How Many Headphones Should You Own

How Many Headphones Should You Own?

Looking to buy headphones and want to get an idea about how many you should purchase? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Let me tell you that buying headphones is the best decision anyone can make. They really enhance the quality of life and help you in doing lots of things. But to enjoy all of this, you should have them in perfect numbers.

You should own at least three headphones. One for a noisy environment, one for home, and one for extra-curricular activities (like traveling). You might use all three in one day, depending on your activities.

Wondering why you should own three and not two or one? I’ve got a perfect explanation for you. Keep reading to know!

Why Should You Own Three Headphones?

How Many Headphones Should You Own

When it comes to headphones, you should at least own three. The same question was asked to Reddit users and the most repeated answer was 3. But why? Why do most people recommend others to own three audio equipment?

Well, there are several reasons behind this and I’m now discussing them.

Three Headphones Make Life Easy

Owning three headphones will make your life easy. We all know that you can attend and cut calls, listen to music and movies, and do many other things with headphones. But the problem is, you can’t wear one headphone all the time.

So, if you want to effortlessly attend calls or enjoy your favorite music/shows, it is crucial you own more than one audio equipment.

But wait. There’s more.

In addition to this, good headphones are App supported and also have Alexa/Siri feature enabled. You can use these features to do pretty much everything. You can get the volume up or down, search a query, and do anything you like using these features.

So, headphones do make life comfortable!

They Let You Stay Productive

People now prefer to buy wireless headphones which are chargeable. Most of these headphones work for three to four hours in one go, and then they shut down due to low battery. You have to charge them for some time to start using them again. This strikes a big blow to productivity as the work is halted.

So, should you sit and wait for the headphones to charge after you use them? Well, No.

In this situation, you should take out another headphone and keep on doing work. Similarly, when the battery of the second headphone ends, take out the third one. You can then continue to listen to presentations, lectures, attend important calls, etc.

Long story short, three headphones let you keep on doing your work smoothly.

They Help With Fashion

Another reason why everyone should own three headphones is that they help you dress better.

Here’s how.

First, here’s some advice. You should own three different colored headphones. Why? Because then you can wear those that match your shirt color or outfit. When you do this, you will create the impression that you know how to dress well and understand fashion.

Doing little things like this can really make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The popular color choices are Red, White, and Black. You can also own blue, yellow, and purple headphones as they also look elegant.

Now, Let me suggest what kind of headphones you should buy.

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Types Of Headphones You Should Own

How Many Headphones Should You Own

You should not randomly buy any headphones. The best way is to look at which occasion you are going to wear it and then make a purchase accordingly. The workplace requires different types of headphones, while the gym requires different ones. Similarly, it is advisable to use a different kind of audio equipment when you are in your home.

These are the three headphones you should own:

Noise Cancellation Headphone for Noisy Environment

Noise cancellation is the latest feature that is not offered by every brand. Only the top ones, like Sony, Philips, etc., are offering it on their limited edition audio equipment. The reason this feature is premium is that it requires special circuitry. This circuitry filters out the irritating noises you hear in your background- hence, the name “Noise Cancellation.”

But since this feature is unique, the headphones that offer it are really expensive. But the money will be worth it because you will enjoy great peace of mind when you wear them. You won’t hear any background noise that can derail your focus.

You should wear Noise cancellation headphones in Schools, workplaces, stadiums, airplanes, subways, and other Public places. When you wear them, the loud noises won’t bother you.

But that’s not it.

As noise cancellation headphones are wireless, you will also be free from the tangling of wires. Thus, buying a noise cancellation feature is a win-win situation.

However, since they need frequent charging, you can’t use them for more than four to five hours in one go.

Therefore, you should own two more headphones in addition to a noise cancellation one.

Isolation or Regular Headphones That Doesn’t Need Charging

You should also buy one regular/isolation headphone that does not need any charging. Such headphones are perfect for homes. You can listen to music on your mobile, play games on your PC, watch Netflix, etc., wearing it. Since this headphone does not need recharging, you can wear it as much as you can.

Stylish Headphones for Extra Curricular Activities Like Traveling or Jogging

When you go out for fun activities like taking your dog for a walk, or traveling to a different city or place for vacation, then wearing stylish-looking wireless headphones is the best thing you can do.

But note that any beautiful audio equipment will be the costliest one you will own. Still, in the end, it will be worth it as you can socialize better using it and stand out. Plus, the thor headphone will also give rest and recharge time to your other headphones.

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Final Words

All-inclusive, you should own three headphones to spend the day well. One headphone for noisy environments like the workplace, subways, etc., one for home, and one for outings like taking a walk in the park.

As you have to charge modern headphones, owning more than one will give you time to recharge other audio equipment. Similarly, features like noise cancellation, stylish outlook, etc., also encourage people to buy more headphones.

So, I suggest you own at least three headphones and keep being productive and relaxed!

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