Do AirPods Cause Headaches

Do AirPods Cause Headaches?

Airpods are loved by everyone since they will help you listen to your favorite music or podcast smoothly without wires crisscrossing your neck. But with the increasing popularity of these Apple wireless earbuds, more and more people are using them. However, its users are massively reporting about headaches on different forums such as Quora and Reddit. Is the reason AirPods or any other thing is causing the pain?

AirPods can cause headaches if you don’t wear these wireless earbuds as they should be. These effects should be temporary, but if your ears are sensitive, AirPods may cause severe headaches for a longer time. But don’t worry; I have listed some solutions on how to prevent AirPods from causing headaches, so keep reading.

Why Do AirPods Cause Headaches?

Do AirPods Cause Headaches

AirPods can definitely cause health complications. Out of many, headaches and migraine are the most common health problems.

Some of the exact causes of headaches due to AirPods are given below:

Wearing Airpods For Too Long

Wearing AirPods for more than recommended periods of time is the most common cause of headaches. Your ears are connected to the brain and they need rest too. If you don;t give it, a headache is bound to happen.

Bluetooth Frequencies

Wireless devices, such as Apple AirPods use Bluetooth frequencies to transmit data, which may have mild health impacts. As certain users are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, they may encounter the negative effects after, and the most common is a headache.

In addition, you might face Insomnia, as well as other sleep-related difficulties, including waking up frequently; if you use AirPods while resting in bed, you may experience these problems.

Using Unsuitable AirPods

Everyone has a different shape of ears, just like fingerprints, which is unique to each individual. As a result, the manufacturer of the headphones created their product to fit the average ear and head size.

However, you should know that the average size of AirPods would not always suit you well. If you continue to use unfitted AirPods, you will develop headaches above the ears.

Sometimes manufacturing flaws, such as poor ear cup construction, are to blame for headache problems.

Incorrect Ear Tips

Ear tips of earbuds are present in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. You must choose one according to your ear shape.

Using improper ear tips has an impact on hearing quality and noise cancellation. Furthermore, if the ear tips do not fit, forcing them into your ear will injure your ear and can cause headaches.

I know this since I was usually using the bigger ear tips and had a bad headache for a long time. Install each tip one by one while playing music. That’s how you can determine which ear tip is best for you.

Turning Up Volume

While listening to your favorite song, turning up the volume above the safe level is common for us. In fact, seeing the warning message irritates us much. It’s also fairly popular to complain about this on social media.

Nonetheless, turning up the volume is one of the leading causes of headaches caused by AirPods. Listening to loud music not only creates headaches but can also harm your hearing which can cause permanent hearing loss.

Now, check out how you can prevent having a headache from using AirPods.

How Do You Prevent Headaches Caused By AirPods?

Do AirPods Cause Headaches

Now you know that AirPods can cause severe headaches due to excessive use as well as manufacturing and setup faults. But you can prevent this headache by following these tips:

Stop Using AirPods For A Long Time

The most prevalent sort of AirPods headache can be avoided by reducing the usage duration of AirPods. It is difficult if you are a music addict, but try to observe the 60/60 rule when using headphones. That means never using AirPods for more than 60 minutes and after using it, give a 60 minutes rest.

Don’t Wear AirPods Unnecessarily

Nowadays, some people wear AirPods all the time just to look cool or to avoid people, even if they are not listening to anything. According to studies, half of the adults wear headphones on a regular basis solely to avoid conversing with others. If you are an introvert, you might do this too.

If you do, make every effort to break the habit of wearing AirPods all day. It not only makes you social, but it also relieves your compression headache.

Adjust AirPods Correctly

It is important to adjust your AirPods according to the shape of the ear. If you don’t feel comfortable after wearing AirPods, remove them immediately.

Due to structural differences, the same AirPods will not suit everyone. Try replacing the ear tips with those that fit perfectly.

In addition, whenever you are purchasing, try on many other AirPods until you discover one that is comfortable for you. Furthermore, use AirPods made for people who wear glasses, especially if you wear spectacles.

Do Not Increase The Volume

Listening to music at a high level for a few minutes has little effect on your hearing ability. However, if the duration is extended, it can indeed cause headaches. Try to keep the loudness within the safe range in this case. It will not only prevent headaches caused by AirPods but also protect your hearing.

Generally, your mobile has a default setting reminding you not to turn up the volume to maximum. Follow whenever your device says to slow down the volume.

Use Only a Single Earbud

The 60/60 rule is now modified too. Use one earbud for 60 minutes in the right ear and then use the other one in the left ear. This technique of switching ears will definitely prevent headaches.

Moreover, if you are sensitive to EMF radiation from electronic gadgets, take a day off from using them entirely.

Wondering can AirPods cause other damages in addition to headaches?

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Can AirPods Cause Any Significant Damage to Health?

AirPods use Bluetooth to connect with any iOS device. Despite the fact that Bluetooth emits less radiation than telephones, several health experts are concerned about the long-term usage of Bluetooth earbuds due to their proximity to the brain. These are:


The International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is a branch of the World Health Organization (WHO), has made a worrying claim. According to it, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellphones and Bluetooth devices can be potentially carcinogenic.

More research is needed to determine whether the amounts of electromagnetic radiation from AirPods are high enough to harm human health.

True Bluetooth earbuds emit less radiation than smartphones. However, because of their close proximity to your brain, several health experts advise limiting your use of Bluetooth earbuds.

Hearing Loss

AirPods and other earphones are only safe to use when you don’t increase the volume too much. If you use AirPods to enjoy work hours or when traveling, you are definitely listening to them too loud. One cannot use these Apple earbuds at a low volume in these situations. But if you keep on using Apple wireless earbuds for a longer time, get ready to have hearing issues (and hearing loss too in extreme cases).

It’s serious because hearing loss cannot be cured, so it’s important to take care of your ear. An estimated 17% of teenagers in the United States suffer from hearing problems such as hearing loss. The worst part is the numbers are expected to be even more in the coming years.

So don’t use AirPods for too long if you want to prevent hearing loss. Instead, go for preventive measures or better alternatives.

Are There Any AirPods Alternatives To Prevent Headaches?

If no solution is found, you may need to swap from AirPods to another type of headphones. Two types of headphones may be more comfortable for your ear shape and sound sensitivity.

Traditional Padded Headphones

Padded headphones with a wire or a headband are evergreen. Some say they are finished but their sales are on the rise every time of the year. These headphones provide a similar listening experience as AirPods, and they may be a more comfortable solution if AirPods cause you pain when you wear them.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones might be uncomfortable at first because they create a pressured feeling within your ears. If you’re seeking a painless approach to shutting out background noise, several styles of headphones can help.

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Concluding Thoughts

Headache from AirPods is a typical concern nowadays. People ask us, do AirPods cause headaches? Yes, using AirPods for a long period of time may cause headaches. Although it is not lethal, ignoring the pain may lead to other problems. I have mentioned some proven ways which you can follow to avoid headaches caused by AirPods. Try these tips, and you won’t have headaches from these Apple Wireless Earbuds again.

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