Can You Wear AirPods in a Tanning Bed

Can You Wear AirPods in a Tanning Bed?

Music adds colors to life no matter where you are or what you are doing. But, recently, a prominent increase in the use of AirPods has been observed among the people using a tanning bed. In addition, a recent estimate shows that about 35% of American adults use tanning beds.

However, the answer to whether one can wear AirPods in a tanning bed is still unclear. Some people believe it’s unsafe to use them when using a tanning bed. But, some people prefer using AirPods when getting vitamin D by soaking in the sun on a tanning bed.

So, let’s explore the reasons that support using AirPods in tanning beds and reasons that do not support wearing Airpods in the tanning beds, and decide for yourself.

Can You Wear Airpods in a Tanning Bed?

Can You Wear Airpods in a Tanning Bed

You may consider wearing AirPods in a tanning bed uncommon, but people love to kill their time innovatively or entertainingly. The majority of the individuals visiting their nearby spa or beach prefer keeping AirPods. So, they can use them to enjoy some good music while they slowly get tanned.

Besides this, wireless AirPods have no harmful effects on human health when used in a tanning bed. But, one thing to keep in mind is that excess of everything is bad. Extended use of AirPods in a tanning bed can heat them due to the continuous exposure to UV radiations coming from the sun. Thus, take short breaks while you use AirPods in a tanning bed.

Reasons that Support Wearing Airpods in a Tanning Bed

Reasons that Support Wearing Airpods in a Tanning Bed

A slow dose of music can solve every tension. It can also help, especially when you are in a tanning bed. But, hearing loss is the only concern for people who have got sensitive eardrums. But, researchers have found a solution to resolve this problem as well.

You can keep the volume low to protect your ear while using AirPods in a tanning bed. Other than this, it is entirely safe to use them. Some other reasons that support the statement of using AirPods in a tanning bed are given as under:

It can Be Your Best Partner

Not everyone has a partner to chill out on tanning beds when visiting nearby spas or beaches. But, what to worry about when you have AirPods in your pocket? They can be your best partner and make you feel less lonely.

Plus, when you are at the beach, there are low chances of interaction with the other people as everyone is busy killing time while tanning up their body. The only thing they love to do is to listen to music. Thus, AirPods seem like the best thing to make yourself feel less lonely while using a tanning bed.

It helps to Pass Time

Time doesn’t pass when you are lying down in a place and not doing anything. This is not the problem with the people who love to spend their time in isolation, or you can call them introverts. But, if you are an extrovert or an active person, you will find it a milestone to spend 20-30 minutes tanning.

In that case, AirPods can help you out. You can use them to listen to your favorite music. About 68% of adults these days prefer listening to music when alone. They do this only to kill the extra time. Also, research has shown that time passes very quickly when you wear AirPods during several tanning sessions.

Makes You Feel Relaxed

You will be amazed to know that 90.15% of the total population find it relaxing to hear music when they are stressed. The majority of the adults experience relaxation with music when they are in a tanning bed. The results were even precise when they kept the music volume low.

Thus, whenever you are in a high-pressure situation in a tanning bed, the only thing you need to do is to wear your AirPods and turn on your favorite music track.

It Also Acts as a Motivational Tool

Many studies have shown that music adds a lot to an individual’s motivation. Thus, if you are in a tanning bed and thinking of improving your focus on specific activities, using AirPods will help! In addition, it will also let you do the things that you usually don’t find doable.

While using AirPods in a tanning bed, you can create motivation for going to the gym, heading for a walk, or even coming to tan your body regularly.

Can Block Disturbing Noises

Undoubtedly, disturbing noises are uncommon when you are using a tanning bed, but they can happen sometimes. An extended rush of people in the spas or tanning areas can disturb you with their loud noises. Thus, the best way to block such disturbance is to use your AirPods.

If you are not interested in what people are talking about, you can turn on your favorite music and use AirPods unless you completely tan your body in tanning.

Provides Privacy

Another primary reason for using AirPods in a tanning bed is to get enough privacy. It has been observed that people using AirPods in tanning beds enjoy their complete privacy as if they are tanning alone. They remain careless of what is happening around them.

Prevents Hearing Loss

Last but not least, using AirPods in a tanning bed can prevent you from hearing loss. In many cases, the tanning lamps become quite loud. This can damage your eardrums, thereby damaging your ability to hear.

Thus, if you want to keep your ears free from hearing loss, you should prefer using AirPods in a tanning bed.

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Reasons for Not Wearing Airpods in a Tanning Bed

Reasons for Not Wearing Airpods in a Tanning Bed

No doubt, wearing AirPods can benefit you during tanning sessions in several ways, but there are some reasons which will make you not wear them. These reasons include:

  • Can Damage Your Ears
  • Music Interferes Tanning
  • Remains Unaware of Emergency
  • Extremely Hot During Tanning

Can Damage Your Ears

One of the biggest reasons that you should not use AirPods in a tanning bed is that the excessive volume of music can damage your ears. According to the National Institutes of Health, a volume of about 60 decibels can damage your hearing efficiency.

Music Interferes Tanning

In addition to the damage to the ears, the use of AirPods in a tanning bed can interfere with your tanning sessions. Some music genres contain high volume and frequencies, which will disturb the process of tanning. Thus, there will be no fruit from lying on a tanning bed.

Remains Unaware of Emergency

Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. So, when you are using AirPods in a tanning bed, you will remain unaware of what is happening around you. In this case, you will miss any emergency.

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Get Extremely Hot During Tanning

As AirPods are made up of silicon material, they will get extremely hot in the sun. In this case, hot AirPods can also cause severe allergies to sensitive skin.

It is really up to you to decide whether you want to wear AirPods in a tanning bed or not.

Are UV Rays Harmful to Airpods when You Wear them in a Tanning Bed?

Yes, UV rays are extremely dangerous for AirPods as they can damage the silicone and plastic material, leading to harmful effects. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, excessive exposure to UV rays on AirPods can damage the plastic leading to a potential health hazard.

Do Tanning Beds Overheat Airpods?

Do Tanning Beds Overheat Airpods

Yes, tanning beds are observed to heat up the AirPods when they are used for longer directions. But, some studies have also revealed that short usage of AirPods in a tanning bed doesn’t overheat them.

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