Are AirPods Good For School?

Are AirPods Good For School? Yes Or No?

AirPods is a valuable Apple Product that has so many uses in almost every aspect of life. You can use them in the gym, to jog, watch movies, play games, and many more. But are AirPods also good for school?

AirPods are both good and bad for schools. It all depends upon how students use them. These Apple AirPods can be used to concentrate on studying, listen to lectures, and relax. But they can also be a bigger distraction and source of cheating in exams.

Wondering how AirPods help with these things? Stick with me to know.

Why Are AirPods Good For School? Explaining The Reasons

Are AirPods Good For School

It is super clear that AirPods have supreme advantages for their users. But they are more special when it comes to students and teachers.

AirPods are good for the school because:

Students Can Focus Better

Student life is all about focusing on every educational aspect. If exams, assignments, or quizzes are near, then they especially have to improve their concentration to ensure good grades.

Guess what? AirPods can help you do this!

Many students have claimed that they can focus better while listening to soft music and AirPods are the perfect choice for them.

In addition, the noise cancellation quality of AirPods Pro can really help with concentration. Most headphones and wireless earbuds don’t offer you this luxury. This feature does not let noisy background distract you. That is why you can easily focus on what you are doing when you wear them.

Listen to Lectures Easily

Every student has to go through some sort of recorded lecture to understand everything better and clear the complicated concepts. But listening to them on speakers or poor-quality earbuds is frustrating. You can’t really understand what the teacher is saying in the video in both cases.

However, you can easily listen to anything with the AirPods on. These Apple earbuds have excellent sound quality that feels like the lecture is being delivered live. Plus, the battery timing is superb too. According to Apple, AirPods can stay on for five straight hours easily. Furthermore, if the case is charged, it can be used for 25 hours.

So, you can listen to the lectures non-stop for hours and have a great listening experience every second.

Helps To Hear What The Professor Is Saying

Another great AirPods feature which helps you listen to live lectures properly is Live Listen. If you sit far away/ at the end of your classroom and face trouble listening to what your teacher is saying, then AirPods can be a real blessing for you. You can use Live Listen to hear everything said near the board.

How does it work?

Well, in Live listen mode, your iPhone becomes a microphone and transmits the voices around it to your AirPods.

Here’s what you will do.

Turn on Bluetooth and connect your mobile to AirPods. Next, go to the Settings and turn on Live Listen. After that, wear your AirPods and put your iPhone on the Teacher’s desk or anywhere near your teacher. You can then even sit 25 feet away from the mobile and still be able to hear your teacher easily.

The thing is, with Live Listen, you can hear people talking around your mobile within Bluetooth range. According to Apple, AirPods support Bluetooth ranges of up to 33-45 feet.

However, make sure you have iOS 14.3 or above device because only they are compatible with the Live Listen feature, according to Apple.

So, take permission from teachers, leave their mobiles around them, and listen to the lecture easily.

Relaxing For Teachers

You have read why AirPods are good for students. But what about teachers? I mean, without them, schools are just buildings. They teach hundreds of students, answer their queries, take tests, and whatnot.

Luckily, they can use AirPods during break time to relax the mind. Soft music can also get rid of tiredness and bring motivation. Teachers can also listen to podcasts or any other video to further prepare for their lectures.

So, these are the good things schools can benefit from the AirPods. Yet, most of them have banned these Apple wireless earbuds. Continue reading to know why.

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Why Have Schools Banned AirPods?

Why Have Schools Banned AirPods?

Most schools do not like the idea of students using the AirPods during the lecture or even sitting idly in class. But why, even though they can prove to be really valuable?

Schools have Not permitted AirPods because:

AirPods Are Cause Of Distractions

School management often clarifies the AirPods ban by citing that these earbuds are the cause of distractions. According to them, students are most likely to listen to shows and music during the lecture and not focus on their studies.

Vettori, a veteran teacher, said, “ AirPods are definitely a distraction because students will be listening to music instead of actually studying.”

That’s why it makes sense why schools don’t want students to use AirPods during class. But wait. There’s more.

Fear Of Cheating

Another reason why students are not allowed to take AirPods in class is the fear of cheating. Students might use the Live Listen feature for the wrong purposes, like cheating in exams. As anything said around the mobile can easily be heard via AirPods within Bluetooth range, some students might try to trick the invigilators.

How? By having someone speak answers outside or inside the class, which they can easily listen to with their AirPods.

That’s why schools are not taking risks of allowing students to use AirPods in the class and examination halls.

Here’s the detailed video explaining the bad use of Live Listen

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Final Say

So, Are AirPods Good For School?

AirPods are both good and bad in school, depending on how students are going to use them. They can use these Apple earbuds to focus better, listen to lectures, podcasts, and educational videos and then perform better in the exams. School teachers can use AirPods to relax during their free or break time.

However, despite these advantages, most schools have still banned them because of fear of distractions and cheating.

So, whether AirPods are good or bad for the school depends on how they are being used!

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