Are Earbuds Better Than Earphones

Are Earbuds Better Than Earphones?

Looking to buy a new audio gadget and are wondering whether earbuds will be a great choice or if you should go for earphones? Then this article is for you. A lot of people now think that earbuds are superior. But is it really the case? Are earbuds really better than earphones, or do earphones have the edge over the buds? I’m answering this!

The truth is- Both earbuds and earphones have their own advantages, so both are a better choice. Which one you should buy depends on you. If you prefer sound quality, then earphones are perfect for you. If you prefer comfort, durability, & portability, then go for earbuds.

In this guide, I am discussing the complete points about when both earbuds and earphones are better than each other. As a bonus, I am also suggesting which earbuds & earphones you can buy.

When Are Earbuds Better than Earphones?

Are Earbuds Better Than Earphones?

Earbuds are better than earphones in many ways. The top ones are:


Earbuds are typically more durable than earphones. The reason is that they are small, and it is easy to take care of them. Most of their structure is made up of plastic and silicone, which don’t go bad that easily.

In addition, the cushion foam on earphones goes bad after a year of using them. You can see scratches on it and even tears. It is because most companies use rubber, which is not very durable. Hence, the earphones don’t look good after some time, and you will then eventually have to buy a new audio device.

So, earbuds are more durable than earphones.


Earbuds are light in weight, which makes them portable. You can just put them in the case and then pack them in your suitcase/bag or even put the case in your pocket whenever you have to travel.

You can’t do that with earphones with this much ease. They are bigger than earbuds, so you can’t easily put them in your pocket. Furthermore, this audio device will also take up more space if you put it in your bag. In addition, the wires of earphones make them a lot more difficult to take with you while traveling.

Comfortable To Wear

Earbuds are a lot more comfortable to wear because they are small, lightweight, and wireless. They also have a better Bluetooth range of up to 45 feet.

Earphones are not as light as earbuds, so they are less comfy.

Easier to Clean

Earbuds take less time to clean as compared to earphones. The reason is that they are small and can be cleaned within seconds.

Contrarily, earphones are a little trickier to clean. It is because they either have an extra structure that helps them fit around the ears or wires that are normally two to four feet long.

Cost Effectiveness

Earbuds offer a lot of advantages like portability, good battery life, noise cancellation, etc., which makes them cost-effective. In comparison, many feel that earphones are not as cost-effective because they are not suited for traveling, require more effort to clean, and are less comfy than earbuds.

The Best Earbuds You Can Buy

There are lots of brands that manufacture top-quality earbuds. The best ones you can buy are AirPods Pro and Sony WX-1000XM3.

You now know when earbuds are better than earphones. It’s time to know when earphones outdo the buds.

When Are Earphones Better than Earbuds?

Are Earbuds Better Than Earphones?

Earphones also have the edge over earbuds in many ways. Let’s have a look at them.

Sound Quality

Earphones have better audio quality than earbuds. No matter which range you prefer, earphones will produce a top-notch sound that will just feel perfect.

Earbuds, on the other hand, are either weaker at bass or mid-range.

Noise Cancellation is Better

Earphones offer the best noise cancellation than earbuds. How? Well, the small size of earbuds is not all advantageous. This size does not cause 100 percent effective noise cancellation, which will eventually affect the listening experience.

In comparison, Earphones offer a lot better noise cancellation because of their slightly bigger structure. Almost every irritating noise will be filtered when you wear them. So, the user experience is better when it comes to earphones.

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Longer Battery Life

Earphones have a better battery life than earbuds. You don’t have to charge most of the earphone models, and they will work as long as you want them to. Those that are rechargeable offer a battery time of 8 to 12 hours.

When it comes to earbuds, the battery life in one go is around 4 hours on average.

Fits Better than Earbuds

Another great quality of earphones is that it fits better than other audio devices, including earbuds. They either have a curved structure attached to them to make sure they fit smoothly or a contoured end structure that is also ideal for fitting. You can wear them during jogging or workout sessions and stop worrying about them falling out.

In addition, if you go for earphones that have wires, the fitting is even better because the cords do not let the earphones fall out.

So, if you prefer a better fit, then earphones are ideal for you.

The Best Earphones You Can Buy

Out of dozens of earphones in the market, the best one that you should buy is Apple Earpods.

Beats Flex Wireless Earphones are also giving tough competition to Apple Earpods and are now considered one of the best.

So, that’s all about earbuds vs. earphones and which one is better than the other.

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Final Words

All-inclusive, both earbuds and earphones are better in their own way. Earbuds are superior when it comes to durability, portability, comfort, cleaning, and cost-effectiveness.

In comparison, earphones are better than earbuds when it comes to sound quality, noise cancellation, fitting, and battery life.

So, which one you should buy depends on you. If you prefer sound quality & better fit, then go for earphones. If you prefer comfort & durability, then earbuds are perfect for you.

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