Can You Talk On Zoom With AirPods

Can You Talk On Zoom With AirPods?

Covid and the work-from-home routine have shifted the meeting online and we are now having meetings on Zoom more than ever. It’s a good thing because you can discuss the prospects of business or have a monthly chat at home relaxing on the sofa with your pet. You don’t have to use the subway or take a taxi to work just to attend a boring meeting. But many people don’t know whether they can use AirPods for talking in a zoom meeting or does Apple has restricted its products on this platform?

Yes, you can talk on Zoom with AirPods on. If you own a Mac or even Windows, you can connect the device with the AirPods and enjoy the experience. But still, there are different problems attached with AirPods and Zoom that make people think it is not worth it to use these Apple wireless earbuds during a zoom meeting.

In this article, I am describing to you everything about how you can use AirPods during a meeting on Zoom and how to avoid issues.

Talking On Zoom With Airpods

Can You Talk On Zoom With AirPods

To keep using AirPods during a zoom call, you should first know how to connect them to your device. After that, it is also crucial for you to understand the audio settings of the Zoom.

Just Turn on the Bluetooth and tap on the AirPods there. Now, the wireless earbuds are connected, but can you now talk during your zoom meeting?

No. You should also change some settings.

  • Open the zoom.
  • Click on the audio icon.
  • If it is displaying speakers, then change it into headphones. Whenever you do the video calls, most devices show “speakers” as the default, even if you connect the AirPods. Therefore, check the Audio settings before you start talking on zoom.

Doing this will allow you to use AirPods for hearing and talking on the iPhone.

Still, do people have trouble listening to you on zoom when you are talking?

Here’s what else you can do:

Update Zoom App

Check if the Zoom app needs an update or not. Generally, if there is an update, the app tends to cause some problems.

Uninstall/Reinstall The App

If the problem still remains after updating, then try to delete or uninstall the zoom app and then reinstall it. Hopefully, it will work.

AirPods Connected To Mac- Can I Still Talk On Zoom?

Can You Talk On Zoom With AirPods

Mac users are often found frustrated with the issue that AirPods don’t work on Zoom properly. It is surely embarrassing when it is time for you to talk and the members can’t listen to you, and the reason is your AirPods.

The biggest reason behind this is that AirPods are connected to any other device (possibly your iPhone). If the AirPods are connected with your iPhone, they simply won;’ work on the Mac.

To solve the issue, you have to disconnect these Apple wireless earbuds to your mobile and then again try to reconnect it with your Mac. Just turn off the Bluetooth, and the AirPods will automatically disconnect.

If it doesn’t work, try changing the audio settings of the zoom.

  • Click on the “Apple” to begin the procedure. You will see the “System Preferences”.
  • Next, go for “Bluetooth” and then click on your AirPods.
  • Next, open the Zoom app or website and go to the “Preferences.”
  • After that, click on “Audio.” You will see the Speaker and Microphone option there. Choose the Airpods there, and that’s it.

Now, your AirPods are the primary device for the audio of the zoom and you can talk without any problem.

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AirPods Connected To Windows- Can I Still Talk On Zoom?

AirPods are for iOS devices mainly, but if you own an android, still these Apple earbuds won’t disappoint.

However, the connection and the user experience might not be as smooth as if you had an iOS device. The reason is that the apple devices have W1 chips that allow minimum interference and stable connection. Still, the AirPods will be better than most of the other wireless earbuds.

To talk on zoom using Windows, first, connect the AirPods properly. The connection process is similar to the iOS device.

Turn on the Bluetooth first. It is easy to do. Just search “Bluetooth” in the window search bar, and the system will open the “Bluetooth and Other Devices” setting right in front of you. This search bar is present on the bottom left side of the screen. When you see the on/off option, click on it to turn it on.

Next, click on the AirPods and select the “Connect” option.

It will make AirPods a primary playback device. Now, when you open the zoom, the audio settings should, by default, choose AirPods.

It is fairly common to face some issues when you connect AirPods to Windows. What are they?

Windows Choose Speaker

The biggest one people face is that the laptop still plays the audio on the speaker instead of these Apple wireless earbuds. This means AirPods are not selected as a communicating medium and you can’t talk as well wearing these earbuds.

This can change. For this, go to the audio settings and change the Speaker option to AirPods.

Audio Stereos

Another zoom talking issue on Windows can also be due to the AirPods stereo.

If your Audio setting is showing AirPods on AirPods stereo mode, they won’t work during the call on zoom. These Apple wireless earbuds need a Microphone to work properly on zoom.

Here’s how you can solve this problem:

  • Go to the audio settings of zoom by tapping on the speaker icon on the right side of the screen
  • You will see the Airpods stereo option there. Click on it and change it to “AirPods hands-free.” It’s that simple.

AirPods vs. AirPods Pro- Which Is Better For Zoom Calls?

People love both Airpods and AirPods pro because of the happy experience they get from these wireless earbuds.

But when it comes to zoom, AirPods Pro has a little edge. The reason is that the AirPods Pro has a stable and well-balanced frequency that suits well with zoom calls. Due to this, the noise clarity is also more.

In addition, the AirPods pro has a noise cancellation feature. It allows you to focus on the call only and not the background noises.

So, if you can, try using AirPods Pro when you have to talk or just listen to a zoom meeting.

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Final Thoughts

So, Can You talk on Zoom with AirPods?

Yes, you can talk on Zoom if you are wearing AirPods. In fact, you should always wear these Apple earbuds. They allow you to focus more on the meeting and increase its productivity.

Moreover, you can connect them with either iOS or Android devices.

But people face different problems during the zoom meeting, and the reason is not handling these AirPods right. You should check the audio settings of Zoom whenever you connect the AirPods. Changing it to the headphones and also updating the app to the latest version can resolve these issues.

Thus, wear the AirPods and enjoy talking during Zoom meetings.

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