


The best features of Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds are:

  • These earbuds are stylish in looks and comfortable in fitting because of the ergonomic surface design.
  • Sony WF-1000XM4 has a V1 processor, which helps with highly efficient noise cancellation. V1 processor, along with LDAC codec, has also taken the audio performance to a higher level.
  • It uses Bluetooth 5.2, which helps with a stable Bluetooth connection.
  • These earbuds have a long battery life of up to 8 hours in one go. When the case is fully charged, you can use these XM4 earbuds for up to 24 hours easily.
  • They have ultra-fast charging speed, as the five-minute charging is enough for you to use them for a one-hour call. You can also do wireless charging as these earbuds are compatible with Qi technology.
  • Sony WF-1000XM4 supports voice commands. They have a super-efficient beamforming microphone that enables these earbuds to detect your voice even if you are in a noisy area. Furthermore, bone conduction technology makes sure your voice goes crystal clear to the other person in a call or voice note.
  • You can also use the “Sony | Headphones Connect” App whether you have an Android or iPhone and control these earbuds.

Have a look at Sony WF-1000XM4 Pros and Cons.



Elegant in design

Available in black color only

Supports wireless charging


Ultra-fast charging speed


Active noise cancellation is supported


Can control it with the “Sony | Headphones Connect” App


Water and sweat resistant


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Sony LinkBuds S

The LinkBuds S is the second Sony earbud that I like the most. Just like the WF-1000XM4, these earbuds are also wireless and provide the best noise cancellation you can hope for.

But there’s much more to it.

Sony LinkBuds S offers a bundle of top-quality features, which is why those who buy them have only great things to say.


The best features of the Sony LinkBuds S are:

  • Sony LinkBuds S has incorporated smart features with which you can adjust the audio settings with just a few taps only. You can also play, skip, initiate voice commands, answer calls, and do much more with them.
  • When you go to any noisy area, these earbuds will automatically switch to superlative noise cancellation mode to provide you with the best listening experience.
  • They are really light in weight, which does not cause any problems when you fit them in the ears.
  • Integrated V1 processor and Advanced Voice Signal Processing also enhance the sound quality.
  • Sony LinkBuds S has a decent battery life of 6 hours in one go and 20 hours with the case.
  • These earbuds also support multiple connections (up to two devices).
  • They have an IPX4 water-resistant rating, so you can wear them in the gym.
  • Speak to Chat, Auto Play, lithium-ion batteries, etc are some of the additional features of these earbuds.

Now, check out the Pros and Cons of Sony LinkBuds S.




No wireless charging

Includes smart features


Superlative noise cancellation


Excellent sound quality


Speak to Chat is enabled


Water and sweat resistant


Supports multiple connections


So, that’s all about the two best Sony earbuds that you can buy without any hesitation.

Want to know which one I think is the best among these two? Here’s my verdict.

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Final Verdict

Every Sony earbud is worth buying, but the best one that is better than all is the Sony WF-1000XM4.


The reason is that these earbuds offer much more features than any other at an affordable price.

You will enjoy the best noise cancellation and excellent audio performance when you use these earbuds. Furthermore, they have better battery life than other Sony earbuds. You can use them for eight hours straight and for 24 hours with the case.

That’s not it.

You can control Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds with your finger taps and via the Sony app.

In addition to this, these earbuds offer extra features like water resistance, spatial audio, stronger Bluetooth connection, ultra-fast charging speed, and much more.

So, buy Sony WF-1000XM4 and have a great listening time.

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