How To Get An Airpods Case Off That's Stuck

How To Get An Airpods Case Off That’s Stuck?

Often, air pod users face the problem of AirPods getting stuck in the case. The outer hard and thick plastic case holds the air pods so tightly that it just seems impossible to get them out of that case, and the only solution you see is to break that case. But before you decide to break that case off, we suggest you look for a simple solution.

To get the stuck AirPods case off, you need to press the bottom of the case using a small object. The object should be small but not too small to damage the charging input. The easiest way to do this is to use your charger to push the air pods from the bottom of the case and get them out.

Continue reading to learn various ways to get AirPods case off that’s stuck:

Why My Airpods Case Stuck?

Why My Airpods Case Stuck?

A hard plastic case is all good to protect your AirPods and keep them in good form, but the real problem comes when AirPods get stuck in that case quite often, and it becomes impossible for you to get them out.

Possible reasons for the AirPods to get stuck in the case

  1. One of the possible reasons for AirPods getting stuck in the case is its hard material. Because of its hard and thick material, it is possible that the case contracts a bit and results in AirPods stuck in it. Get rid of the stuck Airpods case and buy a new one with soft material to avoid this problem in the first place.
  2. The outer hard plastic case over the AirPods case can be jammed so hard that it doesn’t allow any degree of movement, and the inner pods’ case gets stuck. This stiffness and friction between the two cases would not allow the inner one to come out quickly.
  3. Another reason for AirPods getting stuck in the case is the dirty hinge. With time, dirt, dust, or ear wax may accumulate close to the hinge and hinder the opening of the AirPods’ case lid.

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What To Do To Get An Airpods Case off?

There are many ways to get an AirPods case off. We have tabulated some tried and tested ways to remove the AirPods case quickly without much hustle:

1. Use Charging Cable to Get Airpods Case Off

  1. Get your AirPods charging cable and insert it into your AirPods
  2. Now push through the charging cable in an upward direction and keep on doing this until AirPods get out of the case
  3. When you push through the cable, don’t overpressure the AirPods because too much pressure can break the AirPods.
Use Charging Cable to Get Airpods Case Off

If the charging cable doesn’t get the work done, you can use any other object to push the AirPods out of the case. You can use a toothpick, nylon stick, or even a pinky finger. However, the object shouldn’t be too small, and extra care should be taken so that it doesn’t damage the charging port.

2. Gently Warm the Case to Get Airpods Case Off

Gently Warm the Case to Get Airpods Case Off

Another way of getting AirPods out stuck in the AirPods case is by gently warming the case. This method will not damage the case as long as you do not make the case extremely hot. You need to follow the given steps:

  1. Use a hairdryer, stove, or heater to warm the AirPods case. Put the case in front of the heating object and heat the case.
  2. If you heat the case with a heater or stove, don’t put the case directly over the fire; keep it at some distance so that heat reaches the case without melting it.
  3. Remove the heating source after a few minutes or until the case expands. If you do this correctly, there won’t be any scratches or dents on the case.
  4. As the case will soften due to heating, it will be easy for you to take off the hard AirPods case. Get a good grip and wiggle around to get it out.

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3. Use A Lubricant to Get Airpods Case Off

  1. Open the case lid slightly, take some lubricant on a q- tip and press it on the back hinges of the AirPods case to completely get the oil into the hinges.
  2. Don’t apply too much lubricant, and be careful to keep the lubricant away from electrical components inside the case.
  3. Once you have done the procedure, the case will probably work fine.

4. Use Hacksaw to Get Airpods Case Off

Use Hacksaw to Get Airpods Case Off
  1. Take a hack saw and cut the outer case in a line.
  2. Cut in a line partially and on both sides, and don’t go throughout the case.
  3. Wedge a screwdriver head covered in a microfiber towel into the newly cut slot and twist the case from there to open it like an egg to get your AirPods.

How To Prevent Airpods Getting Stuck In Case?

Tips To Follow:

  1. While you buy a case for your AirPods, try to get the one made up of soft material so that it is easy for you to take them off.
  2. You can try silicone or soft plastic cases instead of buying a hard outer case for the AirPods case.
  3. Keep your AirPods hinge clean and dirt free. If the hinge is clean, the lid of the AirPods case will hardly get stuck and create any problem for you.
  4. When you put the AirPods back in the case, ensure that you are putting them in the right case. They may get stuck if you accidentally put the AirPods in the wrong case.
  5. Adjust the AirPods properly before closing the lid to prevent them from getting stuck in the case.

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Get Rid Of The Case That is Stuck And Buy a New One

Now that you have learned the guide, you can use the methods mentioned above to get off the AirPods stuck in the case. However, your AirPods may often get stuck in the case, and you are tired of this issue. If this is the scenario and you go outside a lot, it is better to switch your AirPods case soon and avoid your AirPods from getting destroyed.

You can visit Amazon and check AirPods cases made with soft and flexible material. Silicon cases are also very popular. If you want your AirPods case to be aesthetically attractive, you can also find amazing AirPods cases on Amazon. There, you will find a variety of new AirPods cases with different and unique designs.

So, instead of going through the constant effort of getting the AirPods case off that’s stuck, visit Amazon and buy a new AirPods case.

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