Should I Buy New Headphones?

Should I Buy New Headphones?

Do you want to know whether buying new headphones is worth it? Then this article is for you. Such a question arises when either you have very old headphones, or you haven’t tried one yet. In either case, people are always hesitant about whether purchasing a brand new audio device is a good idea or not. Fortunately, I am here with an answer.

You should definitely buy new headphones to experience everything better. Even if you have an old one or just haven’t bought any yet, getting new headphones will make your life easier in so many ways. Therefore, you should go for them without any worry or delay and enjoy their valuable benefits.

Want more info? In this guide, I am discussing why and when everyone should purchase new headphones in detail. So, stick with me till the end.

Signs That You Need to Buy New Headphones and Discard the Old ones

Should I Buy New Headphones?

When we use headphones for a longer time, we automatically feel attached to them, even though they start to cause problems for us. But the wise thing to do is- If a headphone really starts having and causing troubles, then it is better you replace it with a new one.

So, here are the signs that “speak volumes” about when you should buy new headphones:

Audio Distortion

If the audio starts to distort frequently, then you should buy new headphones ASAP. It is because distortion means that the quality of the audio device has gone bad significantly.

In this situation, the audio does not feel smooth at all, specifically when you increase the volume.

So, if you turn up the volume and start to feel audio distortion regularly, then the time has come to purchase a new audio gadget.

If the Structure Goes Bad

If the headphones you own start to look old and unattractive, then you should immediately replace them with a brand new one.

Unfortunately, when you use an audio device for a long time, its color starts to fade. For example, if you buy red headphones, they will start to look pink after some years.

Similarly, there will be spots on them, too, because of overuse. These spots can appear due to your carelessness or discoloration.

Of course, you can try to recolor the audio gadgets, but it will still start to fade away after a few weeks.

That’s not it.

In addition to this, the foam around the cups also gets torn, which makes the headphone look deformed or unappealing.

They Cause Ear Pain

Older headphones can start to cause ear pain, which can lead to more complications. Why? The reason is that the foam around the ear cups wears out after some time, and you can feel the metal (or any material the headphone is made of) on your ears. As a result, the long use of such headphones starts to put extra pressure on the ears and they start to hurt.

At first, the pain will be mild, but continued use of such headphones can increase the severity.

To avoid all of this, you should buy new headphones as quickly as possible if you feel that the older one has started causing some discomfort in the ear.

They Do Not Fit Anymore

The more headphones you use, the looser they will get. It is because the frequent adjustment for proper fit causes loss of friction and composure.

That is why the older ones do not fit properly with time. If this happens, the listening experience is compromised.

Thus, if you have to do some extra work to make sure the older headphones fit smoothly, take it as an indication that you now need to buy new headphones.

Their Battery Goes Down Quickly

If you already have wired and non-rechargeable headphones, then it means that you are free from battery problems. However, if you have a noise cancellation one or any wireless headphones, then get ready to face battery issues after some time of using it.

The Reason?

It is because the older a headphone gets, the lower its battery’s efficiency goes. Therefore, if the audio gadget earlier used to have a six-hour battery life in one go, it will then go down to four or even three hours after months of usage. Furthermore, old audio devices also take more time to recharge.

So, if you also feel that your headphone has started causing battery or charging problems, then you should start thinking about buying a new one.

I bet you are now feeling that buying a new headphone is not a bad idea after all. Well, I’m not done. Continue reading to know more reasons why you should buy new headphones.

Older Ones are Wired

Let’s face it. We all love to see or wear those things that are in trend. Wired headphones used to be a good device to have in the past, but now the trend has shifted to wireless ones. It is because wireless headphones look more cool, elegant, and attractive to a person than the others.

Similarly, some wired headphones either have a long cable which looks weird, or a very short cable, which looks uncomfortable. If you also have such headphones that have these types of wires, then give yourself relief from them and go for a new wireless headphone.

By doing so, you will also set yourself free from wires tangling, which takes a lot of time to untie.

You have to take them for Repairing Quite Often

Let me break it to you that you can’t use headphones forever. It is generally estimated that the life span of any audio device is around five years. It rarely happens that headphones stay in good form after this much time.

Usually, you will have to take your old headphones for repair after two years of using them. Most brands also offer one or two years of warranty on their products. They work smoothly till then, and after that, you will have to take extra care.

But if such a time arises that you have to take your old headphones to a technician for repair quite often, then it means that you should buy a new one and save the money you are going to spend on the fixing.

So, these are the signs that tell the users to purchase new headphones and give the old ones a permanent rest.

If you have not purchased any headphones yet and want to know if you should buy them or not, then the next section is for you.

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Reasons You Should Buy New Headphones for The First time

Should I Buy New Headphones?

Whenever we go outside, there are always people on the street wearing headphones. Similarly, if you are a student, a gym freak, or work in an office, you can see that almost everyone has headphones around their ears or neck.

Well, it’s not a coincidence.

According to Statista, more than 500 million headphones were sold in the last year alone, and the numbers are expected to be even more when 2022 ends.

So, should you also buy new headphones and join the trend? Yes, you do, and here are the top reasons why!

A Great Choice for Some Entertainment

One of the best advantages of headphones is that they let you enjoy entertainment peacefully. Whether you listen to your favorite song or watch a movie, headphones make the experience truly better.

Contrarily, when you listen to songs or videos on the device’s speakers, you always get interrupted due to background noises. Plus, you couldn’t hear what was said some of the time.

Thankfully, you can avoid all of this and listen to everything without any interruption via your new headphones.

A Must-Have for Students

Every student should have headphones. It is because they can listen to Lectures, instructional videos, Podcasts, interviews, etc. while wearing one. This will help them to study better and score good grades on assignments, quizzes, and, eventually, exams.

In addition, students can also wear headphones in a Library. You understandably can’t listen to any lecture in a library with speakers. But with headphones, you can multi-task. You can have a book and easily hear any informational video about it simultaneously.

Perfect For Workout

Another reason why everyone should buy headphones is that they help you stay fit. You can wear them during a workout, jogging, or a running session, and they will help you get in better shape.

How? Let me explain.

It’s no secret that the music playing in the gym sucks. That is why almost everyone has headphones and earbuds with them. With these audio devices, they can listen to their favorite songs that pump up the adrenaline and help them to lift more weight or run faster on a treadmill. The same can happen when you jog in a park. Hence, you can put on headphones, play some hardcore music, wake up your muscles for exercise, and the time will pass quickly.

Provides Comfort

One of the key points of headphones is that they provide a lot of comfort. Take noise cancellation as an example.

Those headphones that have the noise cancellation feature let you have peace of mind. When you wear them, you cannot hear the irritating background noises and you can easily focus more.

Similarly, introverts don’t like to meet people outside. So, they can just wear headphones and quickly stroll from any crowded place. So, if you are also an introvert, you must use headphones. If someone complains that they shouted your name, you can just answer that you didn’t listen because you had the headphones on.

Ideal For Travelers

Those who love to travel to new places, cities, or even countries must have headphones in their backpack. The reason is that they can listen to their favorite songs or watch their favorite movie or podcast with them to pass the hours of traveling time. Whether you are flying by plane, taking a train, or using your own vehicle, headphones will allow you to travel with as much fun as you want to.

Moreover, if you are not a traveler and just happen to work or study at a far place, then you should also have headphones with you. Whether you take the bus or subway or have a private vehicle, wearing the headphones will make you feel like the time passed in a blink.

You Get a Warranty

In addition to all the benefits described above, one of the best things about headphones that make people buy them is the warranty the companies offer on them.

Today, there are more than a dozen brands in the market that claim to make the best headphones for everyone. Each of them also provides a warranty of one or two years. For example, Sennheiser offers two years warranty on most of their headphones, while Jabra provides one year warranty.

These warranties relieve people from the worry of headphones being defective.

So, if you spend 100$ or any amount on purchasing headphones and they malfunction within the warranty period, you can either repair them for free or get a brand new one from the same company.

This provides security to people and is one of the main reasons why everyone should buy headphones.

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Final Remarks

All in all, you should definitely buy new headphones if you want your life to get easier. Even if you have old ones or haven’t bought one yet, you should get your hands on a new audio device whenever you can.

It is because of all the advantages the latest headphone provides.

Some of the benefits are that they are an ideal choice for entertainment lovers, perfect for students because they can listen to lectures with it, and a great choice for travelers because they make traveling easy and fun.

In addition, new headphones also provide comfort, support your gym workout/exercise, and offer you a warranty that frees you from the worry of money being wasted.

So, buy new headphones and have a great time!

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