Can AirPods Fall Out Of The Case

Can AirPods Fall Out Of The Case? Reasons and Solution

Are you worried about whether your AirPods falling out of the case is accidental, or is there any problem with them? Well, since you can turn the case with the open lid upside down, and still the AirPods stay in their position, people think that there is no way these earbuds can ever slip out of the case. But is that really the case? Can AirPods not fall out of the case in any situation?

AirPods can fall out of the case if there has been a manufacturing defect or the magnetic field of the case becomes weak. However, this happens rarely, and most of the time, people enjoy using AirPods without facing any problems.

Want more info? Then keep reading. I am also discussing what you should do if the AirPods keep falling out of the case. So, stay till the end.

Why AirPods Fall Out Of the Case?

Can AirPods Fall Out Of The Case

AirPods fall out of the case when there is any manufacturing fault, or the magnetic field is not as smooth as it should be.

Manufacturing Defect

Manufacturing defects are not your fault. The workers at the Apple factory sometimes just don’t assemble the product right. If this happens with the AirPods case, then chances are the earbuds won’t fit properly, and they will fall out eventually.

Similarly, the manufacturing flaw can also be in the lid. If the lid doesn’t close properly due to manufacturing fault, then AirPods can slip out from the open lid as well.

But this can only happen if the Apple earbuds don’t sit properly or when there is some problem with the magnetic field, which takes us to the number 2 reason.

Weak Magnetic Field

The case has a magnetic field in it, which holds the AirPods in its place. When this magnetic field gets weaker due to some reason, then the AirPods don’t sit and call slip out easily, even if they face a little bump or any movement.

A magnetic field can get weaker when;

  • When the AirPods get old (due to old age)
  • When you drop the case hard
  • Manufacturing flaw
  • When too much pressure is applied to the case
  • When there is a layer of debris in the area where you put the AirPods.

So, that’s why the AirPods can fall out of the case. If this ever happens to you, here’s what you can do.

How To Find AirPods That Fall Out Of The Case?

Can AirPods Fall Out Of The Case

If you lost the AirPods and can’t find them, then you should use the “Find My” Feature to locate where they are.

But for this, you must have already signed up on Find My App. Furthermore, the AirPods must be on or have some battery if you want the App to work properly.

Here’s how you can find your AirPods that fell out of the case using the Find My App:

  • Open the “Find My” App and choose the Device tab.
  • Then, tap on your AirPods name.
  • Next, you will see a map/ location of the AirPods.

However, you will see the exact location of your AirPods if they are near your device. If the AirPods are not near you or you think they will be dead by now, then still, there is a chance. The app will tell you where the last time the AirPods were connected. You can then go to that location and hope that you find AirPods nearby.

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What To Do To Stop AirPods To Keep Falling Out Of The Case?

There are many things you can do if you are facing this “AirPods falling out of case” problem. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Contact Apple Support

If you have a warranty left, then you should contact Apple Support.

If the issue is with manufacturing faults or anything that the warranty covers, then Apple can repair it for free or give you new AirPods without charging more in exchange for your faulty ones.

  • Everything is already mentioned in Apple’s policy about warranty and manufacturing defects.

If the warranty period has ended, then do the following fixes:

Clean AirPods And The Case

As mentioned above, debris is one of the things that affect the magnetic field. So, it is crucial you clean the AirPods and the case with care.

Use the brush, a cotton swab, or a soft towel to clean the inside of the case.

But when it comes to cleaning earbuds, you have to be extra careful. Use a cotton swab to clean any earwax you see.

Here’s the full video about how you can clean AirPods.

Use Tape

To prevent the AirPods from falling, you can also use tape to fix the case’s lid. In this way, the case will stay closed, and the AirPods will stay in it.

However, tapping the cover can leave marks on the case.

Use Rubber Band

If you don’t want marks on the case, you can use a rubber band. It will also work just like the tape, but it will provide you with much ease.

But both of these methods are not as effective as the one which I am now discussing.

Use Anti-Loss Case Cover

If you want to know which is the best way to keep AirPods from falling, then the answer is by using an Anti-Loss case cover. The case cover won’t let your AirPods come out of the case, even if you bump abruptly.

In addition to this, it will also protect your AirPods case from scratches and dirt.

Plus, this cover comes with a key chain, which means that you can easily carry your AirPods anywhere you want without any difficulty or fear of losing AirPods.

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Final Thoughts

AirPods can fall out of the case if there is any manufacturing defect or when the magnetic field becomes weak. A manufacturing defect is not your fault, but you might be responsible for the magnetic field getting weak. It happens when the AirPods get old, there is dirt in the case, or when you drop the case hard on the floor or apply too much pressure on it.

When the AirPods start falling out of the case, you have to do something. If there is a warranty left, then you can contact Apple Support. If the warranty is expired, then you have to follow some smart ways.

First, clean the case & earbuds, then use tape or rubber band to make sure the AirPods don’t fall out. But the best way is to use an Anti-Loss Case Cover.

So, follow these methods and keep using AirPods without any worry!

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