How To Extend The Battery Life Of Earbuds?

How To Extend The Battery Life Of Earbuds?

Don’t you hate it when you are wearing earbuds and suddenly hear the alert and see a notification on your device that their battery is running low? It feels frustrating most of the time, and you will then have to wait at least two to three hours for them to be charged 100% again. However, there are some effective tips and tricks you can follow to extend the battery life of the earbuds. Want to know what they are?

You can extend the battery life of the earbuds simply by preserving the charging and following the safe practices. For this, you can reduce the volume, disable some features, power off the case, charge sensibly, and store the buds properly.

Want complete details of these tips and tricks? Then stay till the end.

Extend Battery Life of Earbuds- Do These Simple Things

How To Extend The Battery Life Of Earbuds?

There are five proven ways that can extend the battery life of earbuds. You should follow each of them to preserve more charging.

Reduce the Earbuds’ Volume

One of the best ways to extend the battery life of earbuds is to keep the volume low. When you listen to anything with high volume, the earbuds have to work with more efficiency. In doing so, the audio device uses more battery, and you will then have to charge it again.

So, keeping the volume down can extend the usage time successfully.

Disable Unwanted Features

Another way of increasing the battery of earbuds is to disable the features which you don’t want to use. Earbuds with the enabled features consume more battery because they have to keep everything running smoothly.

But when you disable it, the audio device doesn’t have to worry about such features, and the battery life increases.

Some of the features which you can disable are Noise cancellation, automatic ear detection, Spatial Audio, etc.

You can disable these features by opening Settings and tapping on the name of the earbuds. Choose which features you don’t want to use, and that’s it.

Use One Earbud When You Can

Using both earbuds also consumes most of the battery. So, if your earbuds are low on battery, you can put one back in the case and continue using the other. The one you use will then work more than it would have if you were using both earbuds.

In addition, even if the battery is fully charged up and you wear one earbud, you will keep using it for more time than usual. Generally, you can use earbuds for about three to five hours. Add one more hour if you wear one earbud at a time.

Power Off Case

You can also Power-off the case of the earbuds to save battery time. Do this before going to sleep or any time when you don’t have to use them for a few hours. However, this method is a bit risky because you have to do this with the earbuds out.

Keeping the earbuds in the case and then powering it off won’t save much battery. So, when you take out the earbuds and leave them somewhere, there are higher chances that one or both get lost. The situation can get worse if you have a kid or pet at home, as they can swallow them.

Use Them Close

When you connect the earbuds to a mobile, laptop, or any other device, make sure you stay within the Bluetooth range (which is around 30 feet). Apple has clearly stated that the Bluetooth range of AirPods is 33 feet max.

The closer you are to your device, the better. It is because if you wear the earbuds and get away from the device, the earbuds will have to work more to provide a better experience. In this case, they will have to consume more battery and will run out of it more quickly than usual.

Now, it’s time for some additional tips to improve earbuds’ battery life.

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Extra Tips To Increase Earbuds Battery Life

How To Extend The Battery Life Of Earbuds?
  • Don’t overcharge the earbuds. You should unplug the charger when the earbuds are charging at around 80% to 90%. It is because if you leave the earbud with a charger for hours (even after it gets fully charged), the battery can get damaged. If it gets affected, the usage time will be reduced.
  • Also, don’t Charge Earbuds in Hot temperatures/Places. The reason is that charging can itself cause the earbuds and the case to warm up. If you do this in a hot climate, then the wires in it can get negatively impacted.
  • You should also clean the case carefully (especially the terminals) before you put in earbuds for charging if you want the battery life to stay good for a long time.
  • Store both the earbuds and the case properly. No dust, moisture, or sunlight should reach them as these things affect the battery.
  • Use a top-quality, genuine or original charger only to charge the earbuds. A poor charger can also damage the battery and cause more trouble.
  • To have a better experience, buy top earbuds only. Cheap audio devices have poor battery spans, while branded ones (like AirPods) have better usage life.

Wondering how much battery life will increase if you follow these effective ways and tips? Then continue reading.

How Much Will The Earbuds Battery Be Extended?

When you follow everything described above in this guide, then the battery life will increase from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. It means that if your earbuds had a three-hour battery span in one go, you would be able to use them now for about 4 hours.

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Final Words

All-inclusive, there are a lot of effective ways to increase the battery life of your earbuds. In this guide, I discuss the top and proven methods along with some useful tips that can successfully extend the usage time. These are- Lowering the volume, disabling unwanted features, using one earbud at a time, powering off the case, and sitting close to the connected device.

In addition, you should also never over-charge the earbuds, keep them clean, use a high-quality charger, and buy the top models if you want to keep on using earbuds for more hours.

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