Can You Use AirPods In The Shower

 Can You Use AirPods In The Shower?

Water and the majority of electronics don’t go well. Why/ Because water can damage the equipment and short the circuits if it gets into the device. But nowadays, you don’t have to worry about liquid getting into your device because most of the devices are water-resistant. But the problem is, we don’t know which products can withstand water or showers. And if you love AirPods, you definitely think about taking a shower while listening to music. So, the question is- can you wear AirPods during the shower?

No, you shouldn’t wear AirPods while they are wet in any way, especially in the shower. Also, never use AirPods when swimming, in the rain, or while relaxing in the sauna. But if you sweat a lot, it is debatable whether you should even wear them while exercising.

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Can You Take a Shower With Your AirPods On?

Can You Use AirPods In The Shower

You should know that all AirPods are susceptible to water. That means AirPods cannot withstand the shower.

But still, we do wonder, is there a way to take a shower while wearing your AirPods?

Here’s a thing.

Everything is possible if you dare to dream. Same goes for wearing AirPods in the shower. Here’s how you can wear them:

Wear Shower Cap

You can use AirPods in the shower by placing a shower cap over the AirPods. When worn over the head and ear, shower caps can be used to protect the AirPods while taking a shower.

Shower caps were first made to protect your hairstyle while taking a shower. They are often watertight since they are impervious to water, and AirPods are totally protected from becoming wet under these caps. These caps are reasonably priced and are available both offline and online from retailers like Amazon. They provide you the option to continue enjoying your favorite music even as you take a shower.

But use this technique only if you have to use AirPods such as emergency calls or something. This is due to the possibility that you might accidentally lift the shower cap, allowing water to enter the AirPods, or that the AirPods could just accidentally fall off as you’re taking a shower. Being safe is preferable to being sorry. Given the high cost of AirPods, avoid using these methods for listening to music.

Additionally, using a shower cap while taking a shower does not guarantee that the AirPods will be protected because there is no known statement from Apple to support this.

There might be another way through which you can wear AirPods in the shower.

Portable Speakers

Instead of taking a shower while wearing your AirPods, I would advise utilizing a music player or playing the music through speakers on your phone or other speakers throughout the house. This is a safer alternative in which you will be able to enjoy your music without damaging your AirPods.

Some people might wonder, can you ask Apple to replace them if they sustain damage as a result of this incident? Well, good luck with that because such damage is not covered by the Apple warranty. If you paid explicitly for a cover for water damage when you first purchased the AirPods, that is the only way you can get a replacement.

But that’s about AirPods. What about AirPods Pro?

Can You Take a Shower With AirPods Pro?

No, you should not wear AirPods Pro in the shower too. You might damage your AirPods Pro if you try to take a shower while wearing them without at least covering them with a shower cap.

Well, not all AirPods are equally susceptible to water damage; some are more susceptible than others. None, though, is waterproof. This is a crucial remark to make because many people, particularly those who use the Airpod Pro, tend to believe the contrary. Statements like “the AirPods Pro being water-resistant” served as a catalyst for this way of thinking.

Apple does claim that the AirPods Pro has an IPX4 grade. But that does not imply that you can go swinging or water skiing while wearing them. They might not survive a shower in the same way that they won’t survive being worn in the rain.

Still, some people have claimed on social media and other platforms that their AirPods were unaffected by a shower of rain, but if you tried any of these things, it’s possible that this wouldn’t be the case for you. You cannot determine if the water seal that comes with the AirPods Pro makes them water-resistant or not; if it has, then even after getting them dried off, a single exposure may cause serious harm.

Don’t try to use your AirPods, including the AirPod Pro, in the shower. If wearing a shower net is necessary, make sure it fits you properly, covers your head and ears, and keeps your AirPods dry throughout the shower.

But what to do is water still goes in the Wireless Apple Earbuds.

How To Clean Out Water From AirPods?

Can You Use AirPods In The Shower

Is it possible to save your AirPods in such a situation where they have been accidentally or purposefully exposed to water or other liquids? Make sure to keep AirPods as far away from water as you can, but if they do get wet, the first thing to do is to get them out of the water as soon as possible. The longer you let them stay in the water, the less likely it is that our suggested strategy will be successful.

After getting them out, swing to get as much water off of them as you can before cleaning them with fresh clothes. Use dry, soft clothing to avoid damaging the microphone or other delicate parts of the AirPods. Before charging or using the AirPods again, you can keep them in a well-ventilated area for up to 48 hours.

Avoid using hair dryers or other high-temperature drying methods, regardless of how quickly you want to dry your AirPods. These two will simply increase the damage already there. Remember that if water is the source of the damage to your AirPods, Apple will not repair them. Prevent this from happening, or you run the danger of having to buy a new set of AirPods.

Will You Get Electrocuted From a Wet Airport?

Given that AirPods, particularly their speakers, include certain metallic components, it is possible that wearing damp AirPods could cause you to receive an electrical shock.

It is said that the AirPods don’t receive enough electricity to trigger this, though. The amount of air that flows through the AirPods at once might not be sufficient to electrocute a person. The AirPods, however, risk being destroyed by this reaction between the current and the wet metallic components.

It is nonetheless crucial to avoid wearing, even if stories of people being electrocuted as a result of wet AirPods are extremely rare, and most have been linked to power surges rather than just the effect of the dampness. If you want to use damp AirPods or charge damp AirPods, make sure they are completely dry.

Does Apple Cover Warranties If The AirPods Get Defected?

Most significant consumer electronics manufacturers do not offer any type of water damage insurance. There is a hidden tab that responds to moisture if you open the rear of your phone. The technician will be informed by this indicator that your gadget is damaged as a result of being wet.

Therefore, even if you claim that something is defective because it suddenly stopped working, the team will find out the cause of the error and decide whether you can enjoy warranty privileges or not. If they find out the reason for defects is you and not the manufacturing, you will be forced to either buy a new one or pay the price of repairing. For Apple AirPods, the same holds true.

However, depending on the warranty and the event, you may still be required to pay $29 or $89 under the AppleCare+ plan for a damage incident. Never count on any vendor or service provider to pay for water damage. Water damage is typically not covered by warranties since they only cover damage that is “outside of normal wear and tears.” You must determine for yourself, based on your habits, whether AppleCare+ is the best option for you.

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How To Know If Wireless Earbuds Are Water Resistant Or Not?

EN 60529 is the Ingress Protection standard. The Ingress Protection standard is referred to by the term IPX (or IP rating). The IP rating is established by the London-based International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

They established world standards for industrial and consumer electronics alike. These might be anything from smartphones and extension cords to solar panels and batteries.

Three ratings make up the IP Rating. The complete term is IPXXX. Every X stands for a distinct value or meaning. Dust Resistance is the first X. It can range in value from 0 to 6. It speaks about defense against solid material intrusion.

Since water molecules are significantly smaller than dust particles, dust resistance is not taken into account when measuring water resistance. All sizes cost a lot.

It doesn’t follow that anything can withstand water but not dust. It’s merely that dust resistance wasn’t examined. AirPods are referred to as IPX4 and are simply water-resistant; dust resistance is not tested.

Water-resistance is represented by the second X. The device’s susceptibility to water infiltration or damage is indicated by this value, which goes from 0 to 9.

A brief explanation of each rating is provided below:

IPXX: Water resistance not measured

IPX0: No defense against moisture or even light rain

IPX1: Up to 10 minutes of protection from vertical water drops at 1 mm/min.

IPX2: Protection from water droplets at a 15° angle for 10 minutes at a rate of up to 3mm/min

IPX3: Protection from water sprinkling at a 60-degree angle differential for five minutes at a pressure of 50 to 150 kPa

IPX4: Protection against water splashes from all angles and directions. This grade is frequently used in electronic equipment that can withstand sweat.

IPX5: Provides protection from water jets for 15 minutes at a rate of 12.5 l/min at any angle.

Protection from powerful water jets at any angle for no more than three minutes at a rate of 100 l/min is provided by IPX6.

IPX7: Water protection (i.e., no damage) with a full submersion of up to 1 meter (3 feet) for 30 minutes. Electronics having IPX7 ratings that are fully waterproof are taken into consideration.

IPX8: Water protection up to one meter underwater. Commonly 3 meters. There is no time component at this level.

IPX9: The greatest level of security is IPX9K. It includes defense against nearby, high-intensity pressures and high temperatures. Water at a temperature of 80°C/176°F at a distance of 0.1-0.15 m, a pressure range of 8–10 MPa, and a flow rate of 14–16 l/min. Consumer speakers lack this level of security, which is only seen in other kinds of equipment. For instance, if something was shielded from steam jet cleaning.

So, before you buy AirPods or any wireless earbuds, make sure you check the ratings.

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Wrapping Up

So, can you use AirPods in the shower?

No, if you allow water to get near your AirPods, it might seriously harm them. Never use your AirPods in the shower, and if you do, make sure to dry them out as soon as you can. Don’t forget to keep them clean, and if you’re concerned about breaking them, think about purchasing AppleCare+ to ensure a (largely) cost-free replacement!

Apple has not yet produced a pair of AirPods that are totally waterproof, so if you value your AirPods’ functionality, you should avoid wearing them in the shower, even though the technology is developing quickly to satisfy the general public’s growing demand. Stay tuned, and we might have AirPods specifically designed for the showers very soon.

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