Are AirPods Any Good

Are AirPods Any Good? – Complete Review

If you are here, then chances are you have not bought AirPods yet and want to know whether you should go for it or not. Well, even someone who hasn’t purchased these Apple earbuds must have heard about them from friends and colleagues. Some must have praised these earbuds a lot, while some may have pointed out the flaws to you. So, confused about whether the AirPods are worth it or not?

AirPods are definitely a good product that can change your life. They nowadays seem like a necessity, which is understandable because of all the features they provide that make life super easy. You can do anything you want while wearing them- be that walking, jogging, workout, doing homework, or any other thing you do in a day.

Want to know why they are good and which one should you buy? Then, stay till the end.

Why Are Airpods Good? Explaining The Information

AirPods are definitely a great choice because of all the features you can enjoy. There are also different varieties of them, and each has some additional and unique features. I will discuss later which one you should buy. But first, read about the luxuries you can enjoy by using these Apple Earbuds.

Are AirPods Any Good?

Easy To Use

All AirPods are super easy to use. The connecting process to any device (Mac, iPhone, Android) is simple and uncomplicated.

Turn on the BlueTooth of the device and then open the AirPods case. On your device, you will see the name of the AirPods; click/tap on it, and the wireless earbuds will be connected.

Now, you can enjoy listening to anything you want.

Also, if you have an iOs device, then you can just get help from Siri to increase or lower the volume and to make calls. Just say Hey Siri, and then give the command.

Fits Perfectly

AirPods come with a tip that fits perfectly to a large population. The problem with most wireless earbuds is that they fall out when you start walking or just make a sudden movement. But it is less likely to happen with the AirPods. The ear tips fit perfectly in the Ears and can resist any abrupt motion. Moreover, if your ears have more or less space, then you can also go for the other Ear Tips size offered by Apple.

Noise Canceling

If you hate the background noise while listening to movies or songs, then you can go for the AirPods Pro model.

When you wear them, you can’t hear all the noises from your surroundings. This allows you to focus better and do anything you want with sheer concentration.

Great For Workout

We all need to listen to some hard metal music to pump up the adrenaline. It is important to get the energy up to lift weights and do any other heavy workout.

AirPods can help with it. The best part is that they are Sweat-Resistant. That’s why they are always the first choice of gym freaks.

Better Battery Timing Than Other Brand’s Wireless Earbuds

One more reason why AirPods are better than the other brand’s earbuds is the battery timing. With one go, you can use AirPods for at least six hours. Also, with the fully charged charging case, the battery timing can go from 24 to 30 hours.


For some, the price of AirPods might seem a little high, but these wireless Earbuds are actually cost-effective. According to Apple Support, you get 12 months of warranty for any manufacturing defects. If any issue occurs within this period, Apple will give you brand new AirPods for free or might repair yours.

Plus, the features you enjoy are not found in others. When you start using them, you will realize that every penny you spend buying the pair is worth it.

But there are different AirPods available now, and people also get confused about which one they should go for. Well, worry no more. I am here to help!

Which Are The Best AirPods You Can Buy? A Review

Are AirPods Any Good?

Out of every model of AirPods Apple has manufactured, the two best ones are AirPods Pro and Apple Third Generation.


Because of the ultimate features, the long life span, and a big list of happy customers.

Let’s discuss both AirPods Models, and then, In the end, I will tell you which is the best AirPods Model we have!

AirPods Pro

As the name suggests, this AirPod model is a “Pro” in every aspect.

AirPods Pro perfectly fits all ears due to the soft silicone tips with tapered ends. But there’s more to it. For you to enjoy wearing AirPods without interruptions, Apple puts three different sizes of Eartips in the package. You can try each one of them and continue with the one that fits the best.

But the active noise-cancellation is the best feature of AirPods Pro, which is loved by the millions. When you wear these Pods, you are cut from the rest of the world. You just hear what is playing on your device and enjoy it.

Moreover, there is a Transparency mode that you can opt for whenever you want to connect with the world.

Another great feature I like is that AirPods Pro is sweat and water-resistant. So, if you love to jog or work out, you can eat these Apple wireless earbuds without any concern.

In addition, these AirPods are easy to connect and use. You just have to say Hey Siri, and then just give the command.

That’s not it.

With the case, you can use the earbuds for almost 24 hours.

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  • Fits perfectly
  • Noise cancellation feature is there
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Great Battery health


  • Stays out of stock most of the time due to high demand

AirPods Third Generation

AirPods 3rd Generation is another special product of Apple which has always stayed in high demand because of the features it offers.

AirPods Third Generation supports Spatial Audio, which means the sound will be clearer to your ears. Furthermore, the new contoured design is expected to fit in all ear sizes.

AirPods Third Generation also has force sensors in each earbud, which allows you to control volume and accept/ reject the calls with just a touch. Plus, these earbuds have automatic in-ear detection and auto-switching features to improve your experience and save battery time.

When you keep using the Third Generation AirPods, it will take six hours to drain the battery fully. But with the Mag case, you can enjoy using these AirPods for up to 30 hours.

Just like AirPods Pro, Third Generation AirPods are also sweat and water-resistant. So, if you do exercise daily, you can also opt for these ones.

Plus, you can also just give commands to Siri with them. Just say Hey Siri and give the command of what you want, and Siri will do the rest.

Is that it? Nope.

You can also share the audio with the other Third Generation AirPods connected to other iPhones or Mac.

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  • Clearer Audio without any interruptions
  • New contour design
  • Long AirPods battery of six hours and with case- up to 30 hours.
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • Can share audio files with other AirPods


  • The fitting is a little loose.

So, which one should you buy? I have the answer.

AirPods Pro vs. AirPods Third Generation- Which One To Buy?

Both AirPods Pro and AirPods Third Generation are excellent products. Both have impressive features that make your money worth it. But AirPods Pro is a better product and the best Apple Wireless Earbuds.

AirPods Pro has the noise cancellation feature that is not present in the AirPods Third Generation. Plus, they have soft Eartips made from silicone that fits with ease. Also, AirPods Pro comes with three different sizes of Eartips for you to decide which one fits the best.

True, the battery time of AirPods Pro is a little less than AirPods Third Generation. But AirPods Third Generation AirPods are a little loose on the ears and keep on falling when you start running. This is irritating, and due to this flaw, almost everyone thinks AirPods Pro has the edge over AirPods 3rd Generation.

So, in my opinion, and from the reviews I have read, AirPods Pro is indeed a better choice.

Wrapping Up

So, are AirPods any good?

Yes, AirPods are one of the best products you can purchase to make your life easy and fun. You can wear them to watch movies, listen to songs, go to work out, and do many other chores. They are the money well spent.

But people also have trouble deciding which model they should buy. Out of every Apple Earbuds in the market, AirPods Pro and AirPods Third Generation are considered the best.

In this article, I did a review of both and concluded that AirPods Pro is the best Apple Earbuds because of the impressive features that are not found in others. So, I strongly suggest you go for it.

Trust me; you won’t regret the decision.

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