How To Wear Sony LinkBuds

How To Wear Sony LinkBuds?

Many individuals prefer Sony LinkBuds over their bigger and heavier earphone counterparts because they offer better portability and convenience. However, the majority of them struggle on a regular basis to keep their earbuds in, especially whether jogging, exercising, or engaging in any other vigorous activity. Worse, for some people, earphones can even fall out when walking or sitting in their workplace chair, which causes nothing but irritation.

The Sony company has made its claim that their LinkBuds can be fit easily in the ears. Many users, however, complain about having difficulties keeping the buds in their ears. So, I have created this comprehensive guide on how to wear Sony LinkBuds? Let’s get started.

How To Wear Sony LinkBuds Correctly?

How To Wear Sony LinkBuds

If you don’t want your earbuds to slip out accidentally, make sure you wear them correctly. As sony LinkBuds come in a variety of styles, here’s a simple tutorial on how to put them on:

  • In your left ear, place the left-marked Linkbud unit, and in your right ear, place the right-marked Linkbud unit.

    A sensory dot is located on the headset’s left unit, making it easier for you to discover which earbud is for which ear.

    Make sure to check the positional connection between the ear canal and the headset as you place the sony LinkBuds unit into your ear.
  • With your fingers, hold the headset in place. The driver unit of LinkBuds should be inserted into your ear.
    Move the housing part in the arrow’s direction until you feel it fits properly.

    Furthermore, always touch the fitting supporter of the LinkBuds with your fingertips to ensure it’s in the ear canals.
  • Make a quick shake of your head to ensure that the headset is not out of place.
  • If your earphones don’t fit properly, clean earwax out of your ears. Wax build-up can change the size and shape of the ear canal.

    When you use the earphones, they may not fit properly or fall out of your ears. So, if the earbuds aren’t staying in your ears as effectively as they used to, take a couple of Q-tips and wipe your ears.

Tip: When using the headset as mentioned above, if the size of the fitting supporters does not securely fit your left and right ears, adjust the fitting supporters to a larger size.

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What Makes Your LinkBuds Fall Out?

How To Wear Sony LinkBuds

Despite the fact that sony LinkBuds are meant to fit snugly in your ears, they occasionally fall out. Here are the reasons:

Unique Ear Size And Shape

The standard ear canal size, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, is 2.5 cm in length and 0.7 cm wide. The majority of earphones try to stick to this standard size.

It has been revealed, however, that each person’s ears are more distinctive than their fingerprints.

As a result, this one-size-fits-all strategy does not necessarily work for a big group of people. Simply said, if your ears are larger than the standard size, the earbuds will fall out due to a lack of a secure attachment point. If the user’s ear is smaller than average, the earbuds will not fit properly and will most likely fall out.


Earwax build-up causes the ears to become excessively slippery, making it difficult for earbuds to attach correctly. Moreover, earwax takes up a lot of space within the ears. In extreme situations, this earwax build-up prevents Sony LinkBuds from being inserted farther into the ear canal.

This leaves them with insufficient surface to hold, leading them to slip off with even modest motions. So, keep wiping your ears whenever you get the chance to maintain their proper health and for earbuds to fit efficiently.

Eartips Materials

As previously discussed, most LinkBuds now come with silicone ear tips, while some earbuds come with plastic tips. Unfortunately, earwax and sweat build up in the ear, making these materials slicker.

As a result, despite the fact that both silicone and plastic LinkBuds are meant to fit correctly in the ear, they may fall out due to sweat accumulation.

The Closeness Of The Ear To The Jaws

TMJs control a variety of functions, including eating, talking, and yawning. It means ears and jaws are connected and both influence each other in some way. So, even simple actions like talking or eating can trigger changes in your ear canal’s size and shape. These ear motions and shifts may cause the earphones to wiggle out of place and fall out.

This problem is more prevalent with earbuds than with IEMs since earbuds only grab the outside of the ears.

Your Earphones Aren’t Designed For What You’re Doing

Because not all earbuds are made to withstand extreme activities that require intense motions or jolting (such as singing and dancing or gymnastics), certain earbuds may not stay in place no matter how much you adjust them.

In other words, if you want to utilize your earbuds for specific activities like working out, it is recommended that you get equipment that is particularly intended for these jobs.

Why It’s Important To Fit Sony LinkBuds?

There are various reasons why your LinkBuds must fit properly. If the Earbuds do not fit, you may experience the following situations.

To Avoid Extra Pressure On Ears

If the earbud doesn’t fit right, it can create pressure on the ear. It’s bad as excessive pressure on the middle ear (the cartilaginous outer region of the ear visible to the naked eye) can create unneeded inflammation, irritation, and discomfort.

Even minor irritations might grow unpleasant over time. It’s no secret that if the earbuds are too heavy or oversized for your ears, they may cause more than just aggravation and may even create more serious ear issues.

For Realistic Listening Experience

Audiophiles feel that earbuds that fit properly deliver better sound quality and a more realistic listening experience than those that don’t.

Bass is often increased by earbuds that fit snugly in your ears, making it feel deeper and punchier. It also prevents hollow sound effects from detracting from your listening pleasure.

To Maintain Seal Quality

A good seal means a good fit. If the seal is in good shape, it improves headphones’ noise isolation, allowing them to filter out more background sound while listening.

To Enjoy Crucial Features

Tap operations or Speak-to-Chat voice recognition may fail if the headset is not correctly positioned in your ears, and you may not obtain the desired sound quality or call performance.

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Wrapping Up

Simply put the left and right earbuds in the respective ears. Then, gently push forward until the driver is inserted into the canal. To make sure you have worn them quickly, shake your head. If they won’t fall, it means they fit perfectly.

Imagine being completely immersed in outstanding audio quality while listening to music or playing a game without having to take off your earbuds. You can totally experience it with sony LinkBuds if you wear them correctly, as I have described.

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