How To Turn Off The AirPods Case

How To Turn Off The AirPods Case?  

We all adore using Airpods because of their stylish design and seamless wireless experience. But if you are going on a friend’s day out, then you want your AirPods to be charged all day. The problem arises when it does not last the whole day due to its 5-hour battery life. Like all devices, you must be wondering if you just turned off the case, then maybe the AirPods battery will stay for a whole day. But how to do it?

Unfortunately, you cannot turn off your AirPods Case. With Airpods, Apple wanted to make sure you could use them whenever you needed them without having to turn them on or off or connect them to your phone often.

Although the AirPods can’t be turned off to conserve battery life, in this article, I’ll share some tips on how to get the longest battery life possible. Keep reading!

Can I Turn Off The AirPods Case?

As I previously stated, AirPods cannot be turned off using either the hardware or the software.

Although it could appear that AirPods’ inability to shut off could result in a reduction in battery life, the fact is that AirPods case does not rescue the battery of wireless earbuds.

What you need to do is to put your AirPods back in case you are not using them. It will save the battery life of your AirPods.

Apple AirPods do not have any button on the case to turn off the AirPods or to turn off the charging case itself. The button you see at the bottom of the case is to reset your AirPods. It does not switch off your charging case. Even when not charging, the AirPods consume almost minimal battery power when they are in the charging case.

Tips To Save Your AirPods Battery

How To Turn Off The AirPods Case?

You can follow these tips to conserve the battery of your AirPods mentioned below.

Use One AirPods At a Time

If you want to use your AirPods for more than 5 hours, it is recommended to use only one earbud at a time. By using one AirPods at a time, you don’t have to worry about your AirPods battery. The other earbud should be kept in the case.

If you know you’ll be without a charger for a while (for example, on a family camping vacation), this can be a terrific solution. This tip will help you a lot if you have a long day or two long days ahead of the trip and you want to conserve battery life.

Use AirPods for Music Only

Surprisingly, making and receiving phone calls drains the battery faster than simply playing music.

You might wonder why only playing music saves the battery of AirPods. To answer a phone call, you have to use the microphone of your AirPods. The battery is used when AirPods play audio to you from the other person as well as when they pick up and transfer audio to the person on the other end of your phone call. That is why you must avoid making phone calls if you want to preserve the AirPods’ battery. Play some music, please!

Disconnect From Bluetooth

Leaving your AirPods linked to Bluetooth will cause the battery to drain more quickly. Turn off Bluetooth on your device if you want to put your AirPods back in their case and don’t want to use another Bluetooth device. This simple set can make all the difference and increases the battery life of your AirPods.

Saver Mode

Keeping your AirPods in their charging case is the best way to maintain their maximum battery life. If your AirPods lose battery quickly, then maybe there is an issue with your AirPods. Apple AirPods have long battery life and many other features that save the battery life of AirPods, such as saver mode.

With AirPods Max, power conservation is automatic. Apple recently clarified that putting your AirPods Max gadget down and leaving it idle for five minutes will trigger a low-power mode that would help preserve the battery. Your device will automatically disengage from Bluetooth, ultimately conserving the battery life of your Apple AirPods.

Are AirPods Always On?

How To Turn Off The AirPods Case?

If you want a quick answer, then yes, AirPods always remain on. There is absolutely no on-off button or complicated gadget settings to cope with AirPods because Apple built them to be like this. When you take your AirPods out of the charging case and insert them in your ears, they connect to Bluetooth right away.

Because AirPods are always on, there is a risk of rapid battery loss if you are not using them. Make it a habit to put your AirPods back in their charging case and to turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using your device.

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Can You Prevent AirPods From Working When Not In Use?

To prevent music from playing when your AirPods are not in your ears, you should turn them off. Fortunately, nothing needs to be done here.

The Automatic Ear-Detection feature on AirPods makes it easier for them to recognize when they are in your ears. If they are, audio is played. When you remove them, the audio automatically stops playing. They won’t be playing music while they’re in your pocket, so don’t worry about that.

Typically, you can manually turn off other Bluetooth headphones to conserve battery life and prevent using them while not, say, listening to music. The software for AirPods has an Automatic Ear-detection feature that makes sure the audio will end automatically when you remove them from your ears.

Automatic ear detection is already turned on by default. You must re-enable this function through your settings program if you believe you may have unintentionally disabled it.

  • Just access settings
  • Choose the Bluetooth icon.
  • Then decide on the AirPods’ name.
  • Slide the slider to the right to reactivate the Auto Ear Detection feature.

Do AirPods Lose Battery When Not In The Case?

Yes, the battery will decrease if you don’t place the AirPods back in their case after using them. But still, AirPods activate a low power mode, like most Bluetooth devices, while you are not actively using them to listen to music or anything to save battery life.

Another component that depletes the battery is the proximity sensor, which senses whether you are wearing the AirPods or not. According to the usage scenario, the proximity sensor must always be active in order to automatically play/pause music and ensure that the device enters or exits low power mode.

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Final Words

All in all, if you are using AirPods for the very first time, you must be wondering how to turn off the AirPods case to save battery?

There is no button or other mechanism that allows you to “switch off” your AirPods, but if you always put them back in their case, you should get the most out of their battery life. Apple has also designed a low-power mode into the AirPod Max to preserve its battery life while no music is being played.

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