Are Jaybird Headphones Noise Canceling

Are Jaybird Headphones Noise Canceling? [Dig Out]

Jaybird is the world’s best brand that produces hundreds of music items for users but has gained popularity due to its headphones that are particularly designed for sports personalities. These headphones are equipped with modern technologies and have a high IP rating for water resistance; they are durable in quality and perfectly fit to ears. Most headphones models also worked with Jaybird’s specialized My Sound app.

Jaybird headphones, just like Jaybird Vista 2, are Truly Wireless in-ear headphones with the feature of active and passive voice-canceling technology. Eventually, you will hear the clear sound without feeling disturbed by the outside sound, whether at home or on the road. All-in-all, if you want to enjoy your favorite track in a gathering and crowd, Jaybird headphones are your type.

Let’s stay with us and explore more about Jaybird headphones and their noise-canceling feature.

Are Jaybird Headphones Really Noise Canceling?

Are Jaybird Headphones Noise Canceling

Jaybird products are designed especially for athletes, their earbuds, headphone, and other accessories are equally popular among runners, cyclists, or players playing other sports.

The Jaybird Vista 2 Truly Wireless are in-ear headphones that beat all other headphones in style, class, durability, performance, and noise cancellation.

Let’s check out the noise-cancellation feature of VISTA 2 in-ear headphones!

Noise Cancellation

Jaybird exceptional VISTA 2 earbuds or in-ear headphones have active and passive noise cancellation, which helps users to avoid annoying background noises such as the noise of a grinding machine, coffee maker, TV, or traffic noise.

Music items have this technology manufactured with internal microphones, which generate reverse sound electronically and transmit it to the speaker, ultimately eliminating the background noise. It works well with low harmonic noise from fans, jet engines, or HVAC systems. They frequently have trouble with higher frequencies and harsh, fluctuating office noises.

Below are some more features of Jaybird Vista 2 that will help you understand more about this brand, in addition to the noise cancellation.

Perfect Fit For Ears

Not every human has the same size of ears; some have large, and others have small, due to which ordinary earbuds don’t work and fit perfectly in anyone’s ears. You should feel happy because Jaybird VISTA 2 comes with three interchangeable ear gels, so you can take the one that best suits your ears and help you enjoy a workout in the gym or jogging in the park without fear of falling.

Good Battery Life

Wear VISTA 2 and listen to your favorite tunes for up to 8 hours, but remember, if you use the earbuds with SurroundSense and ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) mode, the battery life will reduce to 6 hours. The wireless charging case with two additional charges increases the battery life for 24 hours-indeed it is brilliant battery life.

Works With Jaybird App

The Jaybird app allows users to customize the audio and create their favorite EQ (equalizer) profile. Alongside this, with the customizable buttons, users can control the volume, rewind or skip the song, or activate the SurroundSense. The great feature of this app is “Find My Bud,” by which users can keep track of their buds.

What Kind Of Noise Cancellation Jaybird Headphones Have?

Are Jaybird Headphones Noise Canceling

Generally, renowned brands use three types of noise cancellation for their earbuds, headphones, headsets, and other accessories. To develop deep insight, read the details below and understand the features of Jaybird headphones.

Active Noise-Cancellation

ANC, or Active noise-canceling, employs the tiny microphones in each earbud and headphone side for listening to the ambient sound frequencies. It then creates an anti-phase sound wave with the same volume but a different shape to cancel the noise.

In simple words, active noise canceling generates a -1 to cancel out the ambient noise if there is a +1 frequency sound; this process is known as phase cancellation. ANC allows you to reduce background noise by an average of 30 dB and low-frequency noise from things like lawnmowers, subway traffic, and airplanes by an average of 60 dB.

Passive Noise Cancellation

From all the noise cancellation phases, this is surely the simplest method for canceling annoying outside sounds. Just like when you put your fingers on your ears to eliminate bad sounds, passive noise cancellation also creates a barrier to prevent noise from entering the ears.

Both headphones and earphones aim to produce a similar result, but they do it more effectively. Some in-ear headphones use foam construction that can be flattened to create a tight seal with your ear canal. Some over-the-ear headphones are built with acoustic padding, forming a tight seal with your outer ears to filter out sounds.

To make sure you select the best pair of noise-canceling headphones, you need to learn about all the different varieties of headphones; after all, they come with a hefty price tag, and it is impossible to buy them every month.

Happily, Jaybird VISTA wireless in-ear headphones are manufactured with both active and passive noise cancellation, while Jaybird VISTA is made with passive voice isolation, which means you can listen to your favorite music and make phone calls without disturbance.

Note: There is also a third type of noise cancelation, Adaptive Cancelation, but Jaybird Vista headphones don’t fall on this list.

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Comparison Of Jaybird’s Two Most Prominent Models: VISTA 2 And VISTA

Here is a comparison of two top-notch Jaybird headphones that will help you understand which is the best in feature and could be your pick.


Jaybird VISTA 2

Jaybird VISTA


In-Ear Style

In-Ear Style



Passive & Active Noise Reduction




23 Ohm +-15% at 1KHz

23 Ohm +-15% at 1KHz

Speaker sensitivity


103.5 +-1.5dB at 1KHz


103.5 +-1.5dB at 1KHz

Play Time

8 Hrs + 16 Hrs in the case

6 Hrs + 10 Hrs in the case


Via charging case with USB-C connector & Qi Wireless Charging

Via charge case with USB connector

Charging Time

2 Hours

2 Hours

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Our Summary

Gone are the days when people faced difficulty in listening to music or got destructed by the noise while conversing; the modern era is packed with the latest accessories such as smartphones, headphones, headsets, and earbuds that assists in the hassle-free music experience.

These days headphones have noise cancelation features that can double the communication fun. Delightfully, Jaybird is famous for producing state-of-the-art musical equipment with this noise-canceling technology, so pick one and live life the best way.

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