Can You Wear Airpods While Driving

Can You Wear Airpods While Driving?

If you are used to wearing earbuds, you might wonder whether you can wear AirPods while driving. Wearing AirPods while driving is an entirely different situation. The immersive musical experience makes you unaware of your surroundings, leading to a severe accident. Apple AirPods have a noise-canceling feature that cancels all the surrounding noises, and if you are wearing them while driving, it can be very problematic. Suppose you encounter a vehicle at full speed and are unaware of your surroundings due to AirPods, and a road accident happens.

As a result, some States prohibit wearing AirPods in both ears while driving and declare it illegal. Even if both AirPods are simply resting in the ears, it is unlawful. However, there is an exception to wearing AirPods only in one ear. As this doesn’t prevent drivers from hearing traffic and other noises in the surroundings, it is legal for drivers to wear one AirPods.

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In Which States Wearing Airpods While Driving Is Illegal?

Can You Wear Airpods While Driving?

Airpods‘ noise cancellation feature can create a dangerous situation for you on the road. AirPods Pro and AirPods Max users must be aware of the high-quality noise cancellation feature that might put them in a severe accident. This is why wearing AirPods in both ears is illegal in many US states.

In the following states, wearing AirPods in both ears while driving is illegal:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland

These states prohibit wearing headphones, in-ear headphones, or hearing protection devices. So, if you are wearing earbuds, no matter whether they are turned on or off, a police officer can find you. It isn’t related to earbuds being on or off but to wearing them in both ears. However, wearing them in one ear is legal and will not allow the policeman to find you.

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In What Conditions Can You Wear Airpods While Driving?

In What Conditions Can You Wear Airpods While Driving

You can wear AirPods in the following conditions:

  • You live in State that allows wearing AirPods during driving
  • When you need to attend an important call while driving
  • When your car’s microphone isn’t working
  • When you use AirPods only in one ear

What Are the Consequences of Wearing Airpods While Driving?

Consequences of wearing AirPods while driving can be potentially damaging. Here are some consequences that you should keep in mind before putting AirPods in both ears:

Road Accidents

Road accidents are the foremost disadvantage that compels lawmakers to ban using AirPods while driving. When a driver wears AirPods in both ears and becomes unaware of his surroundings, it is evident that his car may get stuck with another vehicle or crush a passing pedestrian. Also, if the driver is deeply into music, he cannot focus on driving, which may result in an accident.


If you use AirPods while driving in states where it is illegal to use AirPods, this may make you pay a heavy fine. You need to pay $200, and if you do not pay this fine timely, get yourself ready for a court hearing and pay the double fine for delaying paying it.

Why Driving with Radio Is Permissible but Not with The Airpods?

There is a logical reason why wearing AirPods is not allowed, but listening to the radio isn’t prohibited while driving.

Listening to the radio is different than blocking all the surrounding noise. With radio playing in the background, music is running as your background, but it doesn’t block any other sound, and you are aware of all other surrounding sounds. So, if a potentially dangerous situation arrives, you can react immediately and stop it.

However, with AirPods in your ears, sound comes directly into your ears, unaware of surrounding noise. This makes you totally unable to control any potentially dangerous situation. Thus, a hands-free kit with your phone or listening to the radio will not make you unaware of your surroundings, but AirPods will.

That’s why lawmakers have made wearing AirPods illegal in both ears. It doesn’t mean that the law directly bans Apple AirPods, but it bans a wider range of devices with surrounding noise cancellation features.

As law prohibits drivers from wearing AirPods, it helps to ensure the following road safety tasks:

  • The driver can hear surrounding sounds
  • Driver will be alert to emergency services and respond accordingly
  • Driver will concentrate on driving to ensure a safe road trip and respond to minute traffic changes immediately

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Airpods Banned in Cars: What Does International Law Say?

If you look internationally, most countries do not impose a ban on wearing Apple AirPods while driving.

The various United States have imposed a ban on wearing headphones to improve road safety, but other states do not impose any such ban.

The United Kingdom has also not imposed any such ban( including several other countries in the European Union). However, Australia has made an exception by banning wearing headphones while driving for all drivers. The Australian government declares it illegal to wear headphones while driving, including the use of Airpods as a car driver.

The best way to know whether you can use AirPods or not is to request your local automobile organization to give you information on the regulations related to the use of headphones.

Generally, there will not be clear laws on the use of modern technological devices such as AirPods. And even if there are prevailing laws, there will be some room, such as you can use AirPods but only in one ear.

Can You Wear Airpods in One Ear If You Are Deaf?

If a person is deaf in one ear, he cannot wear AirPods in one ear. Because he will be wearing AirPods in his ear, it will distract him from his surroundings, and this is illegal for drivers. So, if a driver is deaf in one ear, he should be extra cautious to ensure his safety and should never do the trick of wearing AirPods in the ear.


Airpods have now become an essential part of daily tasks. When you need to spend a lot of time, putting AirPods in your ears can keep you away from worldly distractions and provide you immense peace. Just the same way, drivers often prefer listening to music while driving. Your first choice will be to tune on the radio speaker, and if it’s not working properly, you will opt for AirPods.

However, this option can be problematic due to airpods’ noise-canceling property. You can get stuck in a severe road accident just because you were listening to music and unaware of your surroundings. As many states do not permit AirPods while driving, it can make you pay a $200 fine.

So, you always need to follow the terms and conditions and must avoid AirPods in both ears to avoid serious road accidents.

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