What's the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Earbuds?

What’s the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Earbuds?

Thinking about buying new earbuds and want to know whether you should go for expensive ones or will the cheap buds be good for you? It is hard to make a decision, but when you know the differences between these two, then it will become super easy. So, what are they?

The key differences between cheap and expensive earbuds are in Sound quality, features, structure, composition, durability, warranty, and user experience. These factors clearly distinguish high-priced branded earbuds from low-cost ones.

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Top Differences Between Cheap and Expensive Earbuds

What's the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Earbuds?

There are six top differences between cheap and high-cost earbuds. Here is the explanation of them:

Sound Quality

The biggest difference between cheap and expensive earbuds is the sound quality. Expensive ones use top drivers (40mm, 70 mm, etc.), which produce the best sound. Plus, the diaphragm in them supports the high frequency like a cakewalk. That is why if you buy expensive earbuds, you will have no complaints about audio quality whether you listen to low-range, mid-range, or bass.

In comparison, cheap earbuds don’t have top-quality drivers. Hence, the sound is distorted when the frequency increases.

Plus, the costlier earbuds have great Microphones, which also helps with the listening experience. They cancel out most of the noises around you and hear only the sound from the earbuds that you want.


One of the main reasons why people prefer to buy expensive earbuds is the set of features they offer.

They are a lot different than the low-priced ones.

Let’s start with Battery Life. High-cost earbuds have a better battery life than inexpensive ones. You can use them for six to eight hours straight. Plus, the total battery life is also around 30 to 32 hours. Contrarily, the battery time of cheap earbuds is approximately 3-4 hours and the total battery life is somewhat around 18-20 hours only.

When it comes to Bluetooth, over-priced earbuds again win the battle over cheap ones. They use Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth 5.0 for smooth connectivity with minimum distortion. The range is also more- up to 40 feet on average. Since cheap earbuds don’t use advanced Bluetooth technology, you will face connection and distortion problems quite often.

In addition, expensive wearables are sweat and water-resistant. You can wear them during workouts or during the rainy season, and their quality is not affected. You can’t do that with low-cost earbuds.

Plus, you enjoy App support if you buy branded earbuds (which are usually expensive). Companies like Apple, Sony, Philips, etc. have launched Apps with which users can control the audio sound and quality. Cheap earbuds don’t have any apps.

What's the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Earbuds?

Structure & Composition

Another difference between cheap and expensive earbuds is that both have a difference in structure and composition. High-priced ones are designed by Professional and experienced artists. They decide which material and process to use after careful consideration.

On the other hand, manufacturers of cheap earbuds don’t spend too much time and money on these things.

That is why costlier earbuds are better looking than cheap ones. They are Contoured to perfection so that they fit properly. Furthermore, the high-cost earbuds come with different ear tip sizes to choose from.

The Manufacturing materials of these tips are also different from the cheap ones. Companies usually use Silicone to make ear tips or cushions, which are super soft.

In comparison, Cheap earbuds are made up of rubber and low-quality plastic. They also don’t fit properly and keep falling out when you run.


Durability is a critical factor that clearly distinguishes expensive and cheap earbuds. As mentioned above, Silicone is used to manufacture the best quality earbuds. It is a durable material whose shape and quality won’t change even after years if you take care of your audio gadget properly.

Contrarily, rubber and low-quality plastic materials are not durable at all. They will wear out after a few months, and you will have to buy new ones.

In addition, the wires and circuits added to the low-cost earbuds are of poor quality. So, after some time, you may experience the problem that one earbud will be working fine while the other will stop functioning.

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Cheap and expensive earbuds are also different from each other because of the warranty factor. Those who make low-cost audio devices don’t offer warranties on their earbuds. The reason is simple. They use low-quality material, so they understand that the product will go bad after a few months eventually.

In comparison, expensive earbuds offer one to two years of warranty. It is because they are made by top brands that use top-notch materials that don’t get spoiled that easily. Such earbuds can go on for years if you take care of them the right way.

The warranty time offer on some of the branded earbuds are:



AirPods & AirPods Pro

One Year

Sony Earbuds

One Year

Soundcore Earbuds

18 months

Jabra Earbuds

1-2 years


2 years

If you do purchase top quality earbuds and they cause problems, then contact the seller or the customer support of such a brand. You will either get a new audio device, or the company will repair your defective ones without charging you a single penny.

User Experience

The last main difference between cheap and expensive earbuds is the user experience both provide. Economical ones have limited features, shorter durability, below-par sound quality, and bad structure. All of these things do not offer a good user experience.

Contrarily, expensive headphones are full of features, durable, and have better audio quality. Thus, the listening time becomes good, which in turn, makes the user experience better.

So, that’s all about cheap and expensive earbuds’ dissimilarities.

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Final Words

All-inclusive, there are six main differences between cheap and expensive earbuds. These are in sound quality, features, structure, composition, durability, warranty, and user experience. Each of these factors is better in high-priced earbuds. When it comes to low-cost earbuds, everything is just average.

So, if you have money, then go for expensive earbuds. If your budget is tight, then go for low-price earbuds for the time being and when you save enough money, buy the branded one.

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