How Are You Supposed to Wear Airpods

How Are You Supposed to Wear Airpods?

With amazing sound quality, feel and look, Apple Airpods also have one problem, i-e, they keep slipping out of the ears. Rather than creating a product with different sizes for different ears, Apple went with one size-for-all approach for Airpods’ users. And that can be very challenging for some people. As the Airpods sit in the outer part of the eardrum, the same size for different people might not be the perfect fit, which leads to Airpods slowly creeping out of the ear. While sitting, you may not experience this issue, but the situation will not be the same while walking, exercising, or running.

This limitation was covered in Airpods Pro, which came with three sets of small, medium, and larger in-canal designs, but the problem still exists for those with regular Airpods. So, will you return your regular Airpods or bear with them? We suggest you do not give up yet and try some do-it-yourself tricks or use some add-on-accessories to keep your AirPods in your ears.

Why Don’t AirPods Fit Well and Fall Off Easily?

How Are You Supposed to Wear Airpods?

Apple Airpods are popular for their good enough snug fit than its rival’s earbuds. This is also one of the reasons why most people prefer Airpods. Despite their good enough fit, many Airpods users complain about Airpods falling off easily. And there are some reasons for it,

  • Improper fit
  • Wrong Silicone tips

Improper Fit

The foremost reason your Airpods fall off now and then is their improper fit. Apple Airpods are known for their best-sung fit in the market, making them perfect for about 90% of consumers. However, the remaining 10% of users face the limitation of improper fit. And if we look at the number of Apple users globally, this 10% figure can be huge.

The reason for this improper fit is the unique size and shape of every person’s ears. So, despite their best fit, this limitation cannot be avoided.

Wrong Silicone Tips

Apple addressed the limitation of improper fit in regular Airpods and corrected it by introducing silicone tips in Airpods pro. Unlike the plastic, non-replaceable tips in regular Airpods, Airpods pro came with silicone tips. For once, its users were happy that finally, Apple had solved this problem, but that was not a 100% solution.

These silicone pro Airpods came in three different sizes; small, medium, and large to cater to all ear sizes. It did solve the problem of falling off Airpods from ears to some extent, but it gave rise to many other problems.

Silicone tip is quite slippery to creep out of ears slowly and prone to collect dirt. Some users believed that compared to regular Airpods, silicone tips are more prone to slipping out due to their slippery texture.

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How To Prevent Airpods from Slipping Out of Your Ears?

Wear Your Airpods Properly

Luckily, there are some do-it-yourself tricks that you can try to keep Airpods from falling off. Other than these tricks, certain add-on accessories can help you stay focused on your work, with Airpods perfectly sitting in your ears. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Wear Your Airpods Properly

Here is how you should wear Airpods:

How To Wear Standard Airpods Properly?

When you wear Airpods improperly, it’s obvious that they will fall off easily. If you have standard Airpods that are approximately the same size and shape as Apple’s wired earphones, wear them following these steps:

  • First of all, take a dampened cloth and wipe off any dirt, oil, or ear wax sitting over the tips of Airpods.
  • Press the Airpods gently into your ears. While you press them, ensure that their stem is vertically aligned with your head or as a parallel line with the face.
  • Now rotate them and wedge them into the ears to ensure a secure and tight fit. This will make the stem parallel to your jawline.

How To Wear Airpods Pro Properly?

Here are the steps to wear Airpods pro properly:

  • Check the size of your Airpods pro as inappropriate silicone tip size will make your Airpods useless. Flip the silicone tips and look for the size.
  • Align the sizing letter with the black vent. When you turn them correctly, you will hear a click.
  • Press in, rotate, and wedge them into your ears. You need to press them until you feel enough wedging in your ear.

Wear Your Airpods Upside Down

You can try swapping your Airpods upside down. It can also save you from the constant effort of bringing back falling Airpods into your ears. This method gives a tight-fitting that will keep you comfortable while lying or sleeping. It will also improve the sound quality and noise-canceling effect of your surroundings.

You can try this trick while exercising, jogging, or running, as it’s a known trick from athletes. Apart from looking silly, there won’t be any harm in using an upside-down Airpods position to fit them properly.

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Use Waterproof Tape

Waterproof tape is made up of material that can resist water; it is naturally sticky and can be used on Airpods to stick them longer.

  • You need any waterproof tape and a hole punch to apply this tape.
  • Punch out a few little dots from waterproof tape with the help of a hole punch
  • Apply that tape above and below the black sensor dot, and then use the Airpods.

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Use Memory Foam Tips

Although AirPods pro silicone tips were introduced for a good enough fit, they produce the same slippage problem.

You can dodge the silicone tips and try memory foam tips to combat this problem. Memory foam tips quickly adapt to the shape of the ears and provide a secure fit.

To change silicone tips with memory foam, follow these steps:

  • Remove silicon tips by pulling them out and bring the good memory foam ear tips.
  • Squeeze and push the memory foam until you hear a click. This will ensure that ear tips are locked in perfectly.
  • Now squeeze them a little and plug in the Airpods in your ears.

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Use Adds on Accessories

If the above-given methods fail, you can try some accessories and see what fits you best to tackle this problem. These accessories are specifically made to address the AirPods’ falling off problem; hopefully, you will not look for any other solutions after using them.

Airpods Covers

You can find several silicone covers that will cover the Airpods head and provide additional grip.

As these silicone covers are additional, Airpods may not fit inside the charging case with the silicone case on. And if so, you need to be very careful to prevent these delicate silicone covers from tearing.

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Ear Hooks

Ear hooks are also additional covers, just like silicone covers but with extensions known as hooks. Unlike silicone covers, ear hooks have hooks above the heads to ensure a more secure grip of Airpods. These are mainly designed for people involved in hard contact sports such as basketball.

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Airpods Straps

Airpods straps don’t provide more grip to your Airpods but will ensure that your Airpods don’t get lost somewhere while doing outdoor activities.

Its straps are good for those involved in a lot of outdoor activity daily. So, if Airpods are dislodged from your ears, they will at least be with you.

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Airpods Grips

Airpods grips have large plastic hooks that can wrap your entire ear. These grips are bigger than regular Airpods hooks and more secure to use. Setting them up is also easy. You just need to slide the Airpods stem into the hollow stem of Airpods grips and wrap the hook around your entire ear. This offers a very comfortable fit and will not come out even during your workouts or sports activity.

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Return Your Airpods

Wear Your Airpods Upside Down

If none of the above methods works, you still have the option to return your Airpods. Apple has a two-week return policy. So, you will get enough time to test whether your Airpods are comfortable enough for you, fit best in your ears, and do not slip now and then. If they do not fulfill these three requirements, you are free to return your Airpods.

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Final Thoughts

Airpods offer the best experience, but they have a major flaw; they don’t stay in your ears and come out quickly.

Thankfully, there are ways you can try to fix this flaw. Try the methods mentioned above, and hopefully, you will get rid of a continuous effort to readjust your Airpods again and again. And if no do-it-yourself method works, you still have the option to use an adds-on accessory to fix the issue.

So, don’t worry about your Airpods falling off anymore, and enjoy the music with your Airpods.

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