Are Wired Earbuds Safer Than Wireless

Are Wired Earbuds Safer Than Wireless? Let’s Find Out

A health-conscious person always does research about whether a specific product is safe or not before he starts using it. If that product is something like earbuds, it is super important to know beforehand because you insert them right into the ear canal. Since there are two types of buds (wired and wireless), it is crucial to know which one is the safest (This is what I am answering).

Wired earbuds are safer than wireless ones. The reason is that they emit less radiation and offer more secure fitting than the other one. Furthermore, wired earbuds are harmless for kids and pets, too, as they cannot swallow them.

Want me to explain more? In this article, I am explaining the reasons that make wired earbuds safe and how you can make them safer. So, continue reading.

Why Are Wired Earbuds Safer Than Wireless?

Are Wired Earbuds Safer Than Wireless

If safety is a big source of concern for you, then note that wired earbuds are somewhat safer than wireless ones. There are three main reasons behind this claim, and let’s discuss each of them.

Less Radiation

Wired earbuds emit less EMF radiation than Bluetooth ones. Although it still produces radiation, it is a lot less than what can damage your health.

When it comes to wireless ones, they deal with both EMF and radio waves, which are very similar to the ones that cell phones emit.

Remember that both EMF and radio radiation do not harm much if you use the earbuds for a few hours only. But if you start wearing them every day for more than eight hours, then they will start causing different problems like headaches.

Safer in Fitting

Wired earbuds are more secure to wear than wireless ones. It is because they are not inserted deep into the ear canal.

In comparison, Bluetooth earbuds are inserted a little deeper. This can cause problems when you keep on wearing them for hours.

First, the itching can be felt on the inside of the canal. This can turn into pain after some time. Moreover, when the earbuds are inserted into the canal, the sound is directly bombarded on the eardrum, which can lead to hearing loss.

But if you wear wired earbuds, the chances of this happening are a lot less.

Kids & Pets Friendly

Another reason that makes wired earbuds safer than Bluetooth ones is that they are safer for both kids and pets. They love to chew and swallow anything they can. But if they do this with wireless earbuds, it can cause choking.

On the other hand, wired ones are not usually swallowable. Even if a kid or pet puts it in its mouth, you can easily retrieve it.

So, if you have kids or pets, I suggest you go for wired earbuds.

6 Easy Tips to Make Earbuds Safer

Are Wired Earbuds Safer Than Wireless

If you don’t want to face any problems with the earbuds, then there are a few things you can do.

Don’t Wear Too Much

Whether you own wireless or wired earbuds, you should never wear them for hours.

Wired ones are indeed safer, but they still can cause damage if you put them on for more than three hours straight.

To avoid problems, I suggest you follow the “Break” method. In this, you use earbuds for one hour and then give your ears a break for at least 15 minutes. This can allow the buds to recharge and your ears to feel relaxed at the same time.

So, it is a win-win situation for earbuds and your ears.

Listen at a Lower Volume

If you have to put on earbuds for a longer time, then the best thing you can do is to listen to the music/audio at a lower volume. This will protect the eardrum health to a great extent.

Furthermore, listening at a low volume also saves battery and improves the performance of the earbuds. I suggest you listen to 50 percent volume and never go above 70 percent.

Use the Correct Ear tip

Most high-quality and branded earbuds come with different ear tip sizes so that they fit perfectly.

It is really important to choose the right size because the incorrect one can damage the ear canal. The reason is that you will have to force or apply pressure to insert the wrong tip into the ear, which can cause chafing and other problems.

Always Insert Them Gently

The best way to put on earbuds is by pushing them gently. If you have to apply more pressure, it means the ear tip size is not right for you. In that case, change the ear tips and then try again. Gently insert one each to avoid facing ear problems.

Buy From a Reputable Brand

Cheap or knockoff earbuds are not designed with great care. They come with one ear tip size, have somewhat strange trigonometry, and are manufactured using poor-quality materials.

Therefore, I suggest you buy earbuds from reputable brands like Apple, Sony, etc.

These earbuds are made keeping in mind human health, satisfaction, and the features needed.

Stay Near the Connected Device

The last tip I have for you is to always stay near the device you have connected your earbuds with. It is not a problem with the non-Bluetooth ones, as the wire keeps them close.

But if you have wireless earbuds, then stay as near as possible. It is because earbuds start working hard and producing excessive radiation the more you step away from the connected device.

That is why always stay within 10 feet range and only go outside if it is really necessary.

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Final Words

All-Inclusive, wired earbuds are safer than wireless earbuds because they emit less radiation and offer a secure fitting.

Furthermore, if you have kids or pets at home, then wired ones are safe for them, too, as they cannot swallow them in most cases. Even if they did, you can easily retrieve such earbuds by gently pulling the wire.

However, both wireless and wired earbuds won’t cause any damage if you don’t overuse them. So, if you love wireless earbuds, don’t worry. Just follow the precautionary measures discussed above, and you will stay safe.

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