Does Dropping Airpods Pro Damage Them

Does Dropping Airpods Pro Damage Them?

In this technology era, people prefer wireless earbuds instead of using wired headphones. A wide range of airpods is introduced for your assistance. All the airpods can connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth. It is said that Apple airpods have proved to be the best-selling wireless buds. While purchasing airpods, many queries may pop up in your mind.

People are much concerned about the damage to airpods or airpods cases if they unintentionally drop them. It is stated that when airpods are descended from a considerable height, their inner components will remain safe due to the plastic covering. So, you can say that dropping airpods pro will not damage them. There’s still a lot of stuff about airports that need to be explored.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Airpods?

Does Dropping Airpods Pro Damage Them?

Since the invention of airpods, many companies have offered various airpods. When you go to the mart to purchase airpods, there will be thousands of models that will blow your mind. Therefore, before buying, it is better to find out the best ones.

The best models of airpods with their prices are enlisted in the table.

Airpod’s Model


Airpods Pro

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Airpods Max

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Airpods 2

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Airpods 3

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The big issue about purchasing branded stuff is that you can’t find their spare parts easily. So, while buying airpods, you should also pass an eye on the spare parts and their prices. Hence, the following table illustrates the cost of spare parts for various gadget brands.

Spare Parts


Wireless Charging Case For Airpods Pro

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Wireless Charging Case For Airpods

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Charging Cases For Airpods

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Are Airpods A Good Choice?

When you think of buying airpods pro, you might be worried about whether your decision is correct or not. Airpods are always a good choice. You can get benefits in various terms regarding airpods.

So, without expending any moment, let’s move onward and investigate how airpods are an excellent choice.

Wireless Design

As we know, airpods were specially introduced to avoid the use of wired headphones or earbuds. AirPods wireless design makes it a person’s best choice. Due to the wireless setup, airpods are an easy-to-carry gadget. You can keep your airpods all the time in your bags, pockets, etc.

Reliable Airpods Case

The best thing about keeping an airpods is its case. While purchasing an airpods, you should check whether the AirPods case is made of good quality or not. Airpods covers play a significant role in the protection of your airpods.

So, if you unintentionally drop your airpods, the airpods case will prevent your AirPods internal components from being damaged.

Light In Weight

Airpods are invented in very tiny sizes. Due to its small size, it is lightweight. Airpods and airpods cases both have a considerable light weight that can be quickly taken with you anywhere. Its light weight ensures the safety of earbuds within the cover.

So, if airpods are mistakenly dropped from height due to their low weight, the pressure remains meager, and the plastic will protect your airpods from damage.

What Are The Features Of Apple Airpods Pro?

Does Dropping Airpods Pro Damage Them?

You might have heard that Apple airpods pro is a boom in gadget markets. People love to use the apple airpods pro due to many reasons. Many people should consider what’s unique in the Apple Airpods pro. There’s no need to worry.

This write-up is here for your salvation. Hence, let’s dive in and analyze the features of Apple Airpods Pro.

Noise Cancellation

Apple Airpods Pro comes with the advantage of noise cancellation. If you’ve been using airpods for calls or meetings, you must know that normal airpods catch external sound. The interference of external sound may distort the conversation. Hence, Apple Airpods Pro has cured noise interference.


Water-Resistant is one of the most liked features of Apple Airpods Pro. You might have noticed that people always demand the water-resistant feature of their airpods. It is said that when people have used normal airpods, they’ve seen that due to sweat or water interruption, their airpods become faulty.

You may face difficulty in hearing a clear voice. Therefore, people prefer Apple Airpods pro due to its Water-Resistant characteristic.

Battery Life

The battery is the most crucial thing that matters in every gadget. Apple Airpods Pro declares that the wireless charging case of Apple Airpods will give a good battery life to your airpods. You can use your airpods for up to 24 hours without being charged. Accordingly, people fall in love with this fantastic battery life feature or Apple Airpods pro.

Lenient Setup

Setting up an airpods has no rocket science. Apple Airpods Pro appears with another excellent trait that is an easy setup. Connecting your usual airpods with an Android smartphone is relatively straightforward than an iPhone.

Nevertheless, Apple Airpods Pro is specifically designed for customers using Apple products like the iPhone. So, arranging your Apple Airpods with your iPhone is a susceptible chore.

Transparency Mode

Here we come with another unique detail of Apple Airpods pro. The most incredible element about Apple Airpods Pro is it includes a transparency mode. So, if you want to hear the world or want to connect yourself with the world, Apple Airpods Pro is the best choice for you. It will provide you with an unmistakable voice and a soft mic to convey your voice to others.

Are Airpods Cases Reliable?

People kept on asking the same questions about the airpods covers. Yes, the airpods case is reliable. Let me make it understandable for you. Airpods cases are known as the protector of your airpods. Let’s understand it with a simple example.

Suppose if you’ve dropped your airpods while they’re in their case, the airpods case will protect your airpods from damage. Airpods itself is made-up of plastic that wraps the internal sensitive components of airpods.

When you place your airpods in the double-layered plastic case, you’ll provide triple protection to your earbuds. Therefore, an airpods issue is always reliable. You have to purchase an excellent quality airpods case, and you’ll be tension free about your Airpods safety.

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What Happens If You Drop Your Airpods In Water?

Millions of people use Airpods, but not everyone can afford the waterproof Apple Airpods Pro. Airpods Pro indeed makes you tension free due to its water-resistant quality. Nevertheless, Apple Airpods Pro is quite expensive.

So, if you’re using high-quality yet non-waterproof airpods, you need to know a few details about airpods. The most asked question by the customers is what happened to their airpods when they mistakenly fell in the water.

Here are a few problems with your expensive pair of airpods.

  • Unable To Hear
  • Unable To Convey Your Message Voice
  • Unable To Connect
  • Unable To Charge
  • Voice Distortion

And a few more issues that may come forward through your airpods due to falling in water.

How To Rectify Wet Airpods & Airpods Case?

Let’s assume that you’ve already fallen the airpods or airpods case in water. There will be numerous folk who must be unaware of the remedy for wet airpods. People think that if you’re unable to connect, the airpods & airpods case are garbage.

But it’s not true. You’re throwing your brand new expensive airpods without any reason. It would be best to follow some basic methods to rectify your wet airpods and airpods cases. A few proven methods are given below.

Air Dry Airpods

The first step that you should need to follow is to air dry your airpods. It is instructed that when you drop your airpods, don’t try to connect them immediately. It would help if you air-dried the airpods for a few hours instead of cleaning them with a cloth or something from inside.

When you try to dry the airpods through the dryer, the dryer may drag the water inside the components of the airpods and make it more faulty.

Dry Airpods With Desiccants

You must have seen the desiccant that comes with numerous products such as electronics, shoes, etc. The desiccants can be identified through their label as “Do Not Eat.” You must have remembered now what is desiccant.

It is said that the second method is to keep your airpods with the desiccants; the desiccant will absorb all the extra water and make your airpods as they were.

Airpods Replacement

The last step is to replace your airpods. If you’ve tried all the tactics to dry your wet airpods and make them work, the last option is to change the airpods. You can also purchase only new airpods if your airpods case works and charges accurately.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you have a complete guide on airpods. Whether you want to purchase new airpods or want to fix your wet airpods, you have to read the article thoroughly, and you’ll get your answer.

You can also buy your airpods according to your budget by checking prices before visiting the outlet. Let’s make your calls fancy with the trendy airpods!

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