Why Can People Hear My Airpods – Fixes

Why Can People Hear My Airpods – Fixes

Undoubtedly, airpods have become a bang in the technical market. Nowadays, people prefer these wireless earbuds for their family and business calls. It is a fact that there are both pros and cons to every single thing that has been invented. Likewise, people may also face a few dilemmas while using airpods. A lot of complaints are considered from the earbuds users.

The most common concern of people is why people can hear the voices through airpods. Let me clear it to you. It has been noted that due to size changes, the sound could be leaking from your AirPods. There might be other reasons for sound leakage. So, let’s hop in and scrutinize the fixes of sound leakage in AirPods.

How To Fix The Sound Leakage In AirPods?

Why Can People Hear My Airpods - Fixes

The AirPods users are much worried about the leaking sounds of their earbuds. You might be thinking that you’ve purchased a lousy quality airPods that’s why it’s spreading sound. However, that’s not true.

Your AirPods must be a good quality product; you have to do a few fixes to make them work adequately. So, move forward in the write-up to learn the tips and tricks to deal with this situation.

Use Foam AirPods

Foam earbuds are the most recommended remedy to deal with the leaking sound. It is a common reason that your Airpods are leaking sound because they are not appropriately fitted in your ear. Foamy earbuds are made up of adjustable shapes that can be effortlessly perpetrated in your ear.

Accordingly, you should know that the foam earbuds are for those who want isolation from the whole world or sit alone. Yet if you’re in a gathering or public place and want to remain connected with people, you should avoid the usage of foamy earbuds.

Reset Your AirPods

Resetting any device is the best manner to make it work accurately. Furthermore, in the case of airPods, resetting may prove to be helpful for you. So, facing sound leakage while calling? What are you waiting for? Let’s reset your AirPods Right Now if you’re still unaware of how to reset your airPods.

Let this write-up make it evident to you.

  • Place the airPods in the airPods cover for 30 seconds.
  • After passing the given time, take out the airPods from the case.
  • Dig through your AirPods norm with your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • When you find your device, forget the airPods.
  • Once your smartphone forgets the device, it’s time to set up the airpods case.
  • Turn your airpods, and you’ll find a button.
  • Now, press the button to reset your airpods case without removing airpods.

And your airpods are ready to use. Hopefully, you’ll not find the leakage anymore.

Use Silicone Ear Hooks

Silicone ear hooks are the most promising method to fix your AirPods sound leakage problem. It is a fact that every second person has different body features than the first one. Similarly, the ear molds also fluctuate from individual to individual.

The companies cannot make the airpods in various forms according to all ear sizes. Therefore, silicone ear hooks were invented. When you want isolation from the surroundings a few times, try using silicone ear hooks with the airpods that will fulfill the space.

When you buy Airpods Pro, you’ll get three ear hooks of different sizes within the box. While using silicone ear hooks, you should know that if the ear hook is irritating you, avoid using it again.

Nevertheless, if you feel comfortable using silicone ear hooks, your problem is solved.

Clean Your AirPods

When you buy any product, you should take care of its cleanliness to use it lifetime. Similarly, if you’re using airpods, you should clean your airpods weekly. You might be thinking about how sound leakage and dirty airpods are connected.

So, there’s a significant relationship between sound leakage and airpods cleanliness. If your airpods are clean, there will be no need to increase the volume in any public gathering. And you’ll remain safe from sound leakage through airpods.

While cleaning your AirPods, you should ensure that the mic and the speakers are cleaned with cotton swabs. You can clean the surroundings with a damp cloth, but you should remain attentive while cleaning the speaker’s surroundings to avoid moist entrance within external components.

Therefore, in this way, AirPods give you clear sound, and your sound leakage dilemma will be fixed.

Avoid Raising the Volume Of AirPods

It is in human nature that while using earbuds if we hear a slight noise from anywhere, the volume should be raised to avoid the sound. But it is not a good pattern for using headphones or any device.

While sitting in a noisy environment, you should avoid raising the volume of airpods because this may cause sound leakage to the persons sitting around you. When the proportion is increased from the designed percentage of a single person, the sound will automatically be heard by your surroundings.

Apart from sound leakage, the raised volume of AirPods can be dangerous for your ears. A human ear can bear only a fixed percentage of sound. If you increase the sound, you may damage your ear or get various infections that can be the reason for you to lose your hearing sense.

Therefore, whenever you see that your airpods volume goes up from the excellent value, lower the proportion, and your problem will be fixed.

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Replace Your AirPods

The last option to fix your airpods problems is to buy a new one. If you’ve tried all the possible solutions and still your airpods are leaking sound, it’s time to replace your AirPods. It doesn’t mean that all the answers are a waste of time.

It illustrates that you may have purchased a faulty or wrong quality product. You’re facing misuse like sound leakage whenever you call or use your airpods in public. So, what are you procrastinating for? It’s time to search for the best Airpods in the town.

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Why Can’t People Hear Me Through Airpods?

 Why Can People Hear My Airpods - Fixes

Airpods have a wide range of uses that will strike your mind. Nowadays, people prefer convenient things. People want most of the work by just a single thing. Likewise, airpods are used to listen to music, see videos, and play games and can also be used for calls or online business meetings.

The people who have most of their work through smartphones, they’ll prefer using airpods for their whole business. Nevertheless, for some time, the people complained that while talking on call, the next person could not access their voice.

Don’t bother yourself. There will be a lot of justifications that direct this complication. A few of these motives are illustrated below.

  • The microphone of your airpods might be damaged.
  • The AirPods battery may be too low to access your voice.
  • You might be facing a Software Glitch.
  • The Mic of AirPods might not be cleaned.
  • Audio might be routed somewhere else.
  • There’s a possibility that your colleague’s speakers are broken.


Presently, you have a complete handbook on the basics of airPods. You can fix the audio or sound leakage problems at your home without going to any outlet for assistance. If you can’t fix it, you can go for a purchase of new airpods. Have fun & work with your reliable AirPods.

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