Can I Wear AirPods Pro While Sleeping?

Can I Wear AirPods Pro While Sleeping?

With the increase in cases of insomnia and anxiety, many people are finding it difficult to sleep peacefully. Those suffering from these issues just want to listen to something soothing before going to sleep. No matter what, wearing AirPods in bed seems to be the best option. But you must have heard about the potential risk that AirPods can cause if you put them on while sleeping. So, can you wear them while taking a nap or not?

Yes, you can wear your AirPods Pro in bed to listen to your favorite music or podcast if you keep the volume low. As long as you don’t really put pressure on your ear with AirPods, they are safe to use while sleeping. But these Apple wireless earbuds have long-term risks if you are not careful.

Stay till the end to know about why AirPods are good, how much you should wear them, and the potential disadvantages attached to them.

Why Is Wearing AirPods Pro Good While Sleeping?

Can I Wear AirPods Pro While Sleeping

Apple’s AirPods Pro is everyone’s first choice when they go to take a nap and there are mainly two reasons.

Perfect Shape Of AirPods Pro

The curved ear tips of these AirPods Pro make a tight seal around the eardrum, preventing them from falling out. Apple offers three different sizes of ear tips in the box, as well as a fit test (iOS only) to verify you’re using the right ones.

AirPods Pro Are Much Quieter

AirPods Pro is far better than any other AirPods since they are much quieter, making it easier to sleep. The active noise cancellation in the earbuds is also very good at eliminating unpleasant sounds.

This function alone makes the AirPods Pro worth considering for sleeping if you live in noisy areas such as a metropolis. AirPods Pro ear tips are also really comfy and effective at blocking out noise, even when the music is switched off.

When Is It Bad To Use AirPods Pro To Bed?

Unfortunately, wearing AirPods Pro for a long time (especially at night before sleeping) can be dangerous for your ear health.

Our ears aren’t designed to be plugged for long periods of time. Furthermore, sleeping with AirPods Pro (or any other type of in-ear headset) poses real health hazards some of which are given below.

Interrupts Your Sleep/ Irregular Sleeping Pattern

The music or audiobook you listen to while in bed can cause interruptions in your sleep. As our brain never truly sleeps because it keeps on carrying out different functions, it may wake us up in the middle of the night if it hears something such as music or any podcast. AirPods Pro is most likely to blame for your unpeaceful sleep and can make you sleep all day.

Pain In The Ear

If you are a side-sleeper, it is not good to put on AirPods Pro. The reason is that these wireless earbuds may press against the inside of your ear due to your sleeping position. This can cause extreme ear pain.

Moreover, you may occasionally cause a disruption in the blood flow to your ears, which is very dangerous.

The battery life Of AirPods Pro Will Be Compromised

Keep in mind that your AirPods Pro battery may not last the entire night. The battery will only last about 5 hours mostly (can be 6 hours depending on how you use them), which is insufficient for a typical healthy night’s sleep as a normal person sleeps for 8 hours. As a result, you should just use your AirPods to fall asleep, and don’t anticipate them to stay on for the duration of your sleep.

Moreover, you can significantly reduce the lifespan of AirPods Pro by wearing them at night. If you are using your AirPods Pro for a long time or you mostly use them all night, it can harm the battery of your wireless earbuds. If you don’t recharge your AirPods Pro before morning, then you won’t be able to use them in the morning.

You May Lose Your AirPods

Losing your AirPods isn’t really a problem but it’s just a minor inconvenience that can irritate you. You can lose these Apple earbuds if they fall off over the night. You can easily find your AirPods back in the morning with the help of “find my app” if you are using Apple pro AirPods. The problem can arise if you step on it during this whole finding procedure and they get permanently damaged.

Are There Any Advantages Of Using AirPods To Sleep?

Like all other devices, if you use AirPods Pro correctly it can make all the difference. It should come as no surprise that individuals sleep with their AirPods on as it is very common these days. Wearing AirPods to bed may have some advantages though, which are:

You Can Avoid Noise

AirPods Pro can be used as earplugs to block out external sounds. If you live on a busy street or in an area with a lot of nightlife, wireless earbuds might be very helpful in having a “sound” sleep. Another reason you might wish to shut out external noise is if your sleeping partner snores. So these AirPods Pro can be very helpful.

Might Help You Get Relaxed

You can listen to soothing music and drift off to sleep within minutes. How? White noise can be very beneficial to some people as it helps them to have a really good sleep. When your TV’s signal goes out, you’ll hear white noise. It’s a mix of all the different sound frequencies. It’s also used to assist babies in falling asleep more quickly. With the help of AirPods Pro, you can have a relaxed sleep

Improve Your Mental Health

Listening to podcasts and audiobooks can improve your mental health. This material will aid in the development of your cognitive talents. Furthermore, you may add new words to your vocabulary, acquire new concepts, and create new neural pathways in your brain.

But make sure these Apple wireless earbuds don’t fall out of your ears. These are expensive and the rush of the heartbeat a person gets when you step on them or drop them. So, here’s what you can do to stop them from falling when you sleep.

How To Keep AirPods From Falling Out?

Can I Wear AirPods Pro While Sleeping

Despite the dangers that wireless earphones may cause, you may still want to wear them overnight. Wireless AirPods Pro can be worn in a variety of ways (some people even wear their AirPods backward), but they must be adjusted slightly to avoid slipping out.

The easiest method to sleep with your AirPods Pro is to rotate them upwards by around 30 degrees, which puts the AirPods’ base in a horizontal position. Your AirPods are now pointing slightly away from your ears.

These comfortable ear hooks which are present in both Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro might also be quite useful if your AirPods fall off your ear very easily. The wireless earbuds will stay in your ears all night if the ear hooks are attached correctly to them.

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Precautions You Should Follow If You Wear AirPods To Bed

There is no denying the fact that AirPods Pro can be dangerous when used for the long term but by taking precautions you can avoid its negative impact. Here are some suggestions to help you have a better night’s sleep with your AirPods Pro on.

Maintain a Low Volume

Although we previously stated that music and audiobooks may assist you in falling asleep faster, it is recommended not to turn up the volume too much. Reduce the volume of music or podcast whatever you are listening to if your ears ring when there is no sound around you.

Sleep On Your Stomach Or Back

While sleeping on your stomach can increase the chances of the AirPods falling out, it also prevents them from pressing against your ear. If you sleep on your side, get a softer pillow as it will help you get a good sleep. The AirPods will be less likely to press on your ear if you use them.

Wash Your Ears

Even if you sleep with AirPods Pro on, this is the best method to keep your ear healthy and clean. Once a week, do a thorough cleaning and disinfection.

If you decide to take the chance and sleep with your AirPods on, be careful not to use them for a long time. Slow down and don’t force anything if something feels unpleasant or unsafe.

If you follow these steps you can wear AirPods Pro while sleeping for a longer period.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, can I wear AirPods Pro while sleeping? Yes, you can but only if you don’t use them long-term or don’t turn the volume on too much. It is better to follow some precautions if you want to use AirPods Pro to bed. These are listening to music at a low volume, sleeping on your stomach or back, and washing your ears frequently.

If you don’t, then you will face negative effects like sleep interruptions, ear pain, and your AirPods getting damaged too.

So, be wise and only consider your health first before you wear AirPods Pro while taking a nap.

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