Do AirPods Fall Out When Running?

Do AirPods Fall Out When Running?

You want to go outside for a run with AirPods on but wondering whether they will fall off or not? Well, it is crucial you know about this because you may end up losing one or both of your buds if you are not careful. So, can AirPods really slip out when you sprint or jog?

AirPods can fall out when you run sometimes. It happens because of choosing the wrong AirPods & ear tips, running on bumpy tracks, and collisions with a person or a thing.

But there’s much more to it.

In this guide, I am explaining why AirPods fall, how you can make them fit better, and an AirPods alternative for seamless running.

Let’s start!

Why Do AirPods Fall Out When Running?

Do AirPods Fall Out When Running

AirPods fall out when you run because of a number of reasons. Let’s have a look at their details.

Choosing Wrong AirPods

The main reason why you feel difficulty running with AirPods is choosing the wrong buds. There are two types of AirPods- AirPods (Gen) and AirPods Pro. If you own AirPods (2nd or 3rd Gen), then you will keep facing the fitting problem when you go for a run. It is because they don’t have the advanced silicone tips that will stay in place when you start sprinting.

If you own AirPods Pro, then it is less likely you will face problems during the jogging or running session. It is because such AirPods have tapered tips that sit perfectly in the ear, even when you make a sudden or abrupt movement.

So, go for AirPods Pro for smooth running.

Bumpy Track

If the track you run on is bumpy, then it is no surprise that AirPods will fall off. It is because when there are bumps, you will most likely do an abrupt movement. In this, the buds face sudden pressure in great force. As a result, they will drop out of the ears.

You Collide With Another Person/Thing

Another reason why AirPods fall out from the ear is when you collide with any other person or thing. It is because a sudden force pushes you away at an unexpected speed, causing the buds to fall off, just like in the case of a bumpy track.

But there’s a difference.

In collision, there are higher chances of both buds dropping off. In the case of the Bumpy track, you will most likely lose one of the buds. Also, when you collide, the buds will fall off a little far because of extra push/force.

Choosing Improper Ear Tips

The last main reason which leads to AirPods coming out of the ears is not being careful with the tip selection. AirPods come with three different ear tip sizes to choose from. You should try each of them and then decide which one fits your ears the best. Choosing it wrong or randomly will cause frustrations like falling out when you start to run.

So, these are the reasons why AirPods might fall out when you run.

But note that these reasons are fixable.

You can either own a pair of AirPods Pro, choose the right track and put on the correct tip for better running.

Want to know more? Well, it’s now time for tips to keep the AirPods in place during running.

Tips To Keep AirPods in Place During Running

Do AirPods Fall Out When Running

If you don’t want your AirPods to fall off, then it is better if you do things smartly. Follow these easy tips to avoid facing frustration:

Make Sure You Chose Right Ear Tip

As discussed above, AirPods come with three different ear tip sizes. Since every person has a different ear fit, Apple delivers three sizes to choose from.

So, it is crucial you put on each tip one by one and then check which one fits the best. It is called the Ear Tip test, which will help you find the right ear tip.

Fit Right

If you choose the right ear tips and don’t fit them right, then the AirPods will eventually drop off. You can always wear them as usual when you have to sit or walk. But if you want to run, then the fitting method is slightly different.

In the usual case, the stem is upward when you wear them. But when you have to run, twist the buds in such a way that the stem points downward (horizontal).

So, what happens when you twist the buds? Well, the fitting gets better. The ear tips are inserted a little more in the canal, so it will be harder for them to fall off when you run.

Use Waterproof Tape

Using waterproof tape is a bit of an unconventional method but very effective. In this, you put on AirPods as usual and then use tape to fix them. It is crucial you choose waterproof tape because when you run, sweating is natural. This sweating can moisten the ordinary tape, which will loosen the grip. When this happens, both the tape and AirPods will fall off.

But when you use waterproof tape, it will stay still no matter how much you sweat. So, try it, and the AirPods won’t drop.

However, you will look unusual wearing tape around the ears. Chances are, people will stare at you while you run.

Also, if you are not careful with tapping, the earbuds can go far in the canal, causing more troubles, like itching and even hearing loss.

So, if you choose this method, be careful about not applying too much pressure.

Give AirPods Grips a Chance

We now also have AirPods Grip that can fix the AirPods in the ear perfectly. It is, in fact, a hook that is engineered with industrial-grade silicon.

These Grips are flexible and can go around the ears easily. They are also really comfortable to wear, so you won’t feel a thing when you wear them.

That’s not it.

Since they are made from silicone, it is highly unlikely they will get scratched or break off.

So, you should also give AirPods Grips or Hooks a try to keep the buds in their place while running.

Keep AirPods Clean

If you don’t want to face any problems (especially slipping) while wearing AirPods, then it is critical you keep them clean. It is because dirt or debris on them does not let them sit properly in the ears.

Furthermore, the dirt also reduces the friction of fit and does not allow the buds to snug properly. As a result, they will fall off when you start to run.

Thus, it is crucial you clean your AirPods frequently. Use rubbing alcohol, soapy water, or hydrogen peroxide for this purpose.

Choose AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro has a better fitting than 2nd and 3rd Gen AirPods. So, they should be your first choice when you go outside.

But that’s not it.

Let me now tell you why it’s a great idea to put on AirPods Pro when you go for a run.

Why Should You Wear AirPods Pro For Running?

AirPods Pro should be your automatic choice when you have to run, and there are lots of reasons why.

They are Sweat Resistant

When you have to run, jog, or work out, you will need to wear such earbuds that are sweat Proof. It is because if you wear ordinary ones, then they will be damaged because of moisture.

Lucky for you as AirPods Pro has an excellent IPX rating, and they are not affected by sweat at all.

In addition, if you are running while wearing them and rain starts to pour, then these AirPods can still manage to work smoothly without any damage.

Wireless Feature

Another great quality about AirPods Pro is that there are no wires that can halt your movement. You will be able to run freely without caring about wire tangling with your shirt.

The best part? AirPods support the strongest Bluetooth connection. No matter how far your mobile is, if you are within the Bluetooth range of 45 feet, there won’t be any distortion. Since the mobile is in a pocket when you go for a run, staying within range won’t be a problem.

Excellent Noise Cancellation

Parks and gyms are always noisy. These noises can get irritating sometimes, which is why most people prefer to use earbuds or headphones there. Still, the sounds keep on troubling.

But if you wear AirPods Pro, which has a Noise cancellation feature, then noises won’t bother you at all.

So, how does Noise Cancellation work?

Well, the earbuds cover the ear in such a way that minimal outside voice passes through. Its structure also filters out irritating sounds, which will help you in attaining peace. That is why people whose partners snore wear AirPods before going to sleep.

Super Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, Apple products are matchless. AirPods Pro has a battery time of around six hours in one go. Most running sessions are one to two hours long, so even a 50 percent charged AirPods would do the job for you. With the case, the AirPods can be run for about 30 hours easily.

Many other Earbuds don’t offer top-notch features and long battery life simultaneously.

Best Sound Quality You Can Ask For

AirPods Pro is made with the best quality drivers that produce the smoothest sound you can expect. Every frequency will feel good without any distortion. Furthermore, as mentioned above, Bluetooth distortion is very rare when it comes to AirPods Pro. So, the whole listening experience will be amazing.

Therefore, give them a try when you have to run. Play any hardcore song that boosts Adrenaline, which will ultimately help you sprint seamlessly.

Easy Controls

AirPods are easy to control as what you want to do is just a tap away. When you wear them, you can play or pause the song with your fingertips only. You will also be able to skip and forward easily too without having to take out your mobile.

Here are the controls of AirPods:




Skip forward


Skip backward

Long hold

Switch between the two sound modes

So, it is now clear that AirPods Pro is a clear choice when running.

Still, if you want to get such an audio device that has no chance of falling at all, then I have the best AirPods Pro alternative for you.

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AirPods Pro Alternative: Try AirPods Max For Running

Apple’s latest launch AirPods Max is an awesome audio gadget that is perfect for doing almost anything (including running). These are actually headphones that cover the whole ear and provide the best listening experience. Check out the features:


  • Apple uses top-quality drivers that produce high-fidelity sound.
  • It is engineered with a knit-mesh canopy, so it will be both comfortable and elegant looking.
  • AirPods Max offers excellent noise cancellation. You won’t have to listen to irritating background noises when you wear them.
  • Battery timing is excellent too, which is around 20 hours. Furthermore, it also has an on-head detection option which saves battery when you don’t wear them.
  • Some of the other features are Transparency mode, Spatial Audio, shareable audio, slim smart case, etc.


  • Fit is customizable
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Siri enabled
  • Up to 20 hours of battery timing
  • EQ is adaptive


  • Not Qi-compatible, so it doesn’t support wireless charging.

So, go for AirPods Max and have fun while running.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, AirPods can indeed fall off when you run. It usually happens when the track is bumpy, or you make a collision with anyone. Furthermore, choosing the wrong tip size is also a culprit.

Similarly, choosing the wrong AirPods can also cause problems. Out of all, AirPods Pro is best when it comes to running because it has tapered silicone tips that fit the best and most likely won’t slip out when you run.

But wait. There’s more. AirPods Pro offers 30 hours of battery life, high-quality audio, efficient noise cancellation, quick charging speed, easy controls, and lots of other features.

Still, if you want to use such an Apple product that does not fall off no matter what, then go for AirPods Max. They have a customizable fit that won’t slip no matter what happens. AirPods Max also includes a bundle of features like Spatial audio, active noise cancellation, excellent battery life, on-ear detection, elegant design, etc.

Long story short, if you want to run smoothly with an audio gadget, go for either AirPods Pro or AirPods Max!

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