What Is The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Headphones

What Is The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Headphones?

Confused about whether you should go for expensive headphones or the cheaper ones? Do you want to know the differences between these two and which one will be best for you? Then this guide is for you. Here, you will learn every major difference between costly and cheap audio equipment in detail.

There are many differences between cheap and expensive headphones. Some of the prominent ones are material, design, quality, features, and sound quality. These things impact the overall user experience, so it is crucial to know all about them before you buy headphones.

So, stay with me till the end to know everything!

Differences Between Cheap And Expensive Headphones

What Is The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Headphones

Cheap and costly headphones just don’t have a difference in price. There’s much more to it. Let me now tell you the differences between them one by one.

Differences In Manufacturing Material

The most significant difference between cheap and expensive headphones is the manufacturing material. Expensive headphones are made with top-quality materials, like copper, gold, lightweight aluminum, leather, etc., which are costly (hence the price difference). Due to these materials, expensive headphones are reliable too because they let the smooth current flow and are also not easily damaged by any external pressure.

Cheap headphones, on the other hand, are made with low-quality materials like silver, PVC, ceramics, etc. That is why their life span is short.

Difference Of Design

Costly or Expensive headphones are well-built and have a better design than cheap headphones. It is because expensive ones are made by reputable companies that have professional artists and experts who decide about the outlook of the equipment.

Companies that manufacture cheaper headphones just try to copy the design of expensive ones, but they fail to copy 100%. That is why the difference in design is easily noticeable.

Expensive Headphones Sound Better Than Cheap Headphones

What Is The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Headphones

Another biggest difference between expensive and cheap headphones is that the expensive ones sound way better. They have better bass and midrange than the cheap ones. Plus, the expensive audio equipment has fewer distortions as well. The reason is that they are manufactured with topmost drivers that emit perfectly balanced notes. For Example, Philips headphones are mostly developed using 40MM drivers that provide the best sound to the users.

In comparison, the sound coming from cheap headphones is muffled and filled with distortions. It is also hard to differentiate between the highs and lows too.

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Expensive Headphones Have Warranties, But Cheap Ones Don’t

One big difference between expensive headphones and cheap ones is that credible companies offer a warranty on their equipment. It is usually valid for one year but may vary depending on the company’s policy.

During this period, if the headphones do not work properly, you can just contact the seller or the company’s number and they will either repair the headphone or give you a brand new one without charging any money.

Cheaper headphones do not have any kind of warranty. They are built with low quality & cheap materials, so they go bad after a few weeks of use. Therefore, those who manufacture such headphones don’t offer any warranty.

If they stop working, you will have to purchase new audio equipment, which will cost you money too. The cycle will keep on repeating until you buy an expensive headphone from a well-reputed brand.

Expensive Headphones Have Extra Features Than Cheap Ones

Differences in features are what truly separates a cheap headphone from an expensive one. Here’s why.

If you buy low-cost headphones, then the features will be limited. Those who are available will also give you trouble frequently.

However, expensive ones offer a wide range of advantages, which makes the user-experience positive.

Here are a few examples.

  • Expensive wireless headphones have more Bluetooth range than cheap ones. You can be 15 feet away from the PC/mobile, and there will be no kind of distortion. Furthermore, you will face no connectivity issues with costly audio equipment. Cheaper headphones keep on disconnecting, and you will have to re-connect again to continue listening.
  • Expensive headphones have better battery life than cheap ones. For example, Sony headphones usually offer around 40 hours of battery life, while the cheap ones hardly go beyond 15 hours.
  • Expensive headphones are soft on the ears because they are designed the best way. They are made with lightweight aluminum, leather, silicon, and rubber that are easy on the ears. Contrarily, if you wear cheap ones for a longer period, your ears will start hurting because of the poor quality materials.
  • Most Expensive headphones are sweat and water-resistant, while cheap ones are not. Thus, you can wear the costly audio equipment during the workout or jog in the rain, and the headphones won’t be affected. But cheap headphones get worse when they are exposed to water or sweat.
  • Expensive headphones have better Mic performance than cheap ones. When you use cheap headphones, the other person can’t listen to most of the lines you say because the mic causes distortions.
  • Expensive headphones offer a Noise cancellation feature, which is not available in the cheap ones. In this feature, you don’t hear any background noise, which lets you focus and enjoy peace.
  • Another important facility that expensive headphones manufacturing companies (such as Sony, Apple, Philips) offer are that they give you App support. You can log in to the App and use it to avail multiple features and look through different options. This gives a better user experience.

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Final Words

In a nutshell, there are lots of differences between cheap and expensive headphones. The most prominent ones are- the difference in manufacturing material, design, sound, warranty offered, and sets of features.

Everything’s better with expensive headphones because they are manufactured by the top and reputable companies. Although the price may seem more, it will be worth it.

Cheaper headphones will go bad after a few weeks of use. Plus, they offer limited features, and they are not good either.

So, I say you make room in your budget and go for expensive headphones!

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