Are Raycon Earbuds Actually Good

Are Raycon Earbuds Actually Good?

Thinking about buying Raycon earbuds and wondering whether they are good or not? Well, you did the right thing by searching about it before you make a purchase, as buying poor-quality earbuds can lead to frustration only. So, are Raycon earbuds worth buying?

Raycon earbuds are definitely good. They offer a lot of features like excellent sound quality, long battery life, quick charging speed, diversity in colors, and a lot more. Furthermore, Raycon earbuds are affordable, too, and everyone can buy them.

Want more info? Continue reading to know all about the features and which Raycon earbud is the best for you.

Why Are Raycon Earbuds Good?

Are Raycon Earbuds Actually Good?

The top reasons which make Raycon earbuds good earbuds are:

Impressive Audio Quality

The main thing to look for in an earbud is how well it produces sound. There is no denying that if the audio quality is not good, then the earbud is bad, no matter how elegant it looks.

Fortunately, Raycon earbuds let you enjoy high-fidelity sound with awesome bass. The manufacturer has not compromised on the sound quality, which is why you will see people praising its bass a lot. Furthermore, Raycon also produces the sound of other frequencies in high quality too.

Decent Battery Life

Raycon earbuds can run for around 9 hours in one go. It includes a 400 mAh battery that recharges quickly and continues to provide the best experience for hours.

Moreover, when the case is charged to 100 percent, it can recharge the earbuds three times easily as well.

That’s not it.

Raycon earbuds can be charged wirelessly. They are compatible with Qi, so you will not need to connect them to any cable to charge them.

Strong Bluetooth Connectivity

Raycon earbuds offer strong Bluetooth connectivity to all devices. It uses cutting-edge Chipset technology that can withstand any distortion easily. Furthermore, Bluetooth 5.2 makes sure the connection doesn’t get weaker, and you enjoy high-quality sound only.


Raycon earbuds are lightweight and small. That is why you can fit the case in your pocket and can go to any place you want to. The long battery will also help you use them during your journey or travel.

Provides The Best User Experience

People also love Raycon earbuds because they provide the best features you can ask for. These earbuds are available in different colors, like:

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Blue
  • White

Furthermore, the earbuds are water and dust resistant too. So, don’t worry about using them outside.

Even if they get dirty, these earbuds are easy to clean as well. Just use soapy water and cotton swabs to clean off the debris.

In addition, Raycon earbuds are perfect for every occasion. You can wear them in the gym, class, library, wedding, etc., and pull off an awesome look.

Which Raycon Earbuds Are The Best?

Are Raycon Earbuds Actually Good?

After knowing about the advantages of Raycon, you must have made the decision to buy them.

There are two popular and top-notch Raycon earbuds that you can buy without having any second thoughts.

Raycon Everyday Earbuds

Raycon Everyday is the most popular Raycon earbuds. The reason they are called Everyday is that they fit every occasion perfectly.

You can also get them in lots of colors, but the famous choice is Matte black.

Furthermore, these are also affordable. So, those who have a tight budget and want the best earbuds, then don’t look any further than Raycon earbuds.


The key features of Raycon Everyday earbuds are:

  • Excellent Bass– Everyday earbuds produce high-quality bass. The drivers in it make the listening time super fun. So, if you are a bass lover, this earbud is for you.
  • Long Battery Life– Everyday earbuds have a battery life of eight hours in one go. With the case, you can use them for 32 hours easily.
  • CVC (Clear Voice Capture) Technology– For smooth-talking, these earbuds use CVC technology that captures your voice in the highest quality.
  • Wireless Charging– Raycon Everyday is Qi compatible, so you can charge them wirelessly.
  • IPX 6 rating– These earbuds are resistant to water and dust. So, wear them outside without any worry.

Problem With Raycon Everyday

  • Battery timing is a little less as compared to other Raycon earbuds.

Raycon Fitness Earbuds

Raycon Fitness is one of the best earbuds when it comes to features and user experience. Although it is a little more expensive than Raycon Everyday, the top-notch features justify the price.


The best features of Raycon Fitness earbuds are:

  • The latest ChipSet Technology- Raycon Fitness offers the best audio quality because it uses advanced Chipset technology. When it is coupled with Bluetooth 5.2, the whole listening experience levels up.
  • Long Bluetooth range- Raycon Fitness has a Bluetooth range of 33 feet. This is more than what many other earbuds offer in this price range.
  • Impressive battery- Raycon Fitness can run for 9 hours straight. With the case, you can use them for more than 50 hours.
  • IPX 7 rating- Fitness earbuds have gone through rigorous testing, and every time they have been found to be resistant to water.

Problem With Raycon Fitness

  • Gets out of stock quickly

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Raycon Everyday vs. Raycon Fitness- Comparison Table

Here is a comparison of features of both Raycon Everyday and Raycon Fitness to help you decide which one you should buy:


Raycon Everyday

Raycon Fitness

Playtime (In one go)

8 hours

9 hours

Battery with case

32 hours

54 hours

IPX rating


IPX 7 (latest)

Wireless Charging



Colors choice

  • Matte Black
  • Rose Gold
  • Matte Red
  • Matte Blue
  • Matte white
  • Carbon Black
  • Electric blue
  • Flare red
  • Rose Gold
  • Frost white

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Final Verdict: Which Raycon Earbuds Should You Buy?

All-Inclusive, Raycon is indeed top-quality earbuds that offer impressive features like excellent audio quality, long battery life, fast charging, high IPX rating, etc.

The top two Raycone earbuds are- Everyday and Fitness.

Both provide amazing features, but Raycon Fitness offers more advantages than Raycon Everyday. However, they are costlier (still affordable).

So, if you have a tight budget, go for Raycon Everyday. If you want to enjoy the top-most features, then Raycon Fitness is for you.

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