How Do I Know What Size Earbuds To Get

How Do I Know What Size Earbuds To Get?

It’s common for people to search about the size of earbuds before buying them. Most of them think size is the main thing when it comes to fitting and audio quality. That’s not true. There is another factor that you should consider instead of just focusing on the size of the audio device.

To know what size earbuds to get, you should give importance to how many ear tips a company is offering with their audio gadget. The reason is that it is the ear tips that fit into your ears. Any size of earbuds is good for you. However, I suggest you go for the lightweight ones as they are easy to carry.

Want more info? Here, I am explaining everything you should know before you buy earbuds. Let’s start.

What Earbuds Size To Get? Here’s What You Should Know

How Do I Know What Size Earbuds To Get?

For high audio quality, it is super important the earbuds fit into your ears perfectly. However, many people are wary of their size before buying them.

That’s wrong.

It is the ear tip size that you should consider instead of looking for the earbud size.

That’s why I suggest going for such ones that offer at least three different sizes of ear tips. Apple’s AirPods come in three sizes, while Raycon earbuds send you six different ear tips.

For better fit, you should try each of them and then decide which ones fit the best.

How to Choose the Right Ear Tip Size For Earbuds?

How Do I Know What Size Earbuds To Get?

Choosing the right ear tip size for your earbuds is not difficult at all. There are two ways:

Method 1: Try Manually

Trying manually is the best way to find out about the right earbud tip size. The reason I am suggesting it first is that it works for every earbud model you can have.

Here are the steps to manually select the perfect ear tip for you:

  1. Take an earbud in your hand and put an ear tip on it. Make sure the tip is placed perfectly and is not loose.
  2. Gently press it into your ears.
  3. If the earbuds sit smoothly without applying any force, the tip is right for you. If the earbud is loose, then remove the tip and put on another one on it.

Generally, earbuds come in three types of ear tips:

  • Standard
  • BiFlange
  • TriFlange

Standard ear tips are already put on the earbuds when you buy them. These are designed for average ear size, so most people will find them good enough for fitting.

BiFlange is a little bigger and provides better noise isolation. In comparison, TriFlange is bigger than BiFlange and offers the best noise isolation.

Method 2: Ear Tip Fit Test (For iOS)

You can also go for the Ear tip fit test if you own AirPods or AirPods Pro. Here’s what to do:

  1. Connect AirPods or AirPods Pro to your mobile and wear them
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Tap on Bluetooth.
  4. Tap on the More Info icon right next to the name of your AirPods/AirPods Pro.
  5. Choose the Ear Tip Fit test.
  6. Tap Continue.
  7. Tap on the Play button.

After this, the screen will show a message about whether you should try a new ear tip or not so that the earbuds can fit better.

If it does suggest trying a new ear tip, then put on another one and then re-do the test. Sometimes, you may have to put on different sizes for your right or left ear.

Manual vs. Ear Tip Fit test- Comparison

Both manual and ear tip fit tests are good ways to ensure the earbuds stay stable in your ears. Let’s now compare both:



Ear Fit test


Anyone can do it

Works for iOS only


Less Precise

More Precise


Takes more time to know about fitting

Can know about it within a minute

If you own AirPods and have an iOS device, then go for Ear tip fit test. For any other, manual testing is the only option left.

Fit Earbuds Perfectly: Tips For The Future

If you don’t want to face earbud fitting problems in the future, then don’t worry. I have some effective tips that can keep the issue at bay.

Keep Eartips Clean

The best way to ensure earbuds sit safely is to make sure the ear tips stay free of any dirt. The debris or dust is the main reason behind the problem of the fitting. You will have to apply more pressure to insert a dirty earbud, which can also impact the ear canal.

Therefore, it is crucial you clean the ear tip twice a month at least.

For cleaning, you don’t have to use any fancy chemicals. Just use soapy water for this purpose.

  • Soak the towel in soapy water.
  • Swiftly scrap off any dirt
  • Use a drier side towel to dry out the ear tip.

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Keep Your Ears Clean

You should also clean your ears regularly to avoid excessive wax buildup.

Generally, the earbuds get dirty because of the ear wax. As discussed above, dirty earbuds do not fit properly.

Go For Silicone Tips

For earbuds to sit perfectly, it is crucial to go for those that offer the best quality ear tips. Top brands now prefer silicone tips because they are soft, durable, and washable. But the best part is they also fit into the ears smoothly.

Remove With Care

Whenever you have to remove ear tips, you should do it carefully. The reason is that using unnecessary force or pinching them can get them damaged. When it happens, the fitting will get loose even if you have chosen the perfect earbuds.

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Final Words

All-Inclusive, earbuds size doesn’t really matter. You should go for such audio gadgets that offer at least three different ear tip sizes.

The reason is that it is these ear tips that are inserted into their ears.

So, if they are wrong in size, the earbuds will either be loose or cause pain in your ear because of being too big.

I also suggest you keep these tips and your ears clean to avoid the buildup of dirt. Furthermore, prefer those earbuds that have silicone tips as they are easily washable and more durable.

Now you know which earbuds to get!

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